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Devin Murphy
· December 22, 2017
15+ year customer lost due to lack customer service. I will start at the beginning of it all. I was looking for a car loan submitted it via their web site as requested. It told me that it would be 48 ...hours until I hear an answer. 3 days goes by and nothing, no call, no email no communication. I call them and ask the its the case of we are really swamped. I explained that I understood and wait a day as requested. I was told that my app was in the next batch and that I would hear something soon. The weekend hits and I call Monday to see the progress, I was told that my app was in the lenders hands and that it would be another few days. I call another bank and had a loan within minutes.

Second strike, I travel for business and I was currently in Montana doing business when my business account debit card was deactivated in late October. I called in on the 20th of September. I called to see if I could find the reason. I had to leave a massage and would be called within 24 hours. I was on a business trip so the urgency was quite real. I called back and spoke to a gal that was already busy with other tasks and had to answer the phone. I explained that I was not close to a branch and that I needed some help. She started to explained that Visa was the one who put a halt on my card and there was nothing she could do. I asked if my wife who is on my account could pick up a new card. Her statement to me was NO you need to come in a select a pin. Mind you they sent me mail to an address I had to fix 4 time and they deactivated my card prior because of the incorrect address.

After pleading with her trying to find a solution her final and fairly insulting statement was, Just use your personal checking and come in Friday and take care of the card issue. There is nothing I can do.

The third and final blow, I paid a credit card off to the tune of 950 dollars and the payment was posted late to my account. Thinking that my account was at a zero balance I have not checked my balance. I get a call about needing a payment of $11.94 on that account because its past due. Confused I started to question the reasons. Well, OSU charged me a $5.99 late charge and then let me accrue interest. When talking to the agent that had to put me on hold for 15 minutes to ask a manager about taking the interest and refunding me the 5.99 fee. The stake in the heart was the interest for the account was added because the gal didn't see the payment just added the interest for the account as well. But as I am told OSU will not help because there is nothing they can do. Not help a customer of 15 years plus.
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Tim Lykins
· March 6, 2018
Reported my CC with $0 on it as delinquent to the Credit Bureaus.
Charged (and removed) a $0.35 delinquency fee to my CC multiple times in January. I just found out about it when it hit my credit scor...e.
Never received a bill, online showed $0 balance for the entire year.

I already closed an account last fall due to some troublesome CC billing practices.
If this wasn't my oldest account it would be entirely closed. I would never bank here again.
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Jerry Thompson
· February 20, 2018
Moved over from unpaid bank hoping for better service, I should not have to wait a week for a check to clear because you do not process your own ATM transactions. Now I have to tell my customer that I... can not start their job this weekend because I won't have funds until next Monday. Time to find a bank that does not outsource their ATM transactions.

Edit: they just stepped up and made it right, for that I have changed my rating. From now on I will know not to use the ATM,
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Shelley Merrill
· April 13, 2018
Nathan, Stefanie, Abby, Kori, Megan, and Alyssa are sooooooo sweeeeeet!!! They're fabulous!!! They went above and beyond the call of duty!!! They are a financial family to me and I love them dearly!! ...So professional and helpful! They made everything so easy for me!! They are fantastic!! See More
Char Trahan
· March 29, 2018
We left the "big banks" because of the poor service, extra charges and just general lack of interest in their customers and moved to Oregon State CU. We have had nothing buy excellent service. Just an auto loan in less than 24 hours on line and couldn't be happier. Won't go anywhere else. Oh, and we know everyone in our branch and they know us! See More
Jeff J. Johnson
· February 10, 2018
Been trying to access their online banking for two weeks now. Denied access to the account each time. When I call and ask I am told "Site Maintenance" Either its a poorly designed site or they need... a new excuse. Seems like they could get the online feature working, Umpqua bank has no problem maybe you should take to them about online banking. See More
Jacob McIntire
· December 7, 2017
Totally unsatisfied with OSCU service!!! Mailed a money order in August and they “mis-credited” the payment. They refused to look into it until we had proof from western union that OSCU cashed the Here we are in December continuing to make on time payments and I receive a notice that my credit score had dropped because of a “late payment” from August...... They credited my payment to some else’s account then in turn dropped my credit because of their error. I called over and over in the last few months and couldn’t get anyone to return a phone call. Save yourself the trouble and look for another lender if you’re looking for financing. See More
Sharmila Prasad
· October 11, 2017
Horrible customer service hold times. Call center needs to hire more people!

