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Already noticed? #pConplanner 7.7 has gained a lot in terms of import / export. For example, the import of models from the #3D Warehouse of #SketchUp TM has been significantly improved.
The picture shows the comparison between the current version of the #roomplanner (right) and the previous version (left).

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Why do office chairs have rolls? Therefore!

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How did you plan the inner wall surface on the sides of a window opening? Not at all? That changes now!

Discover the new functions for setting jambs for rooflights in pCon.planner!

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Download the new pCon.planner now: With pCon.planner 7.7 you can now plan jambs for rooflights. In this video you will see...

As the largest specialist trade association for medical technology in Germany, Co-med is at the forefront of sales. They rely on the virtual experience of spatial planning with the pCon.planner as well as apps from pCon when it comes to sales.

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A user was asking how to remove resp. hide the 2D layer of a staircase. Do you know? If not, the video'll give you the answer!

Learn more about working with (own) layers in #pConplanner in our Help-Center >>

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You did not open our last blog post? Then you missed this video.
Working with #stairs in #pConplanner brings more individuality in your planning!

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Download the new pCon.planner now: pCon.planner 7.7 makes it much easier for you to draw staircases. You can use the Prope...

For some, stairs are the necessary link between two floors and considered as the epicenter of a design plan. Whether it is free-swinging, wedge-shaped or block-shaped – you can now plan it with pCon.planner 7.7!

Learn more about the new properties of stairs on our blog today: #stairs #newfeatures #pconplanner

With the latest version of pCon.planner, users have more options when planning stairs than before!

Have you checked out the new features of pCon.planner 7.7 yet?
Our student intern Eric had the chance to do so and examined the new design options for windows and doors.

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The new pCon.planner 7.7 has new features in store which make designing your interiors even easier. Today, we are introducing you to the new features for windows and doors.

pCon.planner and training for the sales team at Bedrunka+Hirth. 👍

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Jüngst durften wir mit der Zielsetzung des grafischen unterstützten Beratens im Außendienst, inkl. bebilderter Angebote, die Stärken von und auf Basis der Bedrunka+Hirth OFML-Daten vermitteln. Unter anderem wurde dem Bedrunka+Hirth Vertriebsteam vermittelt, einen 2D Grundriss durch einfaches Fotografieren in der für die Beratung zu nutzen, und die finalen Daten nahtlos für die Weiterverarbeitung in pCon.planner bereitzustellen. 👍

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Recently, we were able to use the objective of the graphical support field in the field Illustrated offers, the strengths of pcon. Box and pcon. Planner based on the @[500104177013415:274:Bedrunka+Hirth] ofml data. Among other things, the @[500104177013415:274:Bedrunka+Hirth] sales team was given a 2 D floor plan by simple shooting in the pcon To use box for consulting, and the final data seamless for further processing in pcon. Provide Planner. 👍

Libor Štolc, long-time pCon.planner user, already discovered some of the new features that were released with this week's program update. Among them: the new sharing feature which allows you to view your 3D models in your browser and share them with your customers.

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Program pCon.planner 7.7 umožňuje přímé sdílení 3D online prezentace projektu do online aplikace Impress. Stačí mít aktivní službu OneDrive. Celý pracovní po...

At the end of last year, we presented a completely new impress.

Now it's time to clean up our servers and say goodbye to the old presentation service: Presentations created with the old version of impress will be available until April 30, 2018. The presentation data in stored in your Dropbox will of course be preserved.

Don't fret. You can still share your panoramas and 3D models - with the new impress!

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pCon.planner updated their cover photo.
April 17

pCon.planner 7.7 is here!
Download the free version now and discover the brand new features:

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pCon.planner is feeling proud.
April 16

The free version of pCon.planner 7.7 is here!
Find out more about the new features on our blog.

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The new version of our 2D/3D room planner is available for Download. Read more about the new functions and download pCon.planner 7.7 for free.

Guess what this guy makes that happy?
#NewVersion of #pConplanner is coming next week. Seriously!
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Danish craftsmanship, natural materials and now on pCon.catalog: ATBO Reolen

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Make your home hygge with shelves from the Danish company ATBO - their 3D models now available for download from pCon.catalog.