On we've been working our way through an Atlanta Braves franchise with the goal of winning the World Series by the end of the 2020 season. After some pretty awful seasons, we had a breakthrough in 2019. Struggling to stay relevant in the first half lead to a second half that found us within 10 games of the division lead. An amazing finish put use tied with the Nationals the top spot in the NL East, and forced a game 163 where the winner would take the Division Title, and the loser would be in the Wild Card game. In the 14th inning Tyler Austin came up with two men on, and a chance to give the Braves the lead, and a Division Title... Tonight at 10pm ET on we'll finish out this mission as we prepare for Out of the Park Baseball 18, available now for pre-order at
Kris Bryant Pinch-Hit Homer In The All Star Game!
Randy Myers Wild Pitch Almost Kills Our CM

It's time to MAKE. YOUR. MOVE.

Out of the Park Baseball 19 Releases Worldwide on March 22, 2018

OOTP 19 features dramatic 3D enhancements, a redesigned interface, new scouting systems, ultra-realistic artificial intelligence, 2018 Opening Day rosters, and more!


Available For Pre-Order Now With 10% Discount & Early Access
**Steam customers: Due to Steam policies, free Steam keys aren’t available for pre-order customers. The game will launch on Steam on March 22 with a 10% launch discount that will last for a week.**

The Houston Astros won a thrilling World Series last fall against the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers. Can they repeat as champs? Find out in Out of the Park Baseball 19, the follow-up to Operation Sports’ “Best Management Sim of 2017!”

eSellerate page -

Steam page -…/Out_of_the_Park_Baseball_19/

Go ahead. Make. Your. Move.

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Out of the Park Baseball 19 Releases Worldwide on March 22, 2018 OOTP 19 features dramatic 3D enhancements, a redesigned interface, new scouting systems, ult...

28 days until OOTP 19 officially releases!!!

But, you can get your baseball fix tonight with our OOTP Night Around The World over on our Twitch channel,

Kris will kick it off at 8pm Eastern with the 1983 Playoffs as his Expos takes on the Dodgers in a 1982 NLCS rematch.


Then, at 9pm ET, T.J. will continue to try and turn around the Cleveland Indians. He's about to start the 1993 season and hoping that the moves he's made starts to translate into on field results, possibly behind a legendary manager.

Make sure to stop by to and catch all the live action!

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74 Reviews
Tell people what you think
Matt Taylor
· October 24, 2017
I love the game. Like baseball, this game means more to me than just the simulation itself. It reminds me of my father, loves baseball as much as I do and for close to 10 years this was his Father's... Day present. See More
Jeffrey Lage
· November 4, 2017
The best game ever!

So immersive and logical. No other baseball game makes you a GM like OOTP does....

I️ buy every year, and will likely always.

Just wish they had a NBA version too ���
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Andrew Gardner
· June 30, 2017
I actually have a serious complaint with this game. It absolutely infuriates me that the developer(s) over at OOTP have the sheer nerve to create such a game that sucks you in for hours on end. I can'...t get any work done with this program looming in the background. You look at the clock, 5:00am. Blink. Look again. It's 3:00am.

