This Friday at O'Connor's join us for the 2018 Memorial Day Rock Out feat. Nonpoint + Shaman's Harvest!



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Must be 18+ to win. VIP ticket holders enjoy access to our covered viewing area. 21+ VIP enjoy $2 Bud + Bud Light drafts.

Winners to be announced on Thursday, May 24 @ 8:00PM. Winning tickets will be available at will call the day of show.

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O'Connor's Irish Pub and Grill

Pictures from the Mayday Mayhem Pre-Party at Appleton Harley-Davidson

Appleton Harley-Davidson to O'Connor's Mayday Mayhem Pre-Party
13 hrs

A few shots from the Pre-Party.

This week at O'Connor's Irish Pub and Grill... 2/7 - Tasty Tuesday 2/8 - Wednesday Karaoke with DJ Cricket 2/9 - Thursday Ladies' Night with DJ Cricket 2/10 - Friday Uncle Lenny 2/11 - Saturday UFC 208 Happy Hour everyday from 5:00 to 7:00 Sign up for our newsletter today! --> Join our text club! Text "PUB" to 68683
Happy Hour from 5:00 to 7:00! AND it's Ladies' Night with DJ Cricket!
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Katrin Johnson
· February 13, 2018
They rip you off. First they give us the wrong card back and try to charge us the amount of someone else’s bill. Then kept repeatedly trying to charge us that after we kept telling them no that is not... us and no our card is right here. So then They charged us two amounts since they couldn’t figure out what happened to our bill. So we pay those two amounts they were pending in my account the last two days. Well I wake this morning to those amounts gone and $85 amount charged to my account. These people are really trying to rip people off. I was told to watch out for this and not to leave them my card with them and just pay cash only since they rip you off and cheat you but nope my husband gave them card. Horrible business. Pay cash only and make sure to ask how much each time so they don’t rip you off See More
Roy Griffy
· May 20, 2018
We bought the VIP tickets it read we would have 2nd row seating and special drink price we didn't get either had to fight to get close to the stage we're told at the bar there was no drink special had... a fight between a bunch of 18 year old start fighting security took way to long to respond there was no parking not even for handicapped which my wife has were told to park up the road in a subdivision the officers said our vehicle could be towed if we parked there we asked the gas station across the street they said we could park there the bands saving able tantric and puddle of mudd were the only awesome part of the night I'm really debating if I want to go to fozzy in august or not See More
Nahojay Tino ChiChi Rodriguez
· January 26, 2018
Great environment. I felt comfortable and apart of the crowd. The staff is very attentive and the drinks are always well done. Enjoy coming with friends and love the food!
Phillip Andrews
· October 23, 2017
Definitely the place to go for Sunday Funday, yea football, quiet, no out of control fans. Great food. Friday and Saturday nights packed, lots of people to mingle! DJ's willing to play your requests.... Friendly environment to drink a little and social for laughs and hang up the world stress hats at the door. Did I mention the food, yes it is good, wonderful staff, bartenders fast and friendly, wait staff always in the move to get your drinks and or food. The cook is top notch and particular on making it delicious. Awesome size wings and sauce. If any complaints, they are happy to fix it or make it better. Just always ask with a smile and it will go far.

