Jane Goodall Now Teaching a Free Online Course on Developing Compassionate Leaders: Enroll and Start Today

Starting today, you can enroll in Jane Goodall's course on cultivating compassionate leaders.

A Huge Scale Model of Ancient Rome at Its Architectural Peak, Originally Commissioned by Mussolini

It’s all at 1:250 scale. Behold.

The narrator of Teju Cole's Open City, one of the better novels of memory and urban space to come along in recent years, at one point flies into New York City and remembers going to see a 'sprawling scale model' of the metropolis at the Queens Museum of Art.

Watch Stephen Hawking’s Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Recorded 10 Days Before His Death.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson sat down with the world-famous physicist for an interview on Tyson’s StarTalk podcast. “I picked his legendary brain,” says Tyson in his introduction, “on everything, from the big bang to the origins of the universe.” He starts off, however, with some softballs.

Hannah Arendt Explains How Propaganda Uses Lies to Erode All Truth & Morality: Insights from "The Origins of Totalitarianism"

Hannah Arendt wrote in The Origins of Totalitarianism in 1951: The masses had reached the point where they would believe everything and nothing....

10 Hours of Ambient Arctic Sounds Will Help You Relax, Meditate, Study & Sleep

Not too long ago, we featured for you 4 hours of ambient music created by Moby, all of which you can download for free, and use to sleep, meditate, do yoga and generally not panic. Sound timely? Then download away.

How to Spot Bullshit: A Primer by Princeton University Philosopher Harry Frankfurt

We live in an age of truthiness. Comedian Stephen Colbert coined the word to describe the Bush administration’s tendency to fudge the facts in its favor.

Marjorie Eliot Has Held Free Jazz Concerts in Her Harlem Apartment Every Sunday for the Past 25 Years.

Watch scenes from her gigs. And pay her a visit when you're in NYC.

I spent a good part of a decade-long sojourn through New York City in Harlem—at the neighborhood’s threshold at the top of Central Park, just a short walk from its historic main attractions: jazz haunts, famed restaurants, theaters, architectural splendor and wide, vibrant avenues.

The Mastermind of Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh, Shows Off His Synthesizer Collection

Mark Mothersbaugh’s studio is located in a cylindrical structure painted bright green - it looks more like a festive auto part than an office building.

Beautifully Designed Map Shows the Literal Translations of Country Names: “Place of Abundant Fish” (Panama), “Land of Many Rabbits” (Spain), and More

Recently we featured a world map that labels each country not with its name in English, but its name in its own language.

Stephen Hawking Picks the Music (and One Novel) He’d Spend Eternity With: Stream the Playlist Online

Image by NASA, via Wikimedia Commons In Aspen, Colorado they hold a music festival every year and, in 1995, Stephen Hawking—who joined the cosmos this week—was there.

Download 10,000 of the First Recordings of Music Ever Made, Thanks to the UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

Long before vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs and MP3s came along, people first experienced audio recordings through another medium: through cylinders made of tin foil, wax and plastic.

Albert Einstein Imposes on His First Wife a Cruel List of Marital Demands

It’s Einstein’s birthday today. Here’s something that balances out the hagiography.

Albert Einstein passionately wooed his first wife Mileva Maric, against his family’s wishes, and the two had a turbulent but intellectually rich relationship that they recorded for posterity in their letters.

Stephen Hawking (RIP) Explains His Revolutionary Theory of Black Holes with the Help of Chalkboard Animations

Stephen Hawking died last night at age of 76. I can think of no better, brief social media tribute than that from the @thetweetofgod: “It’s only been a few hours and Stephen Hawking already mathematically proved, to My face, that I don’t exist.” Hawking was an atheist, but he didn’t claim ...

Jorge Luis Borges Selects 74 Books for Your Personal Library

“Jorge Luis Borges 1951, by Grete Stern” by Grete Stern (1904-1999). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Jorge Luis Borges’ terse, mind-expanding stories reshaped modern fiction.

Thomas Edison’s Recordings of Leo Tolstoy: Hear the Voice of Russia’s Greatest Novelist

Born 187 years ago today, Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy’s life (1828-1910) spanned a period of immense social, political, and technological change, paralleled in his own life by his radical shift from hedonistic nobleman to theologian, anarchist, and vegetarian pacifist.

Princeton University Digitizes 70,000+ Religious Texts, Letting You Immerse Yourself in the Curious Works of Great World Religions

It is maybe easy for those unfamiliar with the study of religion to reduce the academic discipline to a ponderous exercise—self-serious, obsessed with tradition, rendered suspect by histories of violence and highly implausible, contradictory claims. But this is a mistake.

The Map of Mathematics: Animation Shows How All the Different Fields in Math Fit Together

Back in December, you hopefully thoroughly immersed yourself in The Map of Physics, an animated video--a visual aid for the modern age--that mapped out the field of physics, explaining all the connections between classical physics, quantum physics, and relativity.

Hear 55 Hours of William Shakespeare’s Plays.

The Tragedies, Comedies & Histories Performed by Vanessa Redgrave, Sir John Gielgud, Ralph Fiennes & Many More