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Syed Aqeel
· May 17, 2015
Its a very good page , defining the factors due to which Pakistan have very low literacy rate ( i-e 57%) .
I'd recommend you guys ,first , to discus the factors which can change this poor condition ...of our literacy rate .
Take small steps , but don't stop walking .
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Saeed Akhtar Awan
· February 23, 2017
ASER is an excellent and effective educational irganization... that work across the Pakistan to collect the basic facts and figures to improve the educational strength in Pakistan. l'm happy to be its part ...
Syed Muhammad Asadullah
· May 29, 2015
Wao its good thing about reality of our nation. Keep it up.
Syeda Maham Naqvi
· November 16, 2016
Thats a very good programme for the children who wants to read and become successful. Hope so it will fullfill all their desires and dreams. Ameen
Encouraged it alot..
Abdullah Laghari
· February 23, 2017
A Great programme for the children who wants to read and become successful.
It will fullfill all their desires and dreams..
Tahir Mengal
· August 10, 2016
its great program for the Education of pakistan especially for bake word district,s of pakistan
Sajjad Ch
· November 5, 2015
ASER doing well in Improving Eduction to help out us through their source indicators where a lot of working/things can overcome.
Mohammad Tahir
· May 15, 2015
Wow superb work keep it up
Bitter truth of our nation.
Zawar Muhammad Azeem
· January 26, 2016
ASER Pakistan is working very good and worth appreciating........
Ayat Noor
· May 29, 2015
Keet it up
Ahmedali Jatoi
· May 5, 2016
IT IS OFTENLY WATCHED BLASTING NEWS ON TV IN OUR COUNTRY . PERHAPS EXLOSIVE IS TOO MUCH CHEAP & EASY TO BUY IN PAKISTAN . THIS IS A QUESTION FOR EXPLOSIVE & MINING DEPARTMENTS REGARDING EXPLOSIVE RULE...S & MINES ACT 1923 i t seems that some concern steel mill officers r in contact with terrorists & they want the theft of explosive by terrorists because that is why thousands kg old explosive is with out any legal & responsible officer according to MINES ACT & EXPLOSIVE RULES THAT IS MINE MANAGER According to Pakistan Steel Mill letter No : TSO/CEO/2014/5983 dated 05 11 2014 SUBJECT : RETIREMENT OF CRITICAL-TECHNICAL MANPOWER , non Sindhi non technical not required & medically unfit retired officers are rehired , At Makli Lime Stone Project Mines Act & Explosive Rules are being violated but a mine manager is not rehired because a Sindhi has to be rehired, where as thousands kg old high explosive is in the hands of security guards only who are paid Rs 10000/month & those are several times caught in theift cases so due to present terrorism situation it is sever danger that explosive may reach in hands of terrorists See More
Asma Rizvi
· May 8, 2015
Page laki sher post nwz totky camments ilove page
ASER 2014 Documentary: Story Behind the Scenes
ASER National Workshop 2013
Ahsan Iqbal taking first hand information regarding quality of education in his constituency District Narrowal
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