So I'm updating this post because OSU Credit Union bent over backwards to help me sort this all out! They definitely went ...above and beyond! Thank you for the quick catch and correct type response. See More
Skyia Holmes
· September 8, 2017
My computer saves all my passwords so i dont have to remember. I have to be able to get on to my online banking for bills and also to know my pay check and for some reason every single time i log in i...t tells me i have the wrong pass word no matter on if i just change it or not. Plus ALL my pass words are the same. Changing banks today due to poor online banking! You guys SUCK See More
Samara Elizabeth
· April 2, 2018
Charging somebody $30.00 because their debit card declined is criminal! It’s robbery. It takes somebody who works minimum wage after paying taxes 5 hours to earn that. You guys didn’t cover my purchas...e but instead declined my card and charged me 30 dollars. I plan on smearing this bank all over the internet since you jerks STOLE from me! See More
Mick Reed
· December 4, 2017
With the CU for 17 years now. Leaving. WAY too many issues with their computers going down. Is this even possible in 2017? No online access, and even the phone system cannot tell me my balance. Debit ...card DECLINED. For THREE DAYS? Don't waste your time. See More
Frank Benz
· December 11, 2017
Oregon State Credit Union has helped me on my financial journey and I am happy to be part of the banking family. Thanks.
Simoneti Costa- Masterson
· October 6, 2017
I was very frustrated this afternoon and ended up writing a bad post because I couldn't understand policies regarding daily withdraw. I received a phone call from Mr. Peter Walker and he explained to exactly what was happening. I'm thankful for his help and at same time I truly apologize for my note. My bad. See More
Lisa Gee
· July 7, 2017
I have been overall really happy with my OSCU accounts for the last 2.5 years. One time I called them crying because someone had stolen my debit info and drained my checking account, and they got the ...funds back to me extremely fast, within a day if I remember correctly. The ladies at the Newport branch were always super friendly when I lived near there and went in. However, since I moved 1.5 years ago and my financial situation has changed it's no longer convenient for me to use this bank. The cash advance limit is extremely inconvenient for my needs, and there is a wider range of credit unions in my new location with much more competitive APYs on checkings and savings accounts. I will miss OSCU but would still highly recommend them to anyone who is convenient to any of their locations. See More
Scott Jarmer
· December 2, 2017
That drive up in Corvallis on Saturdays is a nightmare. 20 to 30 minutes wait.... Plus the no hat policy... What gives? I hate showing my balding head...
Lei Train
· September 19, 2016
I have had an account for over 10 years with Oregon State, and the past couple years the Albany branch has gotten horrible. The bank manager is awful, she treats you like some sort of criminal when yo...u have a money order from a family member in Canada, (birthday present), and has treated other people I know horribly. I will be switching my accounts, as well as my 3 children's accounts to another credit union. Oregon state, some advice, don't discriminate against people who have tattoos, colors in their hair, piercings on their face, people who look different than your tellers/managers. That's modern american mainstream, and you will start losing a lot of customers and respect. See More
Laurel Finke
· May 11, 2017
Now that identity theft is becoming more common, thanks to the cu for catching a fraudulent charge on my VISA debit card before it went through! It saved me a lot of grief!! The employees at the cr...edit union have been very helpful in working out any problems I have had. The finance works, although somewhat difficult to first figure out, is great for keeping your finances in order, too. See More
Amber Lee Fisher Elton
· February 15, 2016
The Credit unions may be fine when you go to the actual Banks but they have some of the worst customer service on the phone. I have to wait at least 15 minutes to actually talk to a human being... Wha...t is going on with that :( I now live out of state and am very unhappy that I decided to do any banking with them. Also there Online system is terrible. It is not simple to use and If I want to pay off my credit card from another bank account not associated with Oregon State then I can't figure it out. Because of their online banking and poor customer service I give them a 1 star. Very disappointed! See More
Beldirnik Wolf
· August 23, 2017
I have been to every branch and feel that they are very informative and helpful. My wife had her purse stolen and their after hour call service was very fast and made sure the card was deactivated then. I am pleased to be a member. See More
D'Arcy Evans
· May 5, 2017
What a great group of people! Every time I have had to call about a problem with my account (no fault of the credit union), they have been polite, understanding, and have gone out of their way to help... me. Very, very happy with my Credit Union! See More
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