Here's a video that my mom took at the San Diego airport when my brother was coming home for the first time. They told me we we there to pick up my grandparent's friends.
A HUGE thank you to the UNITS company in Carmel Mountain Ranch for donating this storage unit to my project! I've already set up shop in it and decorated the front of it!
Stuffing Stockings!

The patches aren't in yet. I promise to email everyone who asked for them as soon as they get here.


Operation Stuff-A-Stocking returns
By Elizabeth Marie Himchak

A local teenager is once again trying to cheer military personnel serving in war zones by giving them donated holiday stockings filled with goodies.

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We have an awesome community!

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The stockings are coming in!!!!

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Thank you Mrs. Victoria Walsh in Arizona!! Your box arrived yesterday! I truly appreciate everything!

Thank you Mrs. Danielle Humphries and everyone who stuffed stockings with you!! This is really cool!

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Thank you to the Carmichael Girl Scouts and all your cousins! You all did an amazing job on those stockings!

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Thank you Poway Brownie Troop 8764!! I love you girls!!

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I decided to a patch again this year because Scouts love them so much and it's a great way for kids to remember that they were part of something big and made a huge difference! This year's patch is going to be Santa repelling from an Army helicopter delivering stockings!

UPDATES: Even though my offical deadline has past, it you have stockings or want to send a stocking, please drop them off! I really need more stockings! There's a Marine here in Poway who has three daughters she'll be away from during the holidays. There are 180 Marines in her unit. It would be really cool to get her 3 daughters involved and sent those stockings!

These awesome stockings are being delivered by an Army soldier from San Diego this year! He's involved the USO and the stockings will be delivered by helicopter to guys in FOBs. It's so cool!!

I got my first delivery of Christmas stockings!!! Thank you Girl Scouts!!!

What goes in a great stocking?

All snack must be individually wrapped and must be named brand. All snacks must be made in the U.S.A.


Some of the favorites: Pringles, Oreos, granola bars, trail mix, soup cups, chocolate chip cookies

Hygiene items!
All hygiene items must be travel or small size. I will only send name brands and they must be made in the U.S.A. Please, no hotel bottles. No conditioner.

Some of the favorites: Gold Bond powder, Colgate or Crest, good toothbrush (name brand), Dove or Irish Spring soap, small shampoos for normal hair

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This year I'll be collecting stockings from now through November 22nd. I have $300 to use to send stocking and I can fit about 30 stocking in a box. I'm planning on sending a few hundered this year (a lot less than the 1,802 stockings last year). If I'm not home, stockings can be left on my porch in the big box. There will be a sign-in sheet on the clip board.