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German webinar: Join Simona this Thursday as she presents a webinar on Odoo Inventory. She'll cover the principal functions of the Inventory app such as the reordering rules, management of multiple warehouses and configuration of advanced routes. Register now to reserve your spot >>

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Dieter Aus Deutschland
· October 13, 2017
Using odoo is a little bit like entering a company that claims to be transparent, because their reception sits in a glass house everybody already can see from the street. I evaluated it several times ...over the years for several use cases and found out it does a little bit of everything but nothing as good as promoting themselves. Just imagine a programmable remote control: tempting idea to have one for all at first, but when starting to program it, you realize, that most people managed well having several ones side by side. Maybe it is part of the commercial "open source" concept, that one has to spend a great time to understand the mechanics and get finally, that very basic and common features require developments, that not necessarily are cheaper because of using "open source". If you are a big company planning budget for development anyhow, it is not a big deal. If you are a small company thinking to use it out of the box or get tempted by the "open source" label, better go into detail and evaluate well, how much and what kind of person you will need to customize it. Stop playing powerpoint, but do some use cases, because comercial open source in general means nothing but partly wired forms! Just some simple examples: You most probably knew odoo as option for something related to ERP or CRM, you like the interface, install it, play a little around and realize, it is not even capable to distinguish whether you have products in stock or not (sure, it is just a + or - in some table). Hence it seems every child gets that it might be a good idea to check, if there is something to sell or not, chances are high that on management level nobody wants to play through the obvious and later still will require an expert to implement that "feature" for you. If you run a restaurant and got to the point of thinking about erp I bet you are not a one man show and most likely want to use several devices for taking orders. When you get to the point of playing around with different devices you will realize that adding a module for syncing your information, will cost you more, than most restaurant pos systems, etc. etc. As very typical for Software labeled "comercial open source" you will have a hard time to know, what features are part of enterprise and what are within community, also where you are dependent on paid features. And you will definitely not have a community keeping pace with annual new releases that are mainly within the enterprise stream and not always compatible due to refactoring involved. Anyhow it seems still ahead of erpnext, and enterprise model might help to keep it like that. In the end, it is not that different that it always pretends to be from SAP or the other big ones and thats because it has the same needs to pay a bunch of developers and make profit. See More
Manon Delorme
· January 2, 2018
I had a meeting scheduled this morning for a presentation. I received reminders yesterday and this morning by email and text message. Then time came for the presentation and nothing. No way to reach a...nybody at Odoo. My cell is on, my Skype is open, nothing. Very disappointing first contact with the company. See More
Oanthata Kealeboga
· September 18, 2017
Exploring this marvellous ERP and I love it... I'm just wondering how free is this community version? Looks like a lot to give away at no cost. Definitely recommending it to my clients...
Ton At New Zealand
· October 22, 2017
I just enter to look it. So, I would like to know more about accounting. How many company can use it for 1 time purchased?
Andi Becker
· October 11, 2017
Every new update since version 8 is causing huge discussions with customers as Odoo is hiding, moving, no further developing more and more features. You can find a great overview of what happened sinc...e Version 8 here:
Go to flectrahq[dot]com/page/aboutus
They have made promises in 2016 about what is going to be available in Odoo 11 CE and none of those big promises happened actually! Odoo11 CE seems to be slower the Odoo 10, it has no mobile, no responsive backend ...

There is a hope that FlectraHQ will cover in future what has been lost since ODOO 8 until and in future for ODOO 12.

The communication of ODOO S.A. is very bad as the Community does not know much about the real Roadmap and so can't communicate that also to their customers. Instead, Odoo S.A tries to implement more and more features and menu points which link ONLY to Odoo S.A. so that even partners of EE might lose their customers to ODOO S.A.

Tiny ERP was a great idea and OpenERP was getting really good but since ODOO and all its license changes since Tiny ERP it has lost the most important thing - TRUST in a company like ODOO S.A.
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Zubin Bilimoria
· October 5, 2017
Odoo, the next big solution that any organization will need to survive. Are you ready?
Nikul Bhuriya
· December 11, 2017
Good working with odoo and provide very flexibility and Faster developing
Juan Carlos Fernández Hernández
· June 28, 2017
Great ERP, I'm currently adapting it for Cuban businesses and it works like a charm. It can be customized in every way one could imagine. I really recommended it.
Ma TaHi
· October 23, 2017
good for any company
اماني الونيسي
· October 4, 2017
Congratulation to all the Odoo team.
Super job!
Chung-han Yang
· October 24, 2017
We Love Odoo, Its Awesome.
Laura Olvera
· October 30, 2017
Para cada necesidad, una solución. Totalmente integrado! Ya no más cargas e intercambio de datos, en este sistema integrado por CRM, ERP, MRP, puedes hacer todo eficiente y eficazmente!
Silvia Barreiro Falero
· November 3, 2017
El SGE no funciona, horrible. No se puede hacer nada. Y si en algún momento te permite hacer algo, luego tenés que hacerlo nuevamente personalmente ya que el programa no guardó nada.
Andres Barbosa
· September 14, 2017
Excelente sistema
Ayuda a las empresas con la productividad de los procesos y esta enfocado al cliente
Luis Antonio Correa Leyva
· December 7, 2017
Este es el futuro del desarrollo web. Pronto se convertirá en la plataforma más popular.
Walter Falla Morales
· July 2, 2017
ERP que esta generando un impacto en el mercado por sus grandes beneficios con precios muy accesibles..!!!
Bęlhâčhēmì Òmár
· September 13, 2017
شيء جميل السيد أودوو.
أهلا بكم في عالم الأو آر بي
William Huaman Huillca
· July 18, 2017
Es una de las ERP más accesibles en el mercado, es muy interactivo y versátil por eso yo lo uso.
Johnny Yefun
· September 20, 2017