Open Heart Behind the Lens - Claire's Recovery
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Bending the Arc Film
August 24

Our photo archives are full of these gems. #TBT to when Paul and Ophelia first met in Haiti. Amazing what they've done since!

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August 11

What an incredible night! Thank you to everyone who came to the newportFILM screening and Q&A with Partners In Health co-founders Todd McCormack & Jim Yong Kim.


"At first glance, the organization chart for the maker of True Story, a card game and mobile app in which players trade stories from their daily lives, resemble...d that of any company. There was a content division to churn out copy for game cards; graphic designers to devise the logo and the packaging; developers to build the mobile app and the website. There was even a play-testing division to catch potential hiccups.

Upon closer inspection, the producer of True Story wasn’t really a firm: The workers were all freelancers who typically had never met and, perhaps more striking, the entire organization existed solely to create the game and then disbanded.

True Story was a case study in what two Stanford professors call “flash organizations” — ephemeral setups to execute a single, complex project in ways traditionally associated with corporations, nonprofit groups or governments.

The professors, Melissa Valentine and Michael Bernstein, contend that information technology has made the flash organization a suddenly viable form across a number of industries.

And, in fact, intermediaries are already springing up across industries like software and pharmaceuticals to assemble such organizations. They rely heavily on data and algorithms to determine which workers are best suited to one another, and also on decidedly lower-tech innovations, like middle management.

But to the extent that temporary organizations replace permanent ones, they have the potential to add to the economic uncertainty that workers must increasingly contend with."

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“Flash organizations,” modeled on filmmaking, find their way into fields like software and pharmaceuticals, assembling freelancers and then disbanding.

If you like Open Heart, check out Kief and Cori's new film Bending the Arc Film!

Best film review we've ever gotten. After OPEN HEART screened in the village, a woman told us: "Even if my house had been completely robbed while I was gone to see the film, it would have been worth it!"

Our impact partner The Strongheart Group screened OPEN HEART in ANGELIQUE'S VILLAGE!! Photo credit to Laura Elizabeth Pohl Multimedia/ADMA. All made possible by a grant from Stories of Change, a project of Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program supported by the Skoll Foundation. Additional crucial support provided by Open Road Alliance. Film coverage of the event by the students of the Africa Digital Media Academy! Animation by Mento Pro, Ltd - students from ADMA. Screen by: OPEN AIR CINEMA.

Tune in to watch Dr. Gino Strada, founder of EMERGENCY, on 60 Minutes this Sunday, May 11th at 7 pm ET/PT. Please share this post to help raise awareness about free life-saving heart surgery in Sudan.

Long eradicated in the West, rheumatic heart disease caused by strep throat kills hundreds of thousands of African children each year. A hospital in Sudan, founded by Dr. Gino Strada, offers a life-saving surgery for free. Clarissa Ward reports on Sunday, May 11 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Great shoutout from South Africa!

OPEN HEART, spotlighting an Italian cardiologist in Northern Sudan as he fights to save young patients who have traveled from Rwanda for this high-risk procedure, debuts MONDAY, OCT. 14 (10:20-11:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.


Earlier this year, we told you about a very special documentary: Open Heart. We’re writing today because it’s playing on television for the first time, on Monday at 10:20 p.m. EST/7:20 p.m. PST on HBO. (See the HBO trailer starting at 39 seconds, above).

We premiere on HBO in less than an hour! Tune in!

Courtesy of Dr. Gino Strada - today's activity list at Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery.

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Emergency USA to Open Heart premiere on HBO

Courtesy of Gino Strada...Today's activity report from the Salam Center where the 8 kids in Open Heart underwent their risky surgeries. Wishing a speedy recovery for today's patients.

Gene Simmons is tweeting about OPEN HEART! #openheart Follow him at @genesimmons

Open Heart plays Monday 7:20pm PT/10:20 ET on HBO Documentary Films. Don't miss!

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The Skoll Foundation

Open Heart plays Monday 7:20pm PT/10:20 ET on HBO Documentary Films. Don't miss!

We're excited to announce that Open Heart will premiere this evening on HBO. Please tune in.…/O…/408297-OpenHeart-evite.jpg

Our trailer on HBO! #OPENHEART

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