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Mykola Perehinets
· November 20, 2017
OmniOSce + Napp-it is a cool SDS solution...
David Burke
· August 19, 2017
Open Source IS the future of all OSystems. Proprietary stuff demands too much support leaving nothing to profit from. Even M$oft will see that in time.

a bunch of nice little bugfixes and also a tool to test if your CPU already has the specter mitigation instructions in its microcode.

OmniOS Community Edition releases r151022aj & r151024l are now available.

After 4 months of intense development, the OmniOS Community Edition Association is proud to announce the availability of the first Community release of OmniOS; version r151024. The release is on schedule ( coming 6 months after the final OmniTI release of OmniOS back in May.

This new release adds several key improvements to the lx-zones facility allowing for lightweight virtualization of GNU/Linux in an illumos environment, better zone resour...ce management, new hardware support and all the latest updates from upstream illumos; userland packages have also been brought right up-to-date. The underlying build system for OmniOS has been enhanced to make builds and ongoing maintenance easier; for example the total build time has been more than halved, and the addition of automated testing minimises the chance for regressions due to updates.

Release notes for the new update are can be found at and upgrade instructions are at

The web site for OmniOS Community Edition has been updated with all the latest information, including new information for deployment, operation and development of OmniOS systems.
OmniOS is an enterprise level operating system with long-term support and large release overlaps to allow for validation prior to deployment of new releases.

Many organizations rely on OmniOS driven servers for their core storage and virtualization environments. As such they want to ensure the continued development and support of the OmniOS illumos distribution. It is now possible to support the work that goes into maintaining the OS by becoming an OmniOS patron, either with a recurring donation or a one time payment (

About OmniOS - OmniOS is an Enterprise level illumos-based Operating System with superb lightweight virtualization support through zones as well as full hardware virtualization via integrated kvm support. Native ZFS support provides highly reliable storage options of nearly unlimited capacity. With dtrace it is possible to instrument virtually any part of the OS to provide highly precise debugging information to resolve performance issues and software failures.

About OmniOS Community Edition Association - The OmniOS Community Edition Association has taken up development and care of OmniOS since Summer 2017 after OmniTI announced their withdrawal from the project.

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illumos based server OS with ZFS, DTrace, Crossbow, SMF, KVM and Linux zone support

OmniOS Community Edition is releasing OmniOS r151022o with a bunch of security fixes:

libxml2 fixes for:

* CVE-2016-4658 ...
* CVE-2016-5131
* CVE-2017-0663
* CVE-2017-5969
* CVE-2017-9047
* CVE-2017-9048
* CVE-2017-9049
* CVE-2017-9050

bzip2 fix for (we have announced this one separately already):

* CVE-2016-3189

This release also contains an update for java to to OpenJDK 1.7.0_141-b02

This release does NOT require a reboot.

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omnios-build - Build system for OmniOS

OmniOS Community Edition Association commits to maintain LTS releases for OmniOSce.

In response to our call for someone to step up to take over responsibility to maintain OmniOS LTS releases we received a number of detailed responses, but on...

This is the weekly update for w/c 7th of August 2017 and contains NO security updates but several bugfixes from upstream illumos and joyent lx. For this update, a reboot is required.

We are aware that system reboots pose a problem for many sites, so we are investigating ways to reduce the requirements of reboots associated with update releases of OmniOSce. More on this next week.

Any problems or questions, please get in touch via the Lobby at


Full release notes can be found at…/omnio…/blob/r151022/doc/

To upgrade, utter:

pkg update -r --be-name=r151022l

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The second update from OmniOS Community Edition is out.

This release includes a security fix to the expat library, an updated mr_sas driver with better reset behaviour, improvements in the svcs command when non-native zones are installed and several stability and bug fixes in the kernel and LX zones. The loader screen and pkg(5) command have also been updated to reflect the new community edition.…/omnio…/blob/r151022/doc/

omnios-build - Build system for OmniOS
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July 6, 2017
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