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Driving along Copacabana Beach; watching a jaguar swim, hunt and kill a crocodile just like on Planet Earth; crawling through ancient cave cities in Turkey; having a tiger mock charge us; joining the pilgrims circuiting Barkhor Temple in Lhasa; and…
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A nonstop journey supplies a close-up view of a family and the world they explore.
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Part two of “How we homeschool,” we read books together as a family. We are living in a 100sqft bus and we have over 80 novels on board! We have far too many, I’ve got to g…
Ocean Family Roadtrip added 5 new photos to the album: Glacier National Park.
August 21
I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how we homeschool or worldschool so I thought I could make a short series of youtube videos and blogpost to try and show you how we do it, as…

We bought our flights to New Zealand! November 28. Exciting!

Ocean Family Roadtrip added 2 new photos to the album: Glacier National Park.
August 11
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Ocean Family Roadtrip added 6 new photos to the album: Glacier National Park — with Fay Richardson.
August 7

Grandma has arrived! Took her straight to one of our favorite swimming spots, Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

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Fay Richardson is with Patrick Johnston and Amy Board.
July 27

Lake McDonald, glacier national park

Ocean Family Roadtrip added 7 new photos to the album: Windshield Frames.
July 21

Starting to collect all the photos I've taken from the inside of the bus looking out the front windshield. Im going to print an album! Help me by choosing the ones you like best. Will add more over the next few days. Amy.

From left to right: Chuckles, Happy, Peg Leg and BG


Four hikers start their ascent. Four miles in BG starts puking straight liquid. He’s breaking out in hot sweats, pulling his hair back to puke, his face is purple. He’s struggling. Maybe it was the altitude, maybe it was the warm cask of white wine passed around the car that morning, they don’t know, but PegLeg wants to keep going.


They do keep going, they’ve still got 4 miles to get to the designated camping spot, and it getting dark. They’re walking along a narrow trail with a 1000 foot drop on one side, they’ve all got their headlamps on …BG’s puking.
Chuckles and Happy finally pull Peg Leg aside to reason with him. They have to stop, BG is really sick. There’s nowhere for BG to pitch his hammock, and they’re in grizzly bear country so they decide to all sleep together on a tarp for safety.

At the backcountry permit office, they were made to watch the grizzly bear safety video. “We watched it at Yellowstone!” they protested. “Watch ours.” Glacier National Park has the highest density of bears in the lower 48. Their video basically says “If you see a bear, don’t approach it. If it approaches you, play dead. However, If it starts to eat you, fight back. “

So the hikers hang their bags away from where they will be sleeping and settle down for the night on the tarp. Then they hear running steps coming towards them and all freak out. On of them shines the light around them, and see a bulk elk, 10 yards away with its huge rack down, like its ready to charge. They all jump to their feet and clap and make noise. It goes away. 10 minutes later, they hear it again. Clomp clomp clomp. “Everybody up!” This happens over and over, its red eyes in the flashlight. Its like some cheap horror movie.

At around 3am they figure that they’re obviously in its teritority, so they decide to move, dragging everything 100 yards away. It makes no difference, it comes back.

Finally Chuckles and BG light up a cigarette, and it leaves! But then it comes back, so Chuckles lights up again. He’s alone now, everyone else has gone back to sleep. He’s smoking to keep them alive. Staying up late, smoking cigarettes with a terriost Elk on steroids, he starts to plead. “Leave us alone. Don’t hurt us. We are good people ya know.” He gazes up and surrenders to the situation…

“So this is what my life is now.”

BG had to catch a flight back to Mississippi the next day so hiked out the next morning. Chuckles carried on through to Polebridge and then came back to camp a night with us and pick up the car. And PegLeg and Happy are still out there on the trail.


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