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  • The Official Page of Mike Holman from Mtv's Jackass.
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    READ:Facebook sometimes blocks people. If you get refused. Message me, I'll add ya.


    its illegal to know about me.
    I was on the television show Jackass.
    It made me famous to people that care.
    Now I do not do television.
    People worldwide are sad about this.
Favorite Quotes
  • You are a difficult, stubborn, precocious bastard. -Sara Smith
    He's just like you.Unabashed, unflinching, and brutally honest..
    -someone commenting on my like of Simon Cowell.
    "that has bad news written all over it"
    "I don't like him.. he's mean"

    "people who love life die young people who hate life live forever.. its a screwed up world" - Tim Terry