He loved riding the ride with his sissy :-)
Its times like these that are absolutely priceless when we are home from Memphis & all together. Melts my heart
Loved it ♥

Just wanted to update. Lexi has been doing great, going to school & working. She can't wait to start Prom Dress shopping. Yipee! Senior yr, so she says she has to go all out.
As we all know with Cancer Treatments & meds, come life long effects. Lexi already lives with a severe bone disorder that has ravished her bones & has resulted in 3 replacements so far. She now has been having some issues with her bladder/kidneys. She has had many recurrent UTI's & the forever lasting s...ymptoms that come along with those. Antibiotics after antibiotics & still no clearing up. Went to see a Urologist & he believes because of chemo, over abundance & high doses of steriods. That there has been some damage done which will require him to go in & try to correct. Therefore Lexi is going in for a procedure the end of the month. It can't get here fast enough, as she is so tired of living with the ongoing symptoms. That are so very uncomfortable for her. If you prayer warriors & supporters wouldn't mind saying some prayers for Lexi. We are praying this is an easy fix & not too much damage has been done. We head to Memphis the end of March to make sure she is still Cancer Free. Ty all for your continued prayers & support! Much love to you all ❤️

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My kids clean up well ❤️

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Homecoming 2017 Senior Year

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Lexi's Senior pics

Lexi Peterson added 34 new photos to the album: Senior year.

They turned out so good! Thanks to Aunt Megan! Megan Jenkins Anderson ❤️❤️❤️

As Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is on its last day. I'll remind you, I will NEVER STOP fighting for not only for my daughter, but all the children & families..

Now to update, as we are home from a very short trip in Memphis..
Most important, LEXI IS STILL IN REMISSION!!!!!!! That was SO GOOD TO HEAR


Unfortunately, the AVN (Avascular Necrosis) that has ravished Lexi's bones, has continued to get worse..After doing xrays of her entire body, its everywhere, all over. Lexi has been having some problems with her wrist & ankles lately. Sure enough, those bones too are damaged & will require surgery when Lexi can no longer handle the pain. Dr. reminded us again that Lexi is one of the worst cases he has seen. This disease was caused by the harsh treatments & high amounts of steriods during treatment. It will NEVER go away. Lexi, will deal with pain everyday, just as she has been. She has had 7 surgeries to date, starting in 2015. Just regarding this disease & her bones. Lexi now has 2 Complete Hip Replacements, a Shoulder Replacement, Decompression of both knees (drill out old bone, add new). Which was also done on the Hips before ending in Replacements. Her right Shoulder as of now is completely collapsed, needs Replaced. However, with it being her Senior yr & certain classes. She can only miss so much school. This will have to wait till summer. Dr. went ahead & gave her a Cortisone shot to hopefully help with some of the pain. We'll see how well it works for her.

Lexi is a WARRIOR, she deals with the pain & pushes forward. Some days are worse than others of course. However most of the time, those outside of her family, would never know. She doesn't complain to anyone & seems to only show her pain to her family. She has & will continue to fight the BEAST called Cancer & the forever lasting side effects, with all her force. Her strength amazes me & she will forever be MY HERO!!!!

Side note, we got to see some of our Fabulous Memphis Families & have dinner out.. Yay!!

Back to Memphis & St. Jude in 4months.

Ty all for your continued support & prayers! Will continue to update & post pics. You all have seen Lexi start out as a child & become a woman.

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A senior, just look at Lexi Cancer u can stay away forever!! 🎗
A Sophomore, a 6th grader & Lil man Jaxon is not so little anymore, Kindergarten.
Will be heading to Memphis again next month to make sure counts are good & there are no signs of relapse. She has now had both Hips replaced & a Shoulder. Still need to do other shoulder & fertility stuff...
Thank you all for the continued thoughts & prayers over the years it's been a LONG Journey!!!

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