As congressional appropriators prepare to review NASA's latest budget request, a group from academia and industry are seeking support for a lunar exploration initiative included in the proposal.
The Dundee University students' two-month included meetings with British astronaut Tim Peake.
A new 3D map shows how Earth's salty oceans contribute to the protective, magnetic field that surrounds the planet.
A workshop on ‘Space-based services for regional strategies in the digital economy: Balkan and Black Sea perspectives’ will take place on 18-19 April, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

So looking forward to the next season of Cosmos! Here's a nice review of the last season by Martin Bush, writing for Inside Story.

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Will Smith is with NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration and National Geographic.

One small step for man, one giant leap for Instagram Live! Tomorrow I’m talking to Astronaut Drew Feustel LIVE from the International Space Station 254 MILES ABOVE THE EARTH. You HAVE to tune in!! 11:45am EDT. LEAVE ME QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS!

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ESA - European Space Agency updated their cover photo.

This image from ESA’s #MarsExpress show a crater named Ismenia Patera on Mars. Its origin remains uncertain: did a meteorite smash into the surface or could it be the remnants of a supervolcano? Read more here:…/Mar…/Mars_impact_crater_or_supervolcano

The village of Verbier in Alps of Switzerland is a ski resort and is also home to the finals of the Freeride World Tour, where the best skiers and snowboarders compete to earn the title of World Champion #oneflaginspace

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Did you miss the Space Telescope Science Institute's public lecture on "The Plumes of Europa: Ice, Water, Life?" last week? No need to fret, the full video is now available online!

#astrobiology #Europa #water #life #EuropaClipper #science #space

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On April 10, 1982, India launched its first multipurpose satellite, INSAT-1. This satellite was used for both communications and weather forecasting. Read more about it here:

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NASA JSC Education

Did you miss the downlink this morning? Watch the video below to see highlights from the Q & A session between Frostburg State University and International Space Station astronauts, Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel. #STEMonStation #TeacherOnBoard

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NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Today, we welcome the enthusiasm and expertise of longtime science advocate and current Planetary Science Director Jim Green to the role of chief scientist:

Succeeding Jim is Lori Glaze, chief of the Planetary Geology, Geophysics & Geochemistry Lab.

Want to see some awesome space photography and processed images from NASA missions? Check out Jason Major's Flickr page!

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Journalists, science writers, bloggers: if you wish to ask questions remotely during the press conference, you can do so using the form below. Please provide your name and affiliation and indicate who your question is for when asking. Be courteous and respectful and make sure to protect your private...

Applications for the BMSIS Young Scientist Program are due by April 15th. There's still time to apply!

The YSP provides opportunities for college students to participate in basic research and learn about science communication.

Learn more here:

Well-heeled space tourists will have a new orbital destination four years from now, if one company's plans come to fruition.
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ESA - European Space Agency

Every second, around 45 lightning strikes jolt our atmosphere, where powerful reactions in thunderstorm clouds alter the chemical composition of the air inside ...and around them. A suite of European instruments will soon be studying these powerful discharges from space and give us clues on their role in the climate. The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) aka the #SpaceStormHunter arrived on the International Space Station last week to peek inside the physics of high-energy phenomena at the edge of space...…/Human_Space…/The_chemistry_of_lightning

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