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Phokus Phorohwun
· February 13, 2018
This is an amazing shop ran by an amazing body man painter and car enthusiast This shop does truly amazing work for clients all over the country with very rare cars that they trust this man to take of and he does a great job I salute you Tim and all you do...this shop Does not receive the recognition that it deserves I truly believe it is because the competition considers them such
A major threat .........#401
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Michael McGreevy
· April 24, 2016
Thank you Tim & Matt. The paint on my fairing and hard saddlebags is a perfect match and looks amaZing!!
Patrick Bishop
· August 24, 2015
Quality work - You get what you pay for. Great guy - Wicked New England accent! Should have his own show on Velocity.
Ann DeLauro
· October 12, 2015
Tim is an awesome guy. His work is great!!! I love my car!!!!!
Mike Fisher
February 28, 2012
Tim does Good restos in Rhode Island!
Jeremy Brooks
October 27, 2011
Looking good as always Tim
Little vid from terry, my soft pass and let off around 1100... Good enough for me right now... Got to do some rules and reg changes and e back at it soon... Maybe July 26
Longer run