Akshayakalpa Karnataka State Chess Championship 2018: Prize distribution ceremony pictures.

IM Girish Koushik is the Karnataka State Chess Championship of 2018! He drew the final round against GM Thejkumar to become the champion on tiebreak.

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Vidya Laxman
February 24, 2018
I have been getting milk from the time it started in Koramangala. New agency has taken over, very bad service - delivery is intermediate and pathetic. On top of it the agency folks are rude, crass and... family members not comfortable with them at all. Tried giving a call to the manager Manjunath but no response. This is what they think about customers, rather loyal customers. I am going to discontinue the service immediately and unlike sometime ago, we have more choices with organic products now. See More
Renny Abraham
February 2, 2018
We have been trying to get milk supplied to our location for 2 weeks now. Shared every detail with the distributor, yet milk delivery has not started. They sent a person to identify the house but that... person couldn't even read words or numbers. This service lacks the professionalism that is required to run such businesses. Even after they promise to start delivering from next day onwards and then they don't, I can imagine the kind of issues we will face once we pay for a month's supply - I can expect alot of missed deliveries. Not willing to take that risk for the price being charged for the milk. See More
Dhanya MA
April 18, 2018
Hi I have a question about the milk. I have been using Akshayakalpa for the last 2 months. I see that once I boil the milk in the morning it does not get spoilt even though kept at room temperature. Y...esterday I boiled it again late evening around 7 PM and left it out overnight. It still hadn't spoilt in the morning. Isn't boiled milk supposed to curdle at room temperature after 7-8 hrs - that is what I see with Nandini milk? See More
Nidhi B Shah
October 28, 2017

This is Nidhi here. There were representatives from Akshayakalpa in Mantri Astra apartments,hennur,Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore 560043 today 28th October. I received samples of the milk. I was impress...ed by the entire setup and everything,but once I came home and boiled the milk,it split and got spoilt. I did try contacting the helpline centre to give the feedback too. But nobody answered the phone. I guess it was post working hours.

I wanted to give my 2year old daughter the milk. However the milk got spoilt. It's very disappointing as I was looking at ordering it for my daughter.

Let me know how this can be solved.

Thanks & Regards,
Nidhi Jain
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Yashodhara Pawar
February 25, 2018
Totally unreliable, inflexible, unpredictable, and great tasting milk: How do you screw up the most important part of your business?! Please reimburse my coupons and let us be done with it till you with Daily Ninja etc. See More
Jeevan Stephen
September 16, 2017
try it once, you'll like their milk, ghee & butter. I've been using it for over a year now. visit their farms and take a tour of their facilities, you'll perhaps not think of using other alternatives.... stringent quality measures are used. above all, i loved the manner in which the farmers are faring and have fail-safe plans in the event of a drought. it's beyond just a product. it's around 150 kms from Bengaluru in a place called Tiptur. i visited this facility and a farm. amused, impressed and encouraged. 锟 See More
Krishanu Banerjee
February 24, 2018
A2 full cream milk neither tasted like desi cow milk nor it was full cream. we felt like it was diluted jersey cow milk.
Indie TG
November 6, 2017
Tried the Akshayakalpa Vanilla ice cream today with my toddler. Its a bliss !! Reminds me of homemade icecream from an era when everything was organic, made with good ingredients and oodles of love !!... The junior says its ammi ammi See More
啶嬥い啷 啶曕ぞ啶傕い 啶撪啶
March 14, 2018
I am changing my review from 2 star to 5 star after my complaint was addressed by the company within 24 hours. They sent a senior doctor and a team to test the milk and it was fine.
Hansika Singh
August 1, 2017
Such a let down for your customers of over 3 years! First the abrupt discontinuation of services and then no update on the refund of 1225 for the 35 coupon booklet. It has been a month following up multiple people - from Deepak the agency fellow to Jeevan, to Naveen your BD officer. Everyone makes tall claims with no follow ups. We had to resort to lodging a complaint with the National Consumer helpline with docket number: 373612. If we don't see an action taken within the next 1 week, the matter will have to be taken to a consumer court as we are not left with any choice. See More
Rikta Chakrabarti
January 28, 2018
Tried the new A2 milk.The taste is very good.
But the pictures on your page shows only jersey cows.please share pics of cows which give A2 milk ..which are the breeds?
Sunanda Kabini
December 13, 2017
can we have a tour. Because we have heard that you don't have farm and your are taking from farmers. they do really have organic practice do you check regularly?
Suguna Narakesari
November 18, 2017
milk, paneer are both good. i also tried ice cream at home & happy with it.
Shiva Bg
October 7, 2017
Find out first what happens a) their male calves eventually and b) their cows once they are due to retire.
(hint: it is not a happy ending)
There are other questions too but start with these and see if you conscience can take them.
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Kamakshi Mathur
February 9, 2017
I am rewriting a review here.... After my complaints the distributor has been changed, he is good, regular and not charging anything extra... Thanks to Mr. Somshekhar from Akshaykalpa for patiently li...stening to all my worries and coming up with a solution.... Long way to go guys...all the best!!