Bands are geeat, usually a mixture from DJ's to bands, and other events going on at O'Connors. UFC nights, wrestling events.
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Penny Slater Griffy
· May 20, 2018
First let me tell you this was the first time I have ever been to O’Connors and it will be the last time I will be going to O’Connors. When I checked out the tickets I bought two VIP tickets because ...I was given the impression that there was going to be drink specials for VIP ticket holders and that I was going to get two seats in the second row. Well there was no seats you had to stand the whole time. To most people that is not a big deal but I am handicapped and I have to be able to sit down. Well I was not able to sit down and my feet legs and back were in excruciating pain to the point I was having no fun I could not concentrate on anything but the pain and I had to leave early. Oh and not to mention when it came to parking we pulled up to the guy and asked where could we park and he told us to go down make a left into the subdivision and park in there now remember I can’t stand so that means I also can’t walk and it was quite a ways down the road. Not to mention the officer that told my husband that if we did park in the subdivision our vehicle would be towed away so there was no parking. Well my husband went into the gas station across the road and ask them if we could please park in their parking lot because it was the closest we could get. They told us that he could park in the parking lot. So I still had to walk further than I should have been handicap. I try to not complain and I try to work with people but the condition and what they implied was wrong. And the amount of money that they were charging for VIP and we couldn’t even enjoy the VIP part that what is wrong. My husband had even mentioned that it would’ve been better just to buy the cheap tickets and at least I could’ve been able to sit down because there was seats up by the building. And then when we went to get our drinks there was no VIP drink special my drink and my husbands drink cost us a total of $20 they were $10 apiece. And the cups were very very small. It was a rip off. And then of course while we were trying to enjoy the music while I was in pain and trying to enjoy what we paid for a fight breaks out right behind us and my husband did everything he could to shield me from the fight. The security there sucked and it took way too long for them to get a handle on the situation. If some of the security would actually have been doing their job as security instead of playing on their cell phones or flirting with girls then the situation could’ve been handled quickly and there wouldn’t been no problem. So let me sum it up I get VIP tickets that state that I will be in the second row with seats there was no seats there was no second row it was standing room only there was nothing VIP about it I was supposed to get VIP drink special there was no VIP drink special and then we were told to park in a subdivision and if we would’ve listen to them we would’ve gotten our vehicle towed. Then there’s a fight. Drinks were way overpriced. Oh and I forgot to mention the service the service outside wasn’t too bad it still took longer than it should have to get a drink but the service inside oh my god that was horrible I waited for 45 minutes until I finally got somebody to bring me a drink and told her what my husband wanted but she never brought my husband has drink she brought mine took the money was gone with my money and came back handed me the change and left never brought my husband streak we had to go outside to get his drink. I owned a bar for over 15 years and I never had horrible service like they do at O’Connors. They treat people they don’t know like crap and then they treat people that they do know like queens and kings. So yes I will never go back to O’Connors the pain I am still in after being down here is ridiculous I will be going to my doctors tomorrow Monday and if more damage has been done to my body because they do not have the ability to be honest when they are selling tickets and the fact that they do not have seats for VIP section then I will just have to go see my attorney also. Oh and before anybody says anything why didn’t I just get a chair and take it in there they wouldn’t let us we were not allowed to have seating in the VIP section which we shouldn’t of had to worry about since on the purchase tickets it states that you have seating when you buy the VIP seats. Plus O’Connors needs to watch the under age drinking. Once again if they had proper staffing they would’ve known that a bunch of the underage kids with black exes on their hand was drinking. And then a few people were overly served they should’ve been cut off way before they were, if they even were cut off. So maybe the police department needs to help them out and make sure that people are not getting overly served and the under age kids are not getting drinks so since they did not have enough staff to make sure that these kids were not getting drinks. See More
Dawn Guier Gilliland
· October 11, 2017
Last night was my first time there. It seems like a very nice place, but under the circumstances, 3 fantastic bands in concert, it was a little hard to take it all in. The bands were great, great or...ganization with concert schedule and attendees. I would like to come back on a regular night and kick back and relax, but you can bet if Shallow Side or Greta Van Fleet are ever there again I will be there then too! See More
Michele Ross
· October 14, 2017
This is one of the most inconsiderate businesses around Clarksville, Wish this business would understand just how close it is to the residential area and that some families have to work the following Not everyone just has partying and getting drunk as their priorities, some of us have children to raise and jobs to attend the following day. They do not care what time they play loud music until, it seems they like to turn up the outdoor speakers after 10pm at times and do not turn them down until after 2 in the morning and it's not always the volume it's the stupid base you can't insulate against that. I would not mind sharing a space with them if they were a more considerate establishment but unfortunately they could care less. See More
Courtney Patty
· May 1, 2018
Definitely one of my favorite places in town! Great service,chill and relaxed atmosphere, fun music & entertainment...And killer beverages and snacks! It’s my go-to place in town to chill with friends!
Clay Rip Miller
· January 11, 2018
Service is okay. Not biker friendly. No juke box and they have a mediocre DJ. Been her an hour and yet to hear anything pub music It's close to home so it's convenient. Meh.
Lisa Marie
· October 18, 2017
Not a very classy pub but they had very nice bartenders. Outside was very nice and there is lots of land in the back so we brought our own lawn chairs to see Greta Van Fleet.

I gave them a 2 and thi...s is why: 8 dollars for the drink I ordered that was served in maybe a 10-12oz clear solo cup. It took 30 minutes to order our drinks at the bar as they did not have enough bartenders working for a night like Greta Van Fleet. Perhaps the manager did not realize how popular GVF was. ???Nevertheless, for my second trip to the bar I went ahead and ordered me and the person I was with 4 drinks (2 Drinks a piece) since it took “OVER” 30 Minutes to get a bartender to wait on me. So in the 3 hours we were there, I spent over an hour waiting for a bartender..... I am being as honest I can be without any exaggeration. I never go to bars/pubs and this was my first experience in attending one in Clarksville TN.

LET ME SAY THIS- it was NOT the bartender’s fault. They were working their butts off trying to serve people as fast as they could and never did I see any of them get frustrated with the frustrated customers. So KUDOS to the barkeeps!!! YOU ROCKED!! There just wasn’t enough of you tending the bar.

Otherwise the outside grounds were not trashy. Everything was fairly tidy and the employees were very personable.
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