Once you become involved you shouldn't stop doing the things that attracted that person to you. Don't get to comfortable and let the spark die . Good Morning

Congratulations to all the newly weds and the newly engaged!! LOVE is a beautiful thing

Love your soulmate like you would want to be loved. Don't be selfish

Why do people base their relationships on celeb relationships they have no idea about?
Eg. "I want a relationship like Bey & Jay" - Although they clearly have their own issues

Do we still live in a world where race matters when being in a relationship..?

Haven't done this for a while!
Choose a PAGE RELATED topic to discuss, the one with the most likes will get chosen, and we will post three questions/statements in relation to that topic.

Any racial, sexual, verbal abuse will not be tolerated during these discussions. Pls respect that everyone has their own opinions and they may/will differ with your own.


Thanks, Admin.

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We haven't posted for awhile.
We just want to say.
Domestic Violence increases during the world cup.
We are in support of #ShowDomesticViolenceTheRedCard

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What are your views on the Beyonce, Jay & Sol saga? O_o

We understand that people have religious views and may frown upon homosexual relationships.

But most, if not all religious teach kindness, so if you cannot express your opinions in a way that will NOT offend nor rely as hate speech keep your words to yourself.

We on this page believe anyone has a right to LOVE no matter their sexual orientation & race for that matter!


And as a side note, if you claim to be a follower of a certain faith you need to portray that in your speech otherwise you’re just another person wearing a designer label!

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