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JD Satterfield
· November 14, 2017
I was a member of Alpha Co, back in 1988-1991. I was the very first Squad Leader to win the First Annual Sapper Stakes competition. This was before Sapper School was even started yet. I was an Airborn...e Ranger back in those days and I enjoyed my time in Hawaii. Fun times and lots of good friends. Drive on Sappers and stay strong. First In-Last Out, I loved the trips to the Big Island, and the amount of Lava we blew up over there was amazing. I remember all the training in the Kahukus, loved the mongooses, lol....Our barracks were at the bottom of Kole Kole pass and we use to run up that hill every Friday, most weeks. It's was fun and I loved it. We did a lot of cool things back when Light Infantry was first starting out. I remember a lot, if you ever want to know anything about that time period look me up. See More
Ronnie Dove
· September 24, 2017
HHQ Co.65th Eng Bn. F Quad Schofield Bks 1977-1981 I was in the CEV's (Combat Engineer Vehicles) M60-A1 M60-A2 and M88-A1 tanks. I look back on it now.. I have to say I had one hell of a great time. ...I was with a great bunch of guys . I lived on the North Shore in Haliewa and later moved closer to Schofield to Wahiawa when i started getting short and ready to ETA back home to Virginia.. See More
Bobby Garner
· February 11, 2018
Bobby M. Garner SFC (ret)
A Co 65th Feb 68 to Feb 69 and A Co 65th at Schofield Barracks June 1974 to Aug 1977.
My time with the 65th is the highlight of my 20 years in the army.
Donald Wayne Willis
· March 27, 2018
1st duty station, assigned to A/65th, 1982-85! Tough unit, tremendous leadership opportunities, made E5 before PCS back Stateside! Always deploying, schooling! PLDC, BNCOC, 25th ID Machinegun Maste...r! Cutting edge duty for first termer! See More
Gene Fuller
· October 16, 2017
I was with 65th 6/70-12/70 , then to 31st Eng after the 25th went back to Hawaii. Anybody remember Sgt Martinez HQ Co ? Good times at CuChi !
Lauren Forrest
· June 1, 2017
The S1 refuses to help service members families. Spouse is not in state, mind you I am prior active duty and a reservist so I am no fool, but this S1 told me my wife had to call or show up from Virgin...a for me to find any information out. Ridiculous, down right ridiculous. I've waited over a month an a half for ERD paperwork that should only take 2-4 weeks and that's in the policy Schofield posted online. Definitely needs customer service work. I know for a fact S1 can talk to a service members spouse. See More
Cida E John Grigsby
· February 26, 2018
S-4 65th from (if memory serves me correctly) Jan 88 to Sep/Oct 90.
John Turner
October 2, 2012
`My time with the 65th was June 69 to June 70. Don't remember what company it was, since most of my time in country was spent in the field either building fire support bases, sweeping roads, or with ...grunts on ambushes. Last 3 months in Cu Chi in the company commo bunker taking reports from the field. Don't remember any names, either, except a buddy from Chicago, named Charlie Wagner. See More
Steven Rago
· December 17, 2016
Hq. platoon Co. B 65th 72-75 D quad Just want to check in and see if anyone is here, cooks, drivers, mech's, clerks, supplies.
Willma Hartley
October 1, 2012
Dale Hartley was with the 65 th from 1957 to January of 1960 It had to be the best unit, he still talks about it 55 years later. Ecco (E) and Charlie (C) Companys
Julie Herrod Ashley
· February 1, 2016
Who was in Vietnam with the 65th in 66-67. Charles F Ashley?
Franklin Kuhns
September 27, 2012
I was with the 65 th from 1970-1974 loved best unit in the Army
Mike Jackson
· April 25, 2016
I was in D comp, 65th part of 68 all 69 and part 70
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Leaders in the Bayonet Battalion are celebrated for accomplishing the Bayonet Charge. A big thank you to the Lightning Academy NCOs for their assistance with this event. And of course, this would have never been possible without the strong backbones of some of the battalion's First Sergeants.