Fox News Interview in Colorado

The criminal shown in this video now holds a license as a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado..... Would you trust him with your information?

The truth about William Asperi!!!

"One cannot stand up to Domestic violence by remaining silent!" Shalisha Hammond

And with that heavy on my heart I provided the following News tip to every local station in Denver:

"Is a background check done on every applicant BEFORE issuing a license to be a Registered Psychotherapist in the State of Colorado? Most would say the answer is yes. A background check is done when applying to fast food chains! But does the State run one when issuing a license to work in the me...ntal health field?

Is a background check required before working in a Doctor's office, handing patient's records and financial information? Again, most would say yes! There should be a standard to follow or procedures to screen those working with your medical and private information.

Would you be alarmed if your therapist was a habitual domestic violence offender? With felony stalking charges and repeated violations of protection orders of female victims. And he has access to all of your information, what meds you take to help sleep and where and who you live with. What public policy protects us from this being reality?

William Anthony Asperi applied and was approved to be a Registered Psychotherapist on October 3, 2014 NLC.0104910 and has been employed with Advanced Neurological Evaluation and Treatment Center in Denver.

You might remember him as the Boulder's Craigslist stalker in 2006 as written in the Daily Camera for his stalking crimes of one female victim. Or from a Fox News piece aired in November 2008 while he was incarcerated, talking with another of his female victims. He recently served time again in a county jail for violating custody orders in 2013. He is a habitual domestic violence offender and Colorado approved his license to work with patients. If his crimes against woman are acceptable, what criminal past might other therapist's have? Is the public being protected from a habitual stalking offender with Criminal impersonation, Assault and Fraud charges?

Was the State and his employer aware of his extensive criminal history OR were they reviewed and decided that his domestic violent crimes are not a safety factor? People have the right to know if the professional they go to for help has a lengthy domestic violence criminal record.

On Friday February 20, 2015 the State Board of Registered Psychotherapists will be addressing William Asperi's Case No. 2014-4302. Did he fully disclose his accurate criminal and mental health background on his application? Did the Board review his criminal history before issuing his licence? Will his license be revoked or does he continue working? The role of the Board is to determine what is necessary for public protection. Hear their findings at the Board Agenda which is open to the public at 1560 Broadway, Suite 1350 Denver, CO 80202. Meeting starts at 9:00am.

Thank you for listening."

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A homeless woman who was raped while sleeping under a bridge last year was so determined to seek justice that she would sometimes walk up to eight miles just to
The number of people with stalkers has doubled in the past three years. Experts say the alarming trend is due partly because of social media, and the constant need to check in, makes it easier for stalkers to keep track of their victims.

Channel 4 is airing their story tonight about stalkers....and I have shared a bit about our 15 year struggle...

Now I understand why he wants another trial so badly.....A newly registered psychotherapist working in a doctor's office, his Master's in psychology, years of behavioral modification research and papers written, lives in a nice neighborhood....despite his troubles he has been able to build himself up and become well respected . . . compared to me who has never even completed my bachelors degree, has only been working temp jobs or in restaurants and living in a poor neighborhood with his daughter. . . He wants to present to the Court which parent can currently provide the best environment and opportunities for our daughter and have the Court re-evaluate what's in her best interests. . . I understand why he wants this back in front of the Judge..... What do you think the Court will do???

How does someone with such a large criminal history of violating women and felony stalking, attempting suicide in front of his victims, fails to complete Domestic Violence classes .....and is now a Registered Psychotherapist with the state of Colorado? ? ?

Where do you turn when you need help from your stalker? What do you do when there isn't any help and you're exhausted after 15 years?

I really don't know what to do or how to respond to his newest request for another trial......The Court already told him they cannot force our 17 year old to see him but he still wants a trial before she turns 18.....what do you say after 15 years of non-stop trials.....for no reason.....I am so lost as to what to respond to his ongoing requests....

Another question I have is who actually regulates the conduct of professionals and officers of the court?

Was it a conflict of interest/unethical for his sister to repeatedly request third party 'Aunt visitation' while she was attorney of record? And make those requests to the parenting coordinator her client was paying for. . . .? And the next day after the visitation have her client file additional motions.

