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فلم قصير .. يتطرق الى مداهمات لبيوت المواطنين في اوقات اليل و انتهاك حرمة البيوت

A beautiful song for the women of Bahrain. Stay Strong!

ما حال الورد ؟ - أنشودة عن نساء ثورة 14 فبراير في البحرين
الوقفة الاحتجاجية المصرية أمام السفارة السعودية للتضامن مع ثورة البحرين - القاهرة 17 مايو اتحاد ثوار مصر والبحرين

Everyone please share this page with all your friends.. We don't want the revolution to stop.. People are getting kidnapped everyday and nothing is being done by the Human Rights, or whatever organization that says they give a damn about humanity..

• Below is a list of documented cases. However, there are scores of missing people some of whom are seriously injured or might have lost their lives. • The list includes three police men, who according to the Interior Ministry, were affiliated with the government security services and died as a resu

A lot of people are losing their scholarships even though they are outside Bahrain, for no reason of course..

This video shows the sister of Ahmed Farhan who died in the hospital after he got shot by the police.. It's very emotional.. Please download it and show it to your friends..

women crying.wmv

I'm asking all the people that showed their support for our cause, please don't stop it.. The revolution is not over yet, and we still need your help.. Just put in mind that you will be making a difference in a whole country just by making posters and put them on the streets.. Or by sharing this page to someone..

one nation.. one tribe.. one love

Please everyone who supports our fight towards freedom and equality.. Go on this page and sign your name.. Please this isn't some joke, we need everyone to do this..

Amnesty International has documented how in February, security forces in Bahrain used excessive force against peaceful protesters without warning and impeded and assaulted medical staff trying to help the wounded.

a 100 people are missing now.. All of them were arrested by the police, for no reason of course, other than protesting with flowers.. May god be with you all my brothers and sisters.. Victory is soon inshalla.. Just don't give up..

Today people are going in a big march.. A lot of people say it's going to be bloody.. Let's just pray for them to be okay

Let the world hear the message of a little Bahraini girl who just lost her father...

A random guy gets beaten by some thugs at a "secuirty stop" as they call it..