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Dallas Gets Freezing Rain Tonight

Tonight, I see this on Weather after believing that we would possibly get snow: To be perfectly honest, I complain so often about weather. I loathe the cold weather. Period. Regardless if it’s snowing or not. However, I would … Continue…

Why a Media Course is Necessary

My final post touches a little bit into advertising but more so about why taking a media course is necessary to take in college or any other setting. Since technology was introduced, we have made so much use of it. We thought it was the greatest thing… [ 394 more words. ]

Is Music an Art?

This is not a very common question, however I have seen some people ask this kind of question. It is somewhat similar to asking if video games are an art form. As I’ve said in my previous post about business logos, if the accused…

Digital or Modern Art?

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Bad Art and Content

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Is Graphic Design Art?

We see plenty of logos and designs that usually serve a purpose. If it’s for any business, they help attract customers and sometimes even briefly describe what the business does. Most are very recognizable, such as the McDonalds’ arches and… [ 259 more words. ]

2D or 3D Animation?

At Other World Media we have a longstanding appreciation of all kinds of creative media, especially animation. For a century, the hand drawn cel animation was king, but over the past decade this more traditional method seems to be rapidly being… [ 584 more words. ]

Identifying Nodes and Supernodes

Identifying Nodes and Supernodes To be honest, identifying nodes and super-nodes are quite difficult to understand. However, I will try my best to accomplish this feat. Physical nodes in the context of networking is the act of sending, receiving, and… [ 98 more words. ]

Branding with Wiki

For today’s exercise, I have looked up an article through Wikipedia about graphic designers. I decided to briefly expand the article to many Wiki users and talk about the process of branding. The origin of the name, what it was … Continue…

Prejudice in Media Design

Most Americans know that prejudice is limited but still very visible in today’s society and in the 20th century it was even more visible. Women’s rights activists fought for their rights as early as the 19th century, and civil rights ……

How to Create Designs in Illustrator

Why Adobe is Great for Design

~description coming soon~

Origin and Services Provided

Origin and Services Provided ~description coming soon~

Why Flickr is a Good Medium for Artists

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New American Airlines Logo: Is It Better?

New American Airlines Logo: Is It Better? In the year 1968, American Airlines created the most iconic logo design they ever implemented. Every time you would walk around the crowded airports with anticipated tourists, you will find yourself recognizing…