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Damian Brown
· November 3, 2017
This is what I wake up to every morning. The best way to start the day.
Wendy Greenhouse
· May 15, 2016
Grateful for a little opera to stream on my smartphone, but SLOPPY. Sometimes no titles, music skips, titles and album image don't align, no performer info, no promised playlists on FB, the same stuff... repeats every few hours... It's like no one is listening at the producer end, or no one cares. Seriously, folks, get it right. Sign me Frustrated. See More
Matthieu Conquer
· February 8, 2017
Greatest Opera live stream I've found so far, filled with some of the most exquisite voices on record. If only the singers' names could be specified, that would make it all the more enjoyable for the ! Greetings from Paris, France, from an eager melomaniac student. PRIMA LA MUSICA !! See More
Virginia Wai
· September 29, 2016
I love it. Just vocal music, no interruption. I enjoy guessing the singers and enjoying remembering the composers, the operas and which act. One day I may even try to guess the conductors and orchestras
Matěj Andrle
· November 9, 2017
You must love it...
Aleta G Estreicher
· April 19, 2015
Love it. Thrilled to have a 24-hour opera station. Only one "but"-- I would appreciate inclusion of more complete scenes, acts and full-length operas in the mix! Nevertheless, this is a wonderful a...ddition for your listeners. Bravo! See More
Salvatore Corleone Ramírez
· November 26, 2015
Awsome, maybe, the best site for Opera lovers on the whole web. And 24/7...
Pavlova Popov
· November 2, 2016
Une excellente radio, bon confort d'écoute, des programmes variés que du plaisir...

Fred Plotkin visits Sarasota, Fla., and reports on its rich culture and opera music scene.

What Sarasota offers more than any city in Florida ... is an intense devotion to the arts, especially the performing arts.

The Last Night of the BBC Proms took a curiously racy direction this past Saturday night when, after singing arias by Puccini and Lehár, tenor Jonas Kaufmann was rewarded from Royal Albert Hall fans with at least two pairs of lacy women's underwear and one of boxer shorts.

From the sublime to the truly ridiculous, here are three moments that had classical music and opera fans talking this weekend.

Today at noon, the Operavore stream will celebrate today's 150th anniversary of Wagner’s "Tristan und Isolde" premiere with an uninterrupted stream of the classic 1966 recording performed by the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of Karl Böhm, with Wolfgang Windgassen as Tristan and Birgit Nilsson as Isolde.

Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde premiered 150 years ago Wednesday in Munich.

A wealthy donor had left New York City Opera a multi-million dollar bequest in his will, just weeks before the company declared bankruptcy. On Tuesday it emerged that the executors of his estate have recently come forward with an effort to deliver the money — and potentially revive the defunct opera company.

The executors of a late City Opera benefactor's estate have come forward to deliver a bequest included in his will.

Stephanie Blythe began a recent recital with a startling announcement: there would be no printed texts or translations.

Audiences who read with their heads down and their noses in the texts “don’t actually hear the recital. They don’t take part in it.”

Despite financial woes and the lingering effects of labor strife, there was a great deal to admire musically at the Met Opera this past season, writes Fred Plotkin.

There were many problems, but it could have been a lot worse.

Happy Monday!

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Classic FM

Everyone wants to go to the Metropolitan Opera...

“It’s strictly volunteer, so you really have to enjoy it,” Dr. Cho said. And she does: “I always say a bad day at the Met is better than a spectacular day anywhere else.”

Several physicians act as the Metropolitan Opera’s doctor on call, each serving once a week in exchange for a free night at the opera and the chance to spend time near singers they admire.

Classical music's spring awards season is underway with last week's Pulitzer Prize announcement and now, two sets of accolades from the world of opera.

Sunday brought the announcement of winners of the International Opera Awards 2015.

The best moments in this mixed bag of a play are the inside-y opera ones, writes Operavore critic David Patrick Stearns.

You might also assume that the Metropolitan Opera's most famous soprano is in a musical. Nope.

To Ms. Hassel, 69, an operatic soprano from Queens, the bridge is not simply an artery between that borough and Manhattan, but an ideal voice studio.

For Sue Hassel, 69, an operatic soprano, the daily commute includes a slow walk over the Queensboro Bridge while singing arias.

Soprano Renée Fleming — who has worked in the worlds of opera, indie rock and even sang at a Super Bowl — is opening next week on Broadway. She spoke with WQXR mid-day host Elliott Forrest backstage.

Today’s assignment: go backstage and record an interview with soprano Renée Fleming, making her Broadway debut in "Living on Love."

Chicago Tribune chief theater critic Chris Jones says that nothing lights up his e-mail inbox like an opera company staging a Broadway musical using full amplification.

"It's full of disgruntled patrons," he said. "You get the natural hall acoustics working – and then you get a miked performer."

There is a fair amount of screaming in opera, most of it written or implied in the music. But lately Fred Plotkin has heard two very unwelcome screams at The Metropolitan Opera.

One afternoon I heard blood-curdling screams, one after the next. Such sounds did not resemble anything from an opera I knew.

Watch the archived video webcast from The Greene Space of an event featuring arias and scenes from The Metropolitan Opera's spring season. Plus, download two of the pieces recorded live.

Arias and scenes from the Metropolitan Opera's spring season.

British composer Tansy Davies memorializes the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in her first Opera, "Between Worlds."
Is the world ready for a 9/11 opera?

Davies collaborates with librettist Nick Drake and director Deborah Warner for the highly touted opera, which premieres this week.