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Mike Faber
November 22, 2011
Great comic shop, with a great selection. A must visit if your in the Dacula area
Caleb Samples
· August 16, 2014
Decent cards, and comics but absolutely terrible customer service. Better off going to Athens for quality service.
15 second spot for the store starring Fred Clayton, directed by Jess Scarpone and Dean Trippe.

Hey there's a new comic and games store just open today in Oakwood Georgia anybody want to check it out for tonight's Friday Night Magic draft $12.00 its called area 52 comics & games

We just wanted to remind everybody that we'll be holding our last $25 sealed release event at 8PM tonight followed by a midnight draft.

Thanks for the memories everybody!


A World of Heroes is inviting all our friends to our Khans of Tarkir $25 sealed release event. We'll be starting at 8PM on Friday and playing through the night.

We hope everybody can make it since this will be the very LAST event hosted at our store. That's right -- after 5 happy years, A World of Heroes will be closing it's doors. We'd like to thank all our friends for their support over the years -- it wouldn't have been the same without you.

So come on out and stay up late with us as we give the place the send-off it deserves!

Fred Clayton

A World of Heroes would like to say to whoever robbed our store last night "We hope you enjoy what you took and that you burn in Hell really soon!!!"

Obi and Jeffrey going at it to start FNM

M15 is in. Tonight we are doing 13 dollar drafts with payouts of 5/3/2/2 single elimination style. We have packs, boxes, fat packs and into packs for sale.

Conspiracy information: 13 dollars per person. 8 person drafts. 4 person pods. 2 packs of Journey into Nyx per person you kill in your pod, We can make exceptions if we have 4-5 people that want play but don't have a full 8 since they can just make their own pod.

$25 sealed 2 Theros 1 Born and 3 Journey into Nxy

so you want the details HERE THEY ARE !!!
$25 sealed 8 P.M. Friday May 2 2014 { if enough people want 2 headed we will do it } 2 Theros 1 Born 3 Journey into Nxy.
Midnight draft {all journey into nyx}

Because the poor choices made by Wizards of the Coast we have decided not to support the pre release of the new Magic set. Untill Wizards stops try to sell 2 new pack for $25.

We will however have a Release event because wizards dose not dictate how many new packs you can get.

No draft tonight, but please come out and see us anyway for EDH and DC deckbuilding fun.

we have changed our phone number once again. if you need to call it is 678 923 8215

Sadly I believe that tomorrow Thursday we will be closed dew to the weather

A World of Heroes will be closed dew to the storm Tuesday and Wednesday

Born of the Gods pre release two headed giant midnight.