Increasing #EHR use of problem lists among clinicians can save money -

Healthcare organizations, policymakers, and health IT developers can take steps to increase clinician EHR use of problem lists for improved health outcomes and clinical efficiency, according to researchers from the University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics and Intermountain Healthcare....

#RCM tip of the day: Automate CAQH re-attestation processes

Technology advances can help hospitals and health systems expedite the time they spend managing Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare re-attestation to credential providers, says Patrick Doyle, senior vice president at Newport Credentialing Solutions.

Could Goal-Directed #EHR Functionality Optimize Health Outcomes?

Goal-oriented EHR functionality may better support optimized patient health outcomes.

#RCM tip: Approach ambulatory and outpatient visits with a different CDI lens ...

Healthcare organizations should look at outpatient and ambulatory clinical documentation improvement with specific attention on achieving proper reimbursement, according to Mark Hendricks, vice president of product management at nThrive.

Women in medicine shout #Metoo about sexual harassment at work...

Annette Katz didn't expect to be part of a major social movement. She didn't set out to take on a major health organization. But that all began to change when a co-worker saw her fighting back tears and joined Katz to report to her union what amounted to a criminal sexual offense at a Cleveland Vete...

Spring Awakens: 12 Steps to Maintaining Your Practice

Daylight Saving Time is good time to check on things at the office, such as batteries and old equipment that need replacing. 1

5 things to know about HHS' stalled cybersecurity center

The Healthcare Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, an initiative HHS first announced in mid-2017, has been stalled since at least November

#RCM tip: Data should be actionable...

By using data as an actionable resource, rather than a reactive one, hospital and health system staff can help identify areas for revenue cycle management improvement, according to Tara Dwyer, vice president of audit operations at Xsolis.

Let an #EHR Better Serve Your Litigation Defense -

Although EHRs weren’t originally designed with litigation in mind, it’s good to know how you can make them more usable as testimony in your defense.

#RCM tip: Use an automated solution to tackle claim denials -

As healthcare organizations continue to struggle with claim denials, an automated solution can help limit the issue, according to Kevin Lathrop, president of TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant company. Mr. Lathrop shared the following tip with Becker’s Hospital Review. “One way to keep den...

93 Percent of Hospitals Allow Online Patient Access to EHRs

An AHA survey found patient access to EHRs is increasing across hospitals and health systems.

Strategies to Enhance a Practice’s Revenue Cycle Management

Every penny matters in health care, so be sure physicians and staff have a grasp on how that money flows through the practice. 1

Reducing #Clinician #Burnout in Five #EHR Related Areas ...

The EHR is the cause for many physicians to be burned out — but this doesn't have to be the case. 1

Security Risks with PHI Transmitted by Messaging and Call Centers...

By Matt Ferrari - Now on demand my CTO Talk episode with Callidus Health co-founders Dr. Ganesh Elangovan and Gerrit Adams. who created a cloud-based clinic communication solution that is speeding medical care to patients in need, while securing their PHI in the process.

Happy International Women's Day!

Medical Practices Must be Proactive with Cyber-security ...

Healthcare data is a huge target for hackers. If a practice is reactionary, all of their hard work could be at risk. 1