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Indonesian Contemporary and Rare Findings collected by Pak I Wayan Dupa Suciptra for the past 5 decades
The cremation of a balinese queen was an uplifting moment - witnessed by 10.000s of people. Die Verbrennung einer… by thomasheindl
I love Indonesian art and spent zillion of hours in Pak Wayan's galleries, finding his treasures. It feels like… by mammasitta
It's been a while that I didn't continue writing, introducing more about a project, still close to my heart, filled… by mammasitta
DPC PERADI DENPASAR added 83 new photos to the album: PERADI PEDULI — in Gor Swecapura Klungkung.

DPC PERADI DENPASAR Melaksanakan Kunjungan dan Memberikan Bantuan kepada Warga Masyarakat di POSKO INFORMASI KEBENCANAAN GUNUNG AGUNG sehubungan dengan Aktifitas Gunung Agung

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Sophie Digby is at Bucu.

It affects all generations. Compassion. #forcedevacuation #gunungagung #prayforbali

Yayasan/ Charity
I'm an Angel account number is:
Yayasan Bali Angel...
JL Bypass NGURAH RAI No 88 KUTA BALI 80361
Account number 4340100479006
CIF Number B227589

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Something about "Doors" fascinate me. I photograph them. We open and close them like chapters in a book and life.… by mammasitta
Travel back in time and explore the exotic Island of Bali, stroll into a local market, enter a temple and pass lush rice terraces. Watch local artisans create timeless works of art.
OnARTBali is one of my passionate projects due to my big love for Indonesian art, as well as artisans. Most of the… by mammasitta
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World Arbiter 2011 Bali 1928: Gamelan Gong Kebyar 1928 recordings of Gong Kebyar by gamelan of Belaluan (Denpasar), Pangkung (Tabanan) and Busungbiu (Northwest Bali) Expanded CD format also contains PDF text by Edward Herbst and MPEG-4 silent videos from the 1930s.Released Feb 2, 2010$16.98 On iTune…
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Did you know that Balinese Hindus perform over 2,000 ceremonies a year? This results in an awful lot of waste.

Help Bali achieve zero waste ceremonies. Check o...ut this video and support our cause!
#connect2effect #influxtrustbali #niskalabali #bali #zerowaste #unsdg #postceremonyservice #unitednations #hackathon #makeadifference SDG Action Campaign SDGs

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Save THEM !

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Garden of Life Bali

Understanding Flower of Life means understanding the Universe. Now, save them!

I am helping to prepare a simple website for my driver Dex Arsana who works with me for many years, driving my airbnb… by mammasitta
I have to admit that I feel a bit "homesick" today and would not mind purifying my mind again with such Silent Day.… by mammasitta

A short film I made on my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. It was the most thrilling and beautiful travel experience I've had yet. The colourful culture of the B...alinese people paired with island's breathtaking landscapes made for an unforgettable adventure.

Huge, huge thank you to my talented friend Ryan Hawken for the original music.


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9 days in Bali -- the most stunning and eye-opening destination I've ever had the pleasure to visit. The colourful culture of the Balinese people paired with…

#tbt after bombing initiative #BaliohBali

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@ Made Betons Home Temple interpreting Karsh Kale " HOME " Just for Fun