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Merry Christmas to all our friends, family, clients, and more... Have a safe and wonderful holiday season. Cheers...

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I figured it's worth sharing here, some of my followers may wanna know!

We’re launching my PayDay Automation Program where I’ll be revealing the affiliate marketing and affiliate sales strategies we’ll be moving forward with in 2018.

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1 – Tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST, the doors will close shut and you won’t get in at the low, low cost of $297 (no brainer for a 5 week intensive online workshop you can learn and implement over my shoulder within the comfort of your own home and in front of you own computer)!

2 – The price will be INCREASING to $1997 @ 11:59 pm tomorrow – so if you wanna SAVE, now is the time!

3 – When a member joins this workshop, they are LOCKED IN FOR THE WORKSHOP that commences on October 23rd, 2017. So you can pay $297 today, save $1700 prior to 11:59 pm tomorrow evening, and enjoy the rewards of endless affiliate sales throughout 2018 and beyond!

If you wanna join, check out the details here:

P.S. We'll be sending out some emails about this to a specific segment of my list - but I know some of you may just want to join in even if you're not part of my challenge, or segment so I'm sharing

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[Day 1 FB LIVE Training - Affiliate Marketing & How To Cash In]
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Affiliate Marketing & How To Cash In
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[Day 1 FB LIVE Training - Affiliate Marketing & How To Cash In]
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[Day 1 Training - What Is Affiliate Marketing & How To Cash In]
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[Day 1 - What Is Affiliate Marketing]
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It's OFFICIAL... Day One Is Here! Lets Dive In...


Today and over the next 5 days, we are going to keep everything simple as making money in affiliate sales should be extremely easy right? And it is! All you need to do it tap into the affiliate marketing money tree. With that said...

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you the affiliate refers someone to any online product that you are affiliated with and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you are rewarded with a commission; the commission earned by simply making an affiliate sale.

Affiliate sale commissions vary from 10% to 85% of the affiliate sale depending on what the product is you are promoting and how much the product sells for.

In PayDay Automation, we focus specifically on 50 - 85% affiliate sale commission payouts on product promotions that sell between $37 - $197. And in PayDay Automation, we show you how easy it is to get an affiliate pay bump to earn 85% where others do not have the opportunity to do so.

For example... Promoting a product that sells for $197 will give you an affiliate commission payout of $98.50 at 50% commission on the affiliate sale and as high as $167.45 at 85% of the affiliate sale payout for just referring one simple affiliate sale.

Here's how the process works on a $37...

1 - Affiliate promotes a simple product promotion to a $37 Clickbank affiliate offer
2 - Online shopper decides to purchase through your simple affiliate product offer
3 - Online shopper finally makes the purchase and you're rewarded an $18.50 affiliate sale commission to 50% of the sale

It's really as simple as that...

Why become an affiliate marketer?

Simply answered... It's the easiest way to make money online and this week, we are going to work together to set up your own, simple, affiliate sales system to easily make your first $100 affiliate sale.

Your goal and homework for today?

Get signed up for FREE at Clickbank:

Sign up at my highest recommended and free to sign up and earn all the affiliate sale commissions your heart desires at Clickbank here:

When you sign up... Enter in your personal information on step one, then enter your payee name, bank name, and state of bank on step two (you won't need to enter your account information), and finally on step three, enter in your username and email address to finalize your FREE Clickbank account. You will never have to pay for Clickbank in this lifetime as it will always be FREE!

Get that done right now and follow up with commenting "completed" in the comment section below this training once completed.

Tomorrow I'm going to be sharing with you a Clickbank affiliate offer I've been promoting for years and making countless daily affiliate sales to make simple affiliate sales yourself.

Now it's time for questions and answers...

Who has a question?

Post your question in comment below...

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How many people can open up a new lead intake system and in less than 4 weeks gain over 86,000 subscribers?

That's an average of 2868 potential clients per day!

Want to learn how to generate these kind of results? Sent me a PM and we will see if we are a good fit to work together!

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How to generate a thousand leads or more a day - part one...

How To Generate A Thousand Leads A Day - Part One Learning how to generate a thousand leads a day is easy. All you have to do is follow a few steps and by fo...

In Canada, we call this Rememberance Day.

Make this day a Happy Memorial Day in memory of many and in honor of all.

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One of the greatest things in life is helping and assisting others transform their lives and businesses to higher levels of success. What's even better is when those who you've helped and assisted to transform, reach out to you on how grateful they are to you for your help. Larry O'Neil of CFM Mortgage is an outstanding client who recently reached out and to that, I am very grateful. With that said, if you are seeking transformational results in your business, I have some spots open right now to gladly help and assist you achieve higher levels of success in your business. PM me for details.

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Posted by Philip Mutrie

I just put together a FREE case study on the exact steps to generating 3 to 5 mew mortgage clients a week so your business can grow the way you've always wanted. Learn More Here:

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Philip Mutrie Network and Authority Marketing Funnels wishes you a very Happy Easter!

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I wanted to share some recent results to a new clients success thus far. We just completed and launched their "Funnel Genesis Mortgage Conversion Funnel" and we launched two test ads last Thursday, February 11th targeting news feed and mobile each $15 per day. As of today, my client has spent $150.00 in ad spend, generating 11 one on one consultation bookings with 8 mortgage applications completed out of those 11 booked one on one consultations. That's only $13.63 cents per m...ortgage client on the phone one on one, not including over 30 private messages to interested potential clients on his business page that feeds the two ads. I received an email today as to how happy he is with the traffic, etc... I'm thinking he may need an assistant to help work his new magic! If you are not using a mortgage conversion funnel in your mortgage business, you are leaving high end revenue on the table weekly, monthly, and yearly... Question is, where you do you want to be with your mortgage business in the next 30 - 90 days?

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Philip Mutrie Network would like to take this opportunity today to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Valentine's Day... Make it an outstanding day, you all definitely deserve it.

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May 2016 be your best year ever!

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Philip Mutrie Network wishes you a safe and very Merry Christmas.

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Thinking Outside the Bucket

Did you know that Colonel Harland David Sanders (September 9, 1890 – December 16, 1980) died 35 years ago today, at the age of 90 years old? He is best known for founding the fast food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (now known as KFC) and later acting as the company's goodwill ambassador and symbol. His name and image are still the primary symbols of the company today.


Sanders held a number of jobs in his early life, such as steam engine stoker, insurance salesman, and filling station operator.

Fact is… He began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in North Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. Sanders recognized the potential of the restaurant franchising concept, and the first KFC franchise opened in Utah in 1952. The company's rapid expansion across the United States, Canada, and overseas was overwhelming for Sanders and in 1964; thus he sold the company to a group of investors led by John Y. Brown, Jr. and Jack C. Massey for $2 million.

If Harland David Sanders can go from selling chicken from his roadside to franchising KFC across the United States, Canada, and overseas, just think of where you are now and how easily you can be much greater in the very near future.

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Time sure does fly right? 52 years ago, Johnny Carson began hosting the "Tonight" show on NBC-TV. He stayed with the show for 29 years. Jack Paar was the previous host. (Pictured with Groucho Marx on his opening night 52 years ago). I remember sitting in my Grandparents living room watching the Tonight Show like it was yesterday. How about you?

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