We definitely agree! Multi-tasking is part of the future of mobile devices

Read what we think about the idea of freeing smartphone apps from their full-screen prisons, and giving them some windows in which to move around.

We are excited to announce that we released v1 of Cornerstone today. It includes support for Jelly Bean and a ton of improvements.

Multi-Tasking framework for the Android OS. Contribute to cornerstone development by creating an account on GitHub.

Cornerstone is powering two different smart tv platforms for both Qualcomm and ST Microelectronics! If you happen to be in Vegas for the CES conference in January, you can check out Cornerstone running on 50 inch TVs by both of these great companies.

We are excited to announce that our friends at Qualcomm are using Cornerstone to enable multitasking on their Smart TV platform. Check out some details and screenshots!…/qualcomms-quad-core-snapdragon-s4…

At Computex, Qualcomm demoed Windows RT on a dual-core Snapdragon S4 reference tablet, but there was also more powerful silicon to be found: the company's quad-core Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 and MPQ8064...
Cornerstone updated their cover photo.
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A new version of Cornerstone was released today. It has some new features and bug fixes based on feedback from the first release a couple of weeks ago. Check out to download the source and ROM

cornerstone - Multi-Tasking framework for the Android OS

The response from the open sourcing of Cornerstone has been overwhelming. We have a release in the works to come out shortly! Stay tuned...

For everybody that has been asking, there is no beta program anymore. We have open sourced Cornerstone and also released an official ROM for the Motorola Xoom. Much more information at: Check it out and get involved!

Cornerstone is now open source!


Over the last few months we've heard from quite a few of you. The comments have covered the entire spectrum - from support and praise for Cornerstone and offers to send us money for a Cornerstone version for a certain device to those upset that Cornerstone was not publicly available. 



Through it all, everybody was excited about Cornerstone and anxious to get their hands on it, and many offered their expertise to help make it happen faster. To get Cornerstone out to the community, and give everybody a way to contribute, we are excited to announce today that Cornerstone is being Open Sourced. We're anxious to share what we have been working on with you and are very excited to see how all of you can help make it better. 


And now we will look for your help to get involved. 

  • Install the official ROM release on your device
  • Grab the source and build a ROM for another device (and share back with the community) or start working with the code to fix bugs and add new features
  • Take a video of you using Cornerstone and upload to YouTube with the tag 'onskreen-cornerstone'


All the details and links to the source, docs, ROMs, etc...that you need to get started with Cornerstone can be found at and Grab what you need, and get going!

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Check out the latest video of Cornerstone running on Ice Cream Sandwich!

Cornerstone running on Ice Cream Sandwich! Demo of Cornerstone running on the latest Android OS release. Check out our other videos for demos of Cornerstone ...

First off, thanks to all of you who have reached out to us by posting here or via emails. Thanks for all the input everybody has contributed. We've learned a lot about how you want to use Cornerstone, as well as gotten a bunch of feature requests. That has been great in helping to make the product better.


Through the last few months, there have be...en a ton of requests for when a beta might be released and we wanted to get an update out to everybody. At this point, the team is consumed with working with device manufacturers who are evaluating Cornerstone to be included with upcoming Tablets, and getting the product finished up. The down side of this has been that we have not been able to get out a beta to the community. The plan right now is to review everything in January and reconsider the decision at that point.


The reason that releasing a beta of Cornerstone is more involved than a standard Android application that people can install and run is because Cornerstone is a part of the Android OS itself (see an earlier post for some discussion on this). To release a broad beta, we would need to build ROM's for a number of different devices, and distribute those for users to flash on their rooted devices. We would love to do that to share the product with you, as well as get your feedback, but the process of doing all of this right now would be too much to ask our dev team to support while we also go through the process with the device manufacturers.


We always love to hear from you - if you want to get in touch, reach out to us anytime via FB, or email (info@



Onskreen Team

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Recently, we have gotten a couple more reports of people downloading an app labeled or marketed as Cornerstone via third party Android App Stores. We don't know what these apps are or what they do, and they are definitely not distributed by Onskreen! So be careful and definitely don't install if you come across them.

Nice write up on PhoneDog about Cornerstone!

One of the less-hyped features of mobile platforms nowadays is multitasking, mainly because they all do it (or will, in Windows Phone 7's case) in one form or another. Whether it be gesture activated, long or double pressing the home button or having a dedicated on-screen task switcher button, multi

To all those who have been asking about a date on the beta. We've been swamped working with OEMs who want to roll Cornerstone out. The product itself has passed the beta stage, we just haven't had the resources to get a public beta going. There has been really strong interest in a public beta and we're working to be able to support one. No commitment on a timeline just yet though. Thanks for the patience and support!

Check out demo video of the latest Cornerstone features!

Live demo of the latest features of Cornerstone. To see an overview of Cornerstone check out - The Cornerstone Android profi...

Also, we've had some of you tell us (thanks for the reports!) that they have seen Cornerstone for download from various places on the web. Whatever these downloads are, they are not from Onskreen, so be wary of any claiming to be.

We've had a bunch of questions about this so wanted to clear it up. The technology behind Cornerstone has to be part of the Android OS itself. That is why we are working directly with device manufacturers to include Cornerstone with devices they plan to ship. Cornerstone is not an application that you will be able to download from the Android Market.