2018 - Training event at Finch Field and also a full on 24 hour milsim at the 500 acre AO?!

We're back, and it's time to focus on getting some pew time in. Two events have been posted for the year so far, and more are on the way.

Operation Torchbearer is a full on, immersive 24 hour experience on a massive sprawling AO. One of the largest available in Canada - you have hundreds of acres and some winding trails that can be go on for miles. Operation Torchbearer takes place on... May 5-6, 2018 near Fenelon Falls, Ontario.

Earlier, and less intense, is a Patrol Exercise - Armed and Dangerous is a half training event, half traditional Airsoft game meant to imitate a police response to a heavily armed fanatic group who has run off into the forest. Patrol Exercises allow you to spend some time in the field, working with friends or other players to focus on honing some of the finer skills necessary for longer form games. With a forest occupied by aggressive cultists, and with permanent death a possibility, it should make for an interesting day time event.

Both events can be found on Airsoft Canada

24hr Milsim - Operation Torchbearer

PatrolEx - Armed and Dangerous

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Last few days to register for OP VIKING STORM

NORSEC forces are recruiting ex Military members, and able bodied Canadians to serve as militiamen. American forces are pressing into the region of Kawartha Lakes, and it is the last chance to take in new recruits before they arrive.

Requirements to join the Northern Security Militia Forces...
-18 years of age
-Canadian Forces Camo, or any Camoflage Pattern, or Civilian Clothing
-Any serviceable weapon of any style is permitted
-Deploying into the AO late Friday evening // Americans expected to begin dropping into the area at approximately midnight.
-A personal drive to defend Canada with your life, combating both enemy personnel and the weather.

OP Viking Storm begins Friday night and ends on Sunday. The event takes place at a massive facility consisting of over 500 acres of playable space. Various trails and paths throughout the property already exist and the available terrain changes with the season (Areas flooded in the spring are now bone dry)

If you are looking for a challenge to end the season, this is it. October 13-15, 2017.

Registration closes Friday at 1159 PM.

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NORSEC Forces are still recruiting in order to bolster their numbers to fend off the coming invasion. Expecting the Americans to drop in any day now, NORSEC is recruiting any able bodied militiamen or former CF members to make a last stand in the Kawartha Lakes Region

-Deploy into the AO Friday night - game officially starts late Friday evening
-Mission runs until Sunday morning or until a team is entirely wiped out
-Heavy focus on the mission - it is possible to fail and the game end early
-Traverse a massive 500+ Acre AO with tons of woodland, trails and changing terrain

NORSEC Recruitment requirements are almost any camo (no multicam) and any weapon type, so any player is able to join and get involved.

If you have what it takes and want the ultimate challenge for October, head on over to Airsoft Canada and sign up.

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OPR8 added an event.

OP Viking Storm registrations are still under way - Canadian Militia Forces(NORSEC) are still recruiting to defend their home in true north. Defend your home across a massive 500+ acre AO and experience a game where your actions can make or break the game entirely.

What do you need to get involved? NORSEC Registration is actually simple, and uniforming requirements are the loosest in the game. You can have either:

1) A Canadian Forces military kit, using CADPAT and a CF Iss...ued Weapon
2) A militia style loadout, using any non-American camo, or civilian clothes - any weapon is permitted!

NORSEC is the best team to register for as a newer player - Civilian style clothing that is appropriate for October is a dime a dozen and it is very, very easy to make sure you are prepared to make it the full 9 yards.

Viking Storm begins late Friday evening and can run as late as Sunday mid day. All objectives are in play and influenced solely by player outcome. OP Viking Storm is an immersion heavy event with primary focus on small troop movements, reconnasiance and proper planning. Registration can be done on the Airsoft Canada forums or via email at

To get the full details now just head over to

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Oct 13, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017Fenelon Falls, ON, Canada
25 people interested

OP Viking Storm registrations are still kickin!

Wayfarer forces have been capped at this time. Northern Security (NORSEC) are still open for registration. Whats needed to run on the Canadian Side? CADPAT, or pretty much any other camo pattern!

If you are looking for a real challenge - Friday night deployment to the end of the event on Sunday, hundreds and hundreds of acre of property to traverse, and a player base comprising some of the best of what Canadian Airsoft has to o...ffer? Sign up for the storm.

OP: Viking Storm takes place in Southern Ontario from October 13 to 15, 2017. Head over to Airsoft Canada for full details!

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Good things come to those who wait - and the good things in this case are some are pretty sweet photographs.


Kyle Gowing added 70 new photos from March 2017 to the album: FOREST NO NODS II — at Finch Field - Airsoft.
March 2017

Who's that stumblin around in the dark?!

DEFEND CANADA - Early Bird Registration is Closing!

US Forces are dropping into Kawartha Lakes, Ontario area in October. Civilian forces are gathering to repel and delay any movements made into the region. Event is a 3 day event starting late Friday night, running until Sunday.

Early registration ends shortly. If you are interested in signing up for this game, contact us immediately to get locked in at the early registration price!


OPERATION VIKING STORM takes place on October 13 through 15. Full details can be found on the Airsoft Canada forums. More updates to drop over the coming weeks!