The parenting coordinator does not even have the authority to fo...rce third party visitation without a court order and there was NOT a court order for 'Aunt visitation'.....and even if there are requests for third party visits, how can the parenting coordinator approve and then force them without an existing court order ...... Aunt was not even on the agreement signed by the parents...... Was he allowed to make private arrangements with the abuser's attorney for her own personal visitation? ?

PC email,
"I believe that the meeting for her and Katie should occur."

That same parenting coordinator made personal arrangements with the Grandfather to change the orders of the court. Grandfather did not sign the agreement signed by the parents, so why is the parenting coordinator approving visitation to another person without an existing court order?

PC sent an email,
“Grandfather had agreed with me to do letter communication instead of phone calls. However, she refused to respond to his first letter.”

Grandfather sent an email,
“I do not care to negotiate with regard to issues affecting my granddaughter's well-being. Since the court ordered telephone visits, I would ask you to advise your client to make sure that they take place…In addition, I would like to begin having some in person visits with her…”

Was there anything concerning with that situation? What would you have done?

I contacted DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) for conduct of LCSW PC, and their response, "The Board found it does not have jurisdiction to intervene in this matter because the circumstances complained of would fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Court Administrator."

I filed with attorney regulations, and the response, "If you believed the assertions were false and misleading, the place to raise that issue is with the Court."

I filed with the COURT and the response, "This is not the venue for pursuing these grievances..."

So again who actually regulates the conduct of professionals and officers of the court?

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Another way of coping with high stress.....learning a new hobby!!! I recently started Hula hooping!

I feel when the past keeps you focused on what happened to you (as it does with recurring testimony that are all about past events).....the best thing for your mind is to learn something new and move forward! And if you can include your whole body....even better because your muscles hold memories too and it's wonderful to create new ones!

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What happens to children when domestic violence is restricting the time of the parent caring for the children? Children miss out on a parent (both parents) focused on creating memories for them and instead have a parent in survival mode seeking safety!!!

What happens when there is a history of ongoing abuse? Endless special moments that the children, no matter how young and hopeful, they are always looking forward to a holiday and if they are in school are hearing all the ot...her kids talk of their celebrations ....but when they wake up.....nothing! How long will that disappointment stay with that child? You remember ever being disappointed as a child?

How crushing is it for a mom that knows she can't provide this memory their little one has been talking about for simple as having a birthday cake and gift to unwrap or getting to hunt for colorful bright eggs hidden all over the room...each holiday and family has different traditions and ways to celebrate...but each takes time to create the memories....

None of this 'Time control' of the other parent or the effects it is having on the children is considered a loss in family court. . . . even after 15 years of his ongoing violations.....

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Thank you to everyone that is here on this page. I know it's not a fun page to get notifications about. Stressful violations and endless court hearings......but again thank you for letting me share what I am living through and the few things I have found to help me cope with it.

As a victim of a stalker.....I have years of experience on the many ways HIS violations constrict and limit MY time and sadly it is the children that suffer the most consequences and their childhood memories take second priority to safety.......

Imagine you are getting a protection order, already had to take time off from work and pack your things, some clothes and toys for the kids and trying to get some where safe immediately. Now picture doing all this during a holiday wee...kend and kids are excited about the Easter Bunny leaving baskets and colorful eggs for them to find when they wake up.......magic of childhood......

How much TIME and/or resources does a victim of stalking or other crimes have, when they are first seeking safety ....... not only shop for all the fun items but fill dozens of plastic eggs without their children being right beside them? You immediately leave for safety.....your kids are with you ALL the time so it makes it harder to 'create' the holiday memories in the limited space.

Knowing this first hand, I have been preparing Easter baskets and filling dozens of colorful plastic eggs and delivering them to Project Safeguard to give out during Easter week to the parents getting protection orders.

This helps them not only focus on safety (and not feel bad their kids are missing out).......It allows them to have those 'fun memories' with their kids, watching them find eggs and wake up to a matter what is going on in the family....letting them just enjoy a morning of colorful fun!

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