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Lynn Harsh
· June 15, 2017
Steve puts on a great class. He is an outstanding instructor. Lot of one on one instruction and class size is small. He taught a lot of good skills and was spot on with his corrections and advise. Wil...l take another class with him. Highly recommend to friends and family. See More
Ty Miller
· June 15, 2017
Lots of useful information covered. This is a great place to diagnose and hone your pistol skills. I plan to take another course in the future.
Zackery McDonald
· May 31, 2017
Great class for those looking to better their skills!
Owl's Roost LLC shared their event.
17 hrs

Just wanted to remind all the ladies about the class coming up next weekend!
Going to be a great time, hope to see everyone there.😃

Sat 10:00 AM ESTOwl's Roost LLCLinn, WV
14 people interested
Sun 9:00 AM EDTOwl's Roost LLCLinn, WV
12 people interested

Practical Pistol Fundamental Course will cover basic operation & systematic use of a handgun for competition, duty, and defensive purpose.

Course Curriculum:
-Marksmanship Fundamentals
-Target Transitions
-Multiple shots on Target
-Body Position (entering & exiting positions)
& more!

Gear Requirements:
-Eye & Ear Protection
-500 rounds of ammunition
-Handgun (can be rented or shared)
-3 magazines
-Holster & Magazine Pouch (can be rented or borrowed)

$150 course fee per person.

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Sun 9:00 AM EDTOwl's Roost LLCLinn, WV
12 people interested

Women’s Concealed Carry Class!

Hi Ladies!
Have you been wanting to protect yourself or family in a more confident way but maybe lacked the training??


Here is your opportunity to be trained by an 15+ year NRA Instructor with 20 years of concealed carry experience!
Steve Moneypenny is a USPSA Grand Master and IDPA Master shooter!

Class will be held at Owl’s Roost LLC in Linn, WV early March (official date to be announced).
You are encouraged to bring the gun you plan on carrying but if you haven’t made your decision yet loaner guns WILL be available!
Shooting will be required for this class, duration approximately 4 hours.
Beyond the core materials classes will cater to the needs of the student.
Lunch and refreshments will be offered for a small fee.

NOTE!! This class is much more than your average concealed carry class required for your concealed carry permits! (Although your permits can be acquired after completing this class)
Steve goes in-depth with weapon manipulation and techniques to help women walk away at the end of the day with more confidence with their firearms.

Gear requirements:
Eye and Ear protection (muffs, plugs, or custom ear protection)
Weather-appropriate Clothing (be prepared for WV bipolar weather! Lol)
Carry pistol (loaners will be available)and corresponding holster.
50 rounds of ammo.

$50 fee per person ($20 non-refundable deposit to ensure your spot)
All deposits can be made to PayPal account
Or check by mail.

Contact Myriah Baird Miller for more info!!

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Sat 10:00 AM ESTOwl's Roost LLCLinn, WV
14 people interested
Caliber..........................................................................................................30 Cal. Overall Length..............................................................................................7.825" Diameter........

Stage Idea for next year! ... should save on reset time

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Posted by Brian Vaught
Brian Vaught

I decided to try for most boring 3-gun video clip of all time...Enjoy! ..Stage 5 HaH “your squad sucks at resetting” ...BTW this is the only part of this match anyone could possibly ever consider boring...

Seeing cool things like this makes me want to run a match like that lol tons of fun!

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Posted by John McClain
John McClain

Well the @rifledynamics Red Oktober match is exactly what I was wanting...FUN!!! Here is one of the longer stages movement wise that went pretty well. My rifle doing what it always has and work and work and it's even doing double time with @noskillsnils shooting it too!!! Thanks to @fullerak @fullerak74 and all the Rifle Dynamics crew for all the amazing work they do building kick @$$ AK's and @chogunassassin also for helping me build this work horse what...6 years ago? LoL #StabbyStabby #RunRunAsFastAsYouCan #YouCantCatchMe #ImTheGingerBreadMan #WithYellowIcing #CauseImAsian

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Monster match will be 300 rounds minimum so bring extra we will be debuting a whole new shooting area with more challenging carbine steel. targets out to 100 yards. Along with New Steel Targets from Bluegrass Targets!

All divisions with 3 or more shooters in it will be awarded, there will also be a BEST COSTUME. to be voted by the competitors. costume should be worn throughout the match, but not interfeer with safety.

Match fee is $30 Lunch Wi...ll Be available! Snacks and treats will Also be available! Pay at the door But pre-register via Practiscore…/register

Bluegrass Targets will be on site with targets, Ordering In advance is reccomended. It can save drastically on shipping!

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Sat 9:00 AM EDTOwl's Roost LLCLinn, WV
15 people went

P ractical Pistol Fundamentals course, will cover basic operation and systematic use of a handgun for competition/duty/defensive purposes.

Topics Taught will be.
Marksmanship fundamentals
Target Transitions
Multiple shots on target
Body Position
entering and exiting positions
& More

Students will need
Eye and Ear protection
500 Rounds of Ammunition
Handgun ( Can be rented or shared)
3 Magazines
Holster & Magazine pouches. ( can be rented or borrowed also)

$150 fee for course.

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Part 2 of Practical Pistol Fundamentals class.

Topics will include,
Position Shooting, Shooting on the move, Increased economy of Motion, Shooting Faster and more Efficiently


Cost $80 Or $150 at the first class . Previous student pricing available. Family Discounts available.

Students will need
300 Rounds of ammunition.
Pistol, Holster, Magazine pouches or prior arrangemtns to borrow
Eye & Ear Protection

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Practical Pistol Fundmentals Part 1 is the first half of a full 1 day class. Topics covered will be.

Basic Marksmanship
Stance, Grip, Sight Aligment, Trigger Control, follow through.
Manipulation Skills...
Draw, Reload, multiple shots on target, Target Transitions
Forward, Backward, Sideways

Practice drills, speed expectation and consistancy will also be covered

the second half of the class will take place August 27th

You will need
Eye and Ear protection
Sun Screen,
Water, and snacks
Pistol Holster, magazine pouch ( or arrangements to borrow prior to class)
250 Rounds of ammo per class minimum.

About the instructor
Steve Moneypenny is a USPSA Grand Master and 3 Gun Nation Pro with over 15 years of experience in competitive shooting, his training includes, Ken Hackathorn, Rob Haught, Ernest Langdon, Max Michelle, Travis Tomassie and many other shooters/instructors.

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Soo to my friends, family students and acquaintances who are wondering about the P320 Crap your hearing. ... I'll be beating the shit out of this gun some more, and a few others.

Stock gun, nothing done.

Sometimes Things are that simple.

We are going to try practiscore registration this time…/register

The info is there, and if there are any problems please let me know!

6 stage Match with 3, 3 gun nation classifier, One Woods-Walk stage and 1 Steel Challenge stage.

Add yourself to the "going" on the event please, and comment with your division, and if you have one 3 Gun nation member number and I will get pre registration started, we will be running practiscore.

Cost is $30 on the day of the event.