live recorded at Nibbixwoud Febr 2018 by Nico Scholten
60+ Guitarband shared a link.
January 19
Zwaag 2015

remix 2017

(Ray Evans / Jay Livingstone) Bing Crosby arr. by Jan de Hont - - remix' 60+' studio track 2009
audio file; 'Zoom 1' rec. Zwaag, 2015
rehearsal; March 11th 2016 Zwaag (MUPO)
remixes from the album 'Geronimo' 2009
Lead Guitar: HENK VAN DIJK rec.Studio Budry 2009"

selection of classic Shadows instrumentals

live 2013/214 Round and Round - Shindig - Apache - Chattanooga Choo Choo

Bij MUPO (Zwaag) 'op zolder' nov 2013

live audio rec 6 nov 2013 Hoorn - oefensessie Henk (lead) Huib (rhythm) Nico (bass) Herman (drums)
live at Kolhorn