"On February 9, The Washington Post published a hit piece that my ex-wife, Jessica Corbett, had shopped to them. It was a platform from which she co...uld lob baseless accusations of domestic violence against me and get the attention she craved by claiming her place in the #MeToo movement. The Post was complicit in her vendetta against me, and I was forced to resign my position as a White House speechwriter as a result."

"My accuser even admitted to punching me repeatedly. When I told this to one reporter, he justified it by saying I had said some pretty nasty things during our marital fights. Is it plausible to imagine any reporter similarly dismissing a man’s admitted physical abuse of his wife by saying she asked for it because she was too mouthy?"

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Malcolm X once said: “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power.” Even with the American publ


"A 43-year-old physically challenged man from Delhi's Kalkaji area has gone for crowdfunding to arrange about Rs 5 lakh in alimony that he needs to his wife to settle their divorce case."

"Shiv Kumar, who was a newspaper distributor, became permanently disabled after his two-wheeler was hit by a bus. Having suffered serious head injury, he was bedridden for almost a year.

During this time, he lost all sources of earning and exhausted his savings. His terms with his wife, already sour, aggravated with cases of domestic violence against him and his family."

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A 43-year-old physically challenged man from Delhi's Kalkaji area has gone for crowdfunding to arrange about Rs 5 lakh in alimony that he needs to pay his wife to settle their divorce case.
Video is a little lengthy but it outlines just a few of the issues men face today. What is your opinion on these issues and what do you think needs to be done before we can overcome them?
The View Boast About Female Superiority & Feminism
Amy Schumer male bashing

Fucking shit patriarchy if we can't even end this crap much less MGM itself.…/cate-blanchett-penis-facial-bulloc…

Yes, you read that correctly. Cloned baby foreskin facials.


"This case places a spotlight on how wedded Americans remain to the idea that white women and girls simply do not perpetrate violence."

"Because bot...h the perpetrator and victim are women, this case offers an opportunity to consider how gender inflects the racism that greases the wheels of the U.S. (in)justice system. It places a spotlight on how wedded Americans remain to the idea that white women and girls simply do not perpetrate violence. This idea is so seductive that, even when a white woman’s violence cannot be denied, it is apparently part of our American duty to ensure she gets another chance to go back to her presumably natural state of innocence and virtue."

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The Connecticut roommate case shows that America can always manufacture innocence -- for the right criminal.

The title is click bait and not accurate but the article is interesting have a quote -Adrian
"False tales about how women are allegedly treated in STEM -- significantly decreased women’s desire to pursue STEM fields"…/study-women-now-leaving-stem-fields-…/

The “sexist STEM” narrative takes another big hit.

"A man must prove that he has not harmed someone."

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"Husband diagnosed with prostate cancer just four days before his wife learned she had breast disease reveals the shocking difference in treatment t...hey experienced."

"As the Mail revealed last month, prostate cancer is now a bigger killer in this country, with more than 11,800 men dying from the disease every year, compared with 11,400 women dying of breast cancer. Despite this, it receives half the research funding and treatments trail a decade behind."

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Dave Brown and Ana Macedo-Brown, from Galashiels, Scotland, have revealed the stark differences in treatment of cancer for men and women.
Time and again, feminists have pointed out, quite clearly, that a woman who has imbibed any alcohol at all is incapable of providing consent to sexual activities. The laws which have been crafted i…
Almost 5 million prime-age working men have disappeared from the work force.


"The DV industry is insane. Literally insane.

It has only one formula for funding.


If you hate men you get funded.
If you want to make half hearted attempts to help women you get funded.
If your child was a victim of Dv you get funded.
If you cut your partners penis off you get funded.

I’ve never seen such a collection of misandric hate filled people as you find in this industry." ~ DVAA

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Lorena Bobbitt Gallo, who became instantly famous in 1993 when she cut off the penis of her husband, will speak in Knoxville about domestic violence.

In the end indeed!

"...and, in the end, the prosecution’s decision to introduce results of the sexual-assault exam backfired when the defense attorney elicited from the prosecution’s expert witness that the accuser’s anal swab revealed another male’s DNA."

'It unsettled me that a prosecutor would attempt to convince a jury to see something that was just not there.'
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Hi everyone, Team Endalldv with your support have opened a non gendered overnight crisis accommodation spot on the Gold Coast thanks to the delivery of our new ...temporary toilet.

By opening this facility it demonstrates that as a society we can provide services and support for all victims of family and domestic violence regardless of their age, gender or sexuality.

We are still needing donations for the toilet fundraiser, if you can help please donate via PayPal using the email address

Thank you again for your amazing support. Together we can #endalldv

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"WALSH: The Rules Of #MeToo Are Clear. Women Can Sexually Harass Whomever They Want."

According to the media, Katy Perry "gave an American Idol contestant his first kiss" during his audition this week. "He kissed a girl and he liked it," beamed People Magazine. The two were "flirting," according to TMZ. "Lucky guy," said many internet commenters.


"Just when you think they can't get any freakin stupider, get ready for it... "Diseases are now sexist" not even kidding..."

Be good to hear from anyone who has used this crew.…/technostalked-heres-avoid…/…

The recent revelation that Equifax, one of the three big credit-reporting agencies, suffered an enormous data breach1 has many Virginians upset, and rightly so. Yet divorced Virginia men may have already had far more personal reasons …