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Date: April 25, 2018

BI Forfeits Australian Nun’s Missionary Visa


The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has forfeited the Missionary Visa of Australian missionary Patricia Fox and ordered her to leave the country.

In a statement, Immigration Commissioner Jaime H. Morente disclosed that Bureau’s Board of Commissioners (BOC) forfeited Fox’s privilege of holding a Missionary Visa under Sec. 9 (g) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940 and ordered her to leave due to her involvement in partisan political activities.

“She (Fox) was found to have engaged in activities that are not allowed under the terms and conditions of her visa,” Morente said.

The BI Chief stressed that Fox’s visa granted her only the privilege to engage in missionary work and not in political activities.

Morente chairs the three-man BOC and BI Associate Commissioners J. Tobias Javier and Aimee Torrefranca -Neri is its members.

In a one-page order issued on Monday, the BI board ordered the forfeiture of Fox’s missionary visa which was due to expire on Sept. 5 this year. It also directed the deactivation of her Alien Certificate of Registration.

“We direct Fox to leave the Philippines within 30 days from receipt of this order,” the board stated.

Despite the forfeiture of her visa, Atty. Antonette Bucasas- Mangrobang, BI spokesperson, explained that Fox may still enter and leave the country as tourist.

Mangrobang also said that Fox’s deportation case is still pending before the BI Special Prosecutor, as she (Fox) has yet to file her counter-affidavit.

It is only after the parties have been heard, will the case be submitted to the Board of Commissioners for their deliberation on whether or not she will be deported and barred from entering the country in the future, she added.

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Date: April 20, 2018

BI to Deport Chinese Fugitive Wanted for Economic Crimes


Agents of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) have arrested a Chinese fugitive wanted for economic crimes in his country.

BI Commissioner Jaime H. Morente identified the fugitive as 36-year-old Shi Hongye who was apprehended on April 15 outside the Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by operatives from the Bureau’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU).

Morente said Shi will be sent back to China as he was already issued a Summary Deportation Order by the BI Board of Commissioners on Nov. 17 last year for being an undesirable alien.

He said the arresting agents chanced upon Shi during an operation to capture another Chinese fugitive, named Miao You Chun, who did not appear at the scene.

Miao, like his compatriot Shi, is also in the BI’s wanted list for being a fugitive wanted for economic crimes in China.

BI Intelligence Officer and FSU Chief Bobby Raquepo disclosed that Shi is also an undocumented alien as his passport was already cancelled by the Chinese government.

Raquepo said Shi was ordered deported as his presence here was deemed inimical to public interest.

He added that the fugitive will be deported as soon as the Chinese embassy issues him his travel documents.

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