The milk is very good, we loved the taste and quality so were ready to pay a price for it, the only problem is their distribution network, they don't have any control on distributors, the supply is very irregular, our distributor is charging more than 3rs per litre (50rs for 15ltrs) for coupons and saying delivery is free we only charge for coupons.
I informed Akshaykalpa that ur milk is anyway expensive nd the distributor is making it even more dearer and the reply was "the distributor is not listening to us"

They have to change their distribution system if want to survive for long.
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Brinda Ramesh
February 13, 2017
I have started using your milk from the past one month. Initially I was happy with the milk quality but off late the quality has not been good. I find the milk very watery and last week when I opened ...the packet, I found it to be filled with a watery white solution that was not milk. I have handed over the same to my milk vendor. It looks like someone tampered with the packet and filled it with an adulterated solution. Please have this looked into as it is a very serious concern. We buy your milk as we trust the source and quality of what is supplied. This incident has shaken that very trust. See More
Yogeesha Gowda
July 23, 2017
Actually so, I stay in JP Nagar 7th phase, I got a supply for 2 months regularly and then the problem started. Now I am also getting supply from Shree Milk which is as good as Akshayakalpa and the pri...ce is also less. Only hitch is they have a limited quantity and few of my colleagues are also interested and not able to get as the supplier is limited himself to JP Nagar and Bannerghatta road. If any interested in this locality can reach on 81972 38989 See More
Rukmini Kumanduri
June 9, 2016
We are taking Akshayakalpa milk for almost 2 years and never had issues so far. From last few days, we are getting old and expired milk which is in form of blocks of ice. Also we get leaky packets. Wh...en I call the delivery person he never picks up the call. Area is Meenakshi Temple Bannerghatta Road. I got a generic reply when I sent a message on this FB page but I want action now otherwise I have to discontinue this milk. And the morningdrop app is hopeless. The money gets cut but there is no delivery. You need to improve delivery fast so that customers continue to use this milk See More
Basavraj Kalshetty
January 29, 2018
I want to do dairy farming, I'm having a eleven acres an irrigated land in kalburgi district in karnatak where I should get training?
Anuradha Raghunathan
February 14, 2017
I have been buying Akshayakalpa Milk for the past 3 years. Till about a year back months back I was extremely happy with the quality of the milk. TThere has been a deterioration in the quality. The ch...anges are as observed 1. The current supplier DOES NOT maintain a cold chain. He claims that he gets the milk from the parlour and distributes it within 30 mins. But why then does the milk curdle when heated within an hour of supply ? This has happened for 3 literes 2. The cream content has reduced signficantly and the curd that is made is gooyey and looks like its made from powder milk., This wasn't the case till some time back. Is it being adulterated with powder ? Bottomline a signficant deterioration in milk quality has been observed over the months. We are paying a premium and getting poor quality milk is totally unacceptable! Trust this will be looked into and addressed at the earliest.

Subsequent Edit :

There are 3 issues here. Issue 1. Curdling of milk . While the curdling of milk can be dismissed as a one of case, I do know for a fact that there's no cold chain maintained as we don't see the ice box container when this is delivered. This used be strictly followed with the previous agent who used to deliver. Issue 2. gooyey curd., the gooyeyness is more bothersome as this is similar to the commercial curd (powder mixed) that's available.This raises doubts around whether there's any powder that gets mixed ? Is there a possibility that this happens later ? How does the milk get supplied to Bangalore ? As packets or milk containers with packets being made here ? If its the latter than there's a high likelihood that this gets adultered / altered here if not at the source. Issue 3. Reduced cream content - have spoken to dr, GNS reddy regarding this and was asked to shared the batch # as a reference. I have done this about a week back.
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Shashi Kumar, our CEO introducing Vani Murthi, an activist and an active campaigner on waste management.
Paneer with Sesame served with Satay sauce
Akshayakalpa loves Bengaluru. Our approach in the coming years will be to share that love for our city by celebrating our women and their contribution to the society. #akshayakalpa #InternationalWomensDay