our submission for "spring"
strings anyone?
We are currently working on an eastersong!:)

it's been some daaaarn long time, but in fact we're still alive! behind the scenes we've released a remix for Luke Francesco Cusato - check it out and get some feels for the upcoming spring.

have a nice week!

Here is the Official Remix of my Single 'Nothing To Lose' by off/chopped. The release date for the Original version of Nothing To Lose is TBC. A m...


KOAN Sound & Asa - Starlite
KOAN Sound
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for those who have missed it last night: Luke Francesco Cusato x off/chopped. preview!

have fun with this little snippet of our upcoming remix "nothing to lose" by luke cusato. released to be somewhen :) for more informatio...

here we go: there is nothing to looooose! have fun w/ Luke Francesco Cusato - we yet don't know exactly when it will be released, but it surely will! so stay tuned

have fun with this little snippet of our upcoming remix "nothing to lose" by luke cusato. released to be somewhen :) for more informatio...

hey facebook gang!
on thursday we're going to announce a sneaky sneak peak of a remix we're about to finish. the original itself has not yet been published, so we'll be showing you a 45s version of the remix to fire up the heat for both releases.

also, we shall be releasing a preview to a new track by ourselves within the next two weeks.


to round things up, here's a picture of our ableton right now.
obligatory hires link: http://­

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our beloved friend SoundNet just released his new track "fox ring" via bandcamp. make sure to give it a listen and support if you'll like it

Fox Ring by SoundNet

"I had a dream that I had heavy feet,
and that kept you from her sleep.
I had a dream that I was gushing streets alone,
I had a dream that I was told to keep."

make sure to check out our little microsite with clickable tracklist and stuff! we love to present you a fresh...

dear you,
we're happy to announce that our 55minutes mixtape "WINDSHIELD WIPERS - an autumn '13 set" is now officially finished and online. we put up a little microsite for more epicness on which you can click through the tracks (via "tracklist" at the top) and just enjoy some little visualisations.

♫♬ ♫♬


special thanks go out to gurke who helped with the html&javascript and special greetings go to all people who are on roadtrips with stormy weather at the moment.

make sure to get your download & thanks for being here.

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feels good, guys!

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working on tomorrow's release of "windshield wipers - autumn '13 set". yes, that does include coding as well.. better be prepared & html5 ready!

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ladies and gentlemen,
this friday we're going to release an autumn-touched mixtape with all our heroes (flume, koan sound, bonobo, amtrac and many more). we mashed them together into a one hour epicness event for your ears and hearts. make sure to swing by and grab it this weekend.

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everyone needs a documentary roadtrip image.

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million miles away from home!

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hello #500 (& #501)!
as a little present to all of you.. this is what we're currently working on. we can´t tell too much except it´s a remix and it´s vocals are freakingly amazing. so, have fun with this short sneak

As a super short sneak peak for our 500th Facebook like. Cheers! :) Wait for it's lyrics!

this is a part of our soundtrack for rainy sundays. simply beautiful.

Our remix of Neil Davidge's 'Green & Blue' taken from the Halo 4 Special Edition Soundtrack. Buy on iTunes: / http:...