Damn you, OOTP. Damn you for making such an addictive game.
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Sean Bailey
· June 27, 2017
I buy every year. I haven't been disappointed yet. Each year there are improvements and additions. Only complaint is the Linux licensing system is aggravating. I constantly lose my license and have t...o enter it again . I end up getting so frustrated with it I end up buying the steam version. Anyways I look forward to buying this every year until the end of time. See More
Tim Chun
· May 18, 2017
My friend told me about this game. I never heard and played this but it reminds me a lot of a baseball game that was produced in the past called Frontpage baseball by sporting news. That game disapp...eared after a few years out on the market. This game is a lot more detailed. There is no end to finding out what you can do with this game. It's a very exciting game and addicting to any baseball fan. See More
Doug DeVore
· June 24, 2017
Year in and year out the game keeps improving. You can re-run a historical season, create a fantasy scenario, or play the current year. You can GM, manager or both. Starting as a rookie skip or plu...nging right in. Best sports management game for any sport. Keep up the good work See More
Bud Philbrick
· October 11, 2017
Totally addicted and play this year round. For me being a GM is the ultimate dream. This game allows that to happen
Dave Bishop
· June 13, 2017
If this game is suppose to be based on players from real life..........why are so many players under achieving. Playing a 16 team draft league and here are some stats after 24 games.
Bryce Harper 1 run .156 avg .250 slg.
Votto 1hr .169avg 239oba.
Kris Bryant 2hr .203avg .287oba .321slg.
Buster Posey .189 avg .207oba.
Zach Britton 0-1 3.99 era 1.45 whip.
Cueto 4.22era 1.47 whip .289 oba
A.Sanchez 5.11 era 1.60 whip.....311 oba
C. Sale 5.33era 1.56 whip .303 oba.
The list goes on and on.......Strat o matic is a more realistic game. Not happy I tried this
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Michael Brown
· July 1, 2017
This game gets me addicted just from thinking about playing this game when I'm away. I'm an absolute fan of the simulation and with all of the features OOTP offers makes me believe that I'm an actual ...GM/Manager. First time buyer and will continue to purchase future OOTP games. See More
Tommy Walker
· June 13, 2017
One of the more expensive apps, but it's well worth the cost to anyone completely obsessed with the front office side of managerial side of baseball. I've found myself saying "I'll only play for ten m...inutes" and then end up playing for hours without even realizing it. True story. I got no sleep on a few occasions XD See More
Anaranjado Comandante
· November 7, 2017
just a miserable broken experience. i feel like i was robbed of $20.
Rob Ray
· July 28, 2017
I've been playing OOTP for two years now (OOTP17 and OOTP18, purchased through Steam). After 25+ years of playing APBA for the computer, and longer for APBA cards/boards....I've found OOTP cannot be Hands down. I have a fondness for APBA, but OOTP has blown me away.
Everything you could possibly want in a sim,reasonably priced...EVERY SEASON ONE GAME. Unending possibilities (majors,minors,real-life and imagined leagues/players/teams...and a good support staff and online support (through fans of the game) that is incredible. it,already. I plan on doing that every season as long as I have a computer and the ability to use it :-)
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Paul Burns
· September 3, 2017
The very best sim ever. I love playing in manager and GM mode.
Zack Clark
· July 15, 2017
The depth is outstanding, and the fact I can live out any year I want and the perfect baseball franchise is beyond awesome.
Steven Raymond
· December 19, 2017
Great game. Playing the 1997 WS with Florida and Cleveland. I'm up 2 games to 0 over Cleveland.
Alberto Luque
· June 7, 2017
Best sports game ever. Love the way every sim is different from the others, but i'd like them to upgrade Votto's ratings ASAP :)
Ed Lockett
· July 17, 2017
An extremely robust baseball sim. Continually updated, very powerful and in depth.
Steve Kuffrey
· August 10, 2017
Best PC simulation on the market!!! Outstanding features, customization and support.
Courtney Kronk
· July 28, 2017
Best Baseball Game ever! Beyond realistic management game.
David Limbaugh
· August 20, 2017
I have been playing since OOTP4 - Great people. Great support. Great game.

We are very happy to announce that OOTP will be at PAX East in Boston!

Members from the team will be doing a panel on Sunday, April 8th at 12 ET talking about marketing independent games. It should also be streamed on Twitch if you are unable to attend in person, details to follow.

We are also in the planning stages of an OOTP Meet-Up, so stay tuned for that!


Are you going to PAX East? Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks to the first 1000 of you who followed our live streams over at!

Now's a good time to get started on that next 1000 if you haven't already!

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This week's #Twitch stream archives are up on our YouTube channel.

Kris finishes out the 1983 Expos regular season. Did he guide them to another NL East title?

T.J. played out the 1992 All-Star Game and tried to make some moves to improve his Cleveland Indians team.


Remember, we stream every Wednesday night starting at 8pm Eastern over at!

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We are into the 1983 season and the Expos are on fire! Can Kris guide them to consecutive NL East titles? ---------------------------------------------------...

Spring is in the air! Pitchers and catchers have started reporting to camp and baseball season is here!

