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Bethan Shearer
February 2, 2013
Fantastic, you have given not only these performers a.chance but everyone else a chance to listen, whether or not it's your bag you have to admire thier commitment!
100 song project- song 10
Radio nowhere cover
100 song projects #3

Stream our 7 film releases on Amazon Prime now!

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3 Heads Productions
Broadcasting & Media Production Company

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


We will be in Atlantic city at the Garden State Comic Fest with our book Vampires of New Jersey #2! Come on out and see us!

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On of our favorite bands from our film we did in England” Million Empire” Give them a few likes if you can!

Million Empire is feeling cheeky.

HAPPY FRIDAY you lot! Anyone off to any gigs at the weekend? Hello to all the new followers this week, we're only one away from 500 so if you know anyone who mi...ght like our music please share and we'll give you a big sloppy kiss when we see you* 💋

Ta'ra a bit

*Big sloppy kiss cannot be exchanged for any other goods and/or services

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Stream C.paradisi now on Apple Music now!

Listen to songs and albums by C.paradisi, including "First Harvest," "Leaving," "Generate Compassion," and many more. Free with Apple Music

Thank you Neill Innes for a great show at Victor Recording showplace the Vault! Long live the Rutles!

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As we prepare to add more content our films have streamed over 10,000 minutes on Amazon prime in the last quarter with minimal marketing in the countries we stream. US,UK, Japan, and Germany.

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3 Heads Productions
Broadcasting & Media Production Company

Kudos to Third Angle Projection, Milestone Road, and Million Empire for Topping and being part of our list of released music on Spotify in the last 30 Days! My Uncle Robert Fisher and I are still holding our own on the Top Ten!

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Our music streaming on Spotify is worldwide! The U.K. is our Top Country so far this month

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Reviewing our comic based on our script-Vampires of New Jersey issue #2 for imminent release!

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Happy International Woman’s Day!

These are songs we release for streaming. We have released over 150 over the last 15 years. Kudos to my Uncle Robert Fisher and Arron Tipper and his band THIRD ANGLE PROJECTION that hail from the UK!
Top Streaming Tracks This Week on Spotify
Track Title-Artist Name
1 Do What You Are Told-I.F.U
2 Tell Me How Can I Live Without You-Robert Fisher...
3 Where Have You Gone-Robert Fisher
4 Let's Practice Making Love-Robert Fisher
5 Now That It's Over-Robert Fisher
6 X Tatic-I.F.U
7 Nothing to You-Third Angle Projection
8 Heaven and Earth-I.F.U
9 12th of Never-I.F.U

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Sketch for the cover of our comic Vampires of New Jersey #2 by Conor Cole! Releasing soon on Comixology!

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Congratulations to Jordan Peele and Guillermo del toro for their Oscar wins!

Unreleased page! Vampires of New Jersey #2 is almost here!

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I just got my first streams of my music in Korea on KDigital!