I know first-hand what a labor of love a p.l.s. business is; and I also know first-hand the happiness and relief our events can provide for moms in our own communities. I’m so glad to share with you this small business opportunity.

Being a peace. love. swap. Ind. LSO is simple; we provide organized events for local families to come swap out their outgrown and no-longer-needed maternity, infant, children, and teen clothing, shoes, furniture, toys, books and accessories for new...-to-you items that are needed. We secure a venue, gather volunteers, provide the racks, tables, tags and signage – and many Ind. LSO’s hold vendor events for the moms to enjoy while the children play and while the volunteers are setting up. Our seasonal swaps have a reputation of being enjoyable quality events and something the community really looks forward to.

Let’s be realistic … peace. love. swap. is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. There is no pyramid, no payments up and down a line, no managers or supervisors; we are a group of like-minded women working together to accomplish the same goals. I understand personally that this business is basically a “volunteer with perks” position! It is my goal that this business be lucrative enough for it to be self-supportive (no revolving debt for you) and provide you with access to the swappable items you need for your own household for free. Imagine removing your clothing and toy budgets for the children in your home – would that help your household income a bit? It certainly helps mine!

Our business costs are low to reflect this understanding. The $100 commitment fee starts your business and provides you with the documents you need to get moving. The $120 annual fee covers 1 year of website hosting as well as constant contact with our entire group of Ind. LSO’s to bounce ideas off of, ask advice of, and receive encouragement from. Your annual fee is due within 3 months of your initial commitment; giving you time to hold an event and raise the money if you wish; starting your business debt-free! After your annual fee is paid, all income made from registration and vendor fees at your events are YOURS. peace. love. swap. does not collect any fees based on your event income. You have a protected territory and a network of moms just like you that do not compete with one another for business, but instead work together in supporting each other’s local events. After a year you may choose to renew your licensee agreement and territory and add additional territories if you wish.

If you have a heart for your community moms, if you have a talent for event planning, if you enjoy being an advocate for children in need, if you like organizing fundraisers and giving to local charities – a peace. love. swap. business may be right up your alley!

For more information please send of us message TODAY!!

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Merry Christmas from our family to you and yours. Have a great day!

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