If you've got that itch and need to scratch it, OOTP 18 is currently 50% off as part of the Steam Lunar New Year sale!

Pick it up to tide you over until OOTP 19 drops! ...…/Out_of_the_Park_Baseball_18/

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It's Valentine's day! What better way to spend it than with Kris, T.J. and some Out of the Park Baseball!

Stream starts at 8pm Eastern with Kris' Expos who are well into 1983 and on 🔥🔥🔥

Next up, T.J. continues to make moves and position his Cleveland team as a potential 'Team of the 90's'


It all goes down tonight over at

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POLL - How many wins does Yu Darvish get in The Windy City in 2018?

Yu Darvish has signed a 6-year deal with the Chicago Cubs which could be worth upwards of $150 million dollars.

This week's stream archives are now posted on YouTube.

Kris finishes the 1982 offseason and kicks off the '83 campaign in his Expos franchise:

Then, T.J. jumps the 1992 season into overdrive for his Cleveland franchise. The draft is here, who does he have his eye on?

Kris is back to make a few more moves in the 1982 offseason and kick off the 1983 season as he tries to guide the Expos to another division crown -----------...

Tonight the OOTP Stream Team is back in action starting at 8pm Eastern over at

From 8-9, Kris will finish out the 1982 off-season for his Expos and get ready to make another run at the playoffs in '83

Then from 9-10, T.J. will continue to build his early 90's Cleveland franchise into a contender one smooth move at a time.


It's OOTP Night Around The World! Make sure to stop by and catch all the baseball action!

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We are 44 days away from the release of OOTP 19. Who's the first team you plan on taking over? Will you be starting in current 2018 or in a historical season?

Remember, you can pre-order now and get 10% off PLUS access to the final beta build 3 days early over at

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and baseball

On the stream archives this week, developer Matt Arnold joins Kris to talk about Out of the Park Baseball 19 and answer some of your questions!

Then, Kris jumped into the first part of the 1982 Offseason in his Expos franchise. What moves did he make to improve the defending NL East Champs?

OOTP developer Matt Arnold join Kris on the stream this week to talk Out of the Park Baseball 19 and answer some of your questions about the game -----------...

The creator of Out of the Park Baseball Markus Heinsohn recently gave an interview to the OOTP Developments blog. He talked about his inspiration for the game and takes a quick look at some new features in OOTP 19. Check it out!

An interview with OOTP creator Markus Heinsohn January 25, 2018 by OOTP Staff OOTP 19 is available for pre-order now. Save 10% and get the game 3 days early! Creating a deep baseball management game and releasing a new version of it annually for 19 years is a pretty impressive achievement. Doing so....

It's stream night!

Tonight we have a very special stream kicking it off at 8pm Eastern as developer Matt Arnold will be joining Kris for a Q&A session on Out of the Park Baseball 19. Feel free to leave your questions below for Matt!

After that, Kris will jump into the 1982 offseason with his Montreal Expos franchise. What moves can he make to push the defending NL East champions?


Find out tonight as it all goes down over at starting at 8pm Eastern

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2020 Florida Panthers Franchise - Season Start!

Our stream archives are up on YouTube from last week.

T.J. and Kris got together to react to the Baseball Hall of Fame voting. They took a look at the inductees, the snubs and took an early look at the 2019 Ballot


Then, T.J. took his Cleveland franchise into the 1990 off-season. Did he make some big moves? Is the franchise heading in the right direction? Find out!

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T.J. is back with the 1991 Off-Season in his Cleveland Indians franchise. What kind of big moves are in store for the squad? --------------------------------...

OOTP's Creator Markus Heinsohn and Chief Marketing Officer Rich Grisham sat down with Matthew Kato of Game Informer to discuss a whole range of Out of the Park Baseball 19 topics including new features and a bit more information about our upcoming new mode, Perfect Team. It's a good read folks!

Remember, you can pre-order your very own copy of OOTP 19 for 10% off by heading over to:

Go ahead, MAKE. YOUR. MOVE.

We discuss the game's details with creator Markus Heinsohn and OOTP Developments' Rich Grisham.