What are the basics of native advertising and what are the chances for the Austrian market? Watch OMMAX CEO Toni Stork's interview with Österreich Werbung

Interview mit Toni Stork (CEO, OMMAX)

Does native advertising actually work? Learn more about the impact of native advertising from our CEO, Toni Stork, in absatzwirtschaft - Zeitschrift für Marketing

Auf der ITB ging Toni Stork, CEO des Digital Solutions-Anbieters OMMAX,der Frage nach, warum Native Advertising erfolgreicher ist als „klassische“ Werbung. Hierfür brachte er viele Fallbeispiele aus Influencer-Marketing, Social Media und Corporate Blogging. Für uns hat er die wichtigsten Ergeb...
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OMMAX @Online Print Symposium 2017
David Rogers speaking on Digital Transformation!

How does it come that European companies seem to have developed a certain restraint regarding tech investments, when digitization on the other hand is promising a wide range of chances and possibilities for enterprises? Learn more about our Fireside Session at the SuperReturn 2018.
OMMAX is pleased to announce it has, for the second year in a row, been named as one of the top 100 SEO providers in Germany.

OMMAX' managing partners Toni Stork and Dr. Stefan Sambol today at SuperReturn, the world's largest Private Equity and Venture Capital Event.

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Looking to beat your marathon PR this year? OR just thinking of regularly getting off your couch? The digital world can help.

Save the date! On February 26, OMMAX CEO and digital expert, Toni Stork, will be discussing the German venture capital scene at this year’s SuperReturn Internaional in Berlin.

OMMAX CEO Toni Stork will discuss the German Venture Capital scene and its affect on investors at this year's SuperReturn International event

Is your business ready to respond to the increasing preference for voice search?

Voice search and response is the next inevitable wave of online interaction with customers and users.

Is your website mobile-optimized yet?

The company’s “Speed Update” will take effect in July, making mobile download speeds a ranking factor in search results for the first time.

No data security engineer yet? European companies only have 4 more months to align themselves with the new EU Data Security Regulation.

Check out our article on the matter here (in German):

Im Mai 2018 tritt die EU-DSGVO in Kraft.Der betriebliche Datenschutzbeauftragte nimmt in deren Rahmen eine immer wichtiger werdende Rolle ein.

“No amount of money in the world can form a genuine relationship between a brand and its customer – that takes time.”

Time gives money a run for its, well, money, when comparing different marketing resources.
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January 5
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Digital business models are not only becoming overwhelmingly important for consumers, but to the same extent, valuable for investors. Check out our White Paper on Digital Due Diligence.…/digital-due-diligence-whi…/

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January 2
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