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_Up to 40 Hour MILSIM
Oct 13-15, 2017



//Task Force Wayfarer Update
Callsign Helljumper02 has assumed command of US Invasion Force into Kawartha Lakes Region
Determined to end NORSEC occupation in the area, US Forces has tasked Helljumper02 of leading the charge into rooting out insurgent presence in the region of Kawartha Lakes. Under his guidance all logistical and command aspects of Operation Viking Storm will operate with extreme precision.
Wayfarer Forces will begin operations in October.


Operation Viking Storm is a 3 day Airsoft Event taking place in Southern Ontario. Operations begin late Friday night and carry on until Sunday morning. All participants will be expected to live in the field for the duration of the event.

Want to know more about VIKING STORM? Visit the Airsoft Canada Link Below

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Get ready to drop!

w/ NO NODS finishing up next weekend, it's time to look further into the year. OP VIKING STORM is closing off the season. With a late Friday night drop and a game that runs until Sunday, it will require a lot to stay in the game, to say nothing of completing the mission.

If you have what it takes to drop into a massive AO, check out the Airsoft Canada Thread for more details.

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//Operation Viking Storm
_up to 40 hour event
_500+ Acre AO
_October 13-15, 2017


/_What is Operation Viking Storm?

Operation Viking Storm is an event that is meant to test most - if not every - skill necessary to succeed in a "Milsim" event. Proper planning, team work, logistical awareness, map reading, field nav, rest cycles / management and other elements are all things that will contribute to your success or failure.

Operation Viking Storm is an "up to 40 hour" event. The successes and failures are lie entirely on the players shoulders. There are hard victory and loss conditions. While it is unlikely these will be met, if you simply fail to work together and let the enemy steamroll you on every possible objective... That is it, game over. There are no extensions, no extra guidelines. You will be given your mission, and the tools needed to stay in the game.


/_When does Operation Viking Storm begin?

Operation Viking Storm begins late Friday night. Check in will occur at the gate on Friday, and all members, after signing their waivers, will be considered "In play" from the time they arrive on the property. It is estimated the game will start (read: main invasion force) in or around midnight - giving plenty of time for people to make the commute after work, or get some rest before the drop. These are not solid times and will be dictated exclusively by the teams involved.

There will be no Saturday admissions.


More details can be found over at Airsoft Canada

Facebook event page to follow shortly

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Tired of dudes like this showing up and ruining your night time vibes? Well come to NO NODS, an event where you'll still get shot in the dark and might not know where it came from.

24 hour event running in early August at one of the best outdoor venues in Ontario. Price bumps up after Monday so this is your last chance to save money!


Check out the OPR8 page, or head on over to Airsoft Canada to get the full scoop

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I'm getting a few panicked messages because Interact E Transfer is down and some people trying to send their transfers. Because of this, we're gonna push back the deadline to 2359 Hrs, July 3rd, 2017 and sometime before then it'll all be cleared up. Assuming it's fixed even tonight, you'll have all long weekend to get it in. If there is still an issue come Monday, I'll advise again.

I appreciate the messages since it shows I can count on you guys to keep your words. Makes me glad you are all coming out to this game.

Enjoy the weekend and happy Canada Day!

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OPR8 added an event.

////What is OP NO NODS?
The NO NODS series was started because of the reality of Airsoft - Night time gameplay has changed. The spread of Night Vision in Airsoft has drastically changed the dynamics of playing the game during the darker hours. This is not a statement on it being better or worse, and OP NO NODS is not a giant "fuck you" to those who use NVG's. OP NO NODS is simply an event where we can do a type of Airsoft that isn't possible anymore.

/////Is NO NODS right f...

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So what is happening down here in Ontario? Dank shit.

A lot of our stuff gets posted up on this page, and it's obvious why... It's our page. But other stuff happens in Ontario and the year is far from over. If you want to play Airsoft you have no excuses not to.

Tactical Airsoft Gaming just posted up OP Risk 2 for later this summer. It's literally the board game Risk mixed with Airsoft. Capture stuff, control the board, win the game. Good times were had last year, good thing...s were said, and "fun" happened. What else do you need?

BattleSim Productions is running Art of War 3. They got some stuff posted, it's a Milsim. 120 acres of fresh Airsoft that will be played on once, and one time only. If you want a FRESH perspective where nobody knows the venue, nobody has "the egde" or... well you just want someplace new to play Airsoft... Take advantage of this opportunity.

Blackline Simulations is running some freaky shit from time to time. It's high level immersion that starts to go beyond what anyone thinks when they hear "Airsoft" - It's not for everybody, and it's probably not even for most people - but if you want the most meticulously planned, mission oriented event... This may scratch an itch that, honestly, isn't even offered anywhere else on the planet.

And OPR8? Well we're running NO NODS, running a Skirmsim soon, a few day games... And we have a few tricks up the sleeve for the end of the year. We're about variety - not one game. If you don't like one thing, you might like another. So just keep looking.

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Registration is now OPEN for Operation Forest No Nods 2.

Head on over to Airsoft Canada for the deets. Facebook event to follow!

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If you got nothing going on tonight, you do now. Get Heistin'

Fri 8:15 PM EDTToronto Tactical Action Close Combat CollegeToronto, ON, Canada
13 people interested


Teaser SOON

August 5-6, 2017


24 Hours of "Can't See Shit, Captain" coming your way at Finch Field

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