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Allison A. Matherly
· May 18, 2018
As a weekly attendee to Geeks Who Drink for more than three years, I have watched as the management of Alamo Drafthouse has turned over multiple times, each time changing the way Glass Half Full runs,... running their staff ragged and mistreating them in general. Customers can see it, and the bar staff obviously does their best to try to fit into whatever that day's rules are.

However, last night (May 17, 2018) was the pinnacle of mistreatment of staff. I, along with an extremely full bar, watched as one staff member was sent home and another staff member, I believe the longest staff member in the bar, was pulled away from our table while clearing dishes , fired and escorted from the building. These staff members were in the process of providing excellent service, and have been fantastic bartenders the entire time I've been attending Geeks Who Drink every week. In addition to the ridiculous disrespect we all witnessed, the managers then proceeded to leave the staff they had left to fend for themselves and try to remedy the situation.

I'm disappointed that Alamo has no respect for the individuals who work extremely hard to bring a great experience to customers, and favors the managers that have worked there for 5 minutes and their personal anger against employees.
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Robin Leighan Gardner
· March 9, 2018
We’ve been pretty diehard about Alamo in Lubbock since they opened and it ends tonight. We went to the Back To The Future movie party tonight and it was SO HOT in the theater we contemplated leaving e...arly and both left with awful headaches. The waiter we had was named Prince and he had a really bad attitude when we said we just wanted water and then the water tasted awful. We’ve gotten just water there before and it wasn’t a problem. My husband ordered egg rolls for $9 and got two egg rolls that looked squashed, not cut in half. I ordered the taco platter with three ribeye tacos. The meat was fatty and tough. My food came out cold on hard tortillas. (Flour tortillas shouldn’t be hard) I ordered the “flux incapacitator” as the special for this movie and it tasted like a teenager made it in their parents basement out of the cheapest tequila they could find. It was gross. They mentioned that we needed to tip no less than 10 times in the credits, in the announcements and during the games before the show. I love tipping, but honestly I felt guilted into tipping for service that was poor and food that was incredibly under par. See More
Dane Juris Norman
· May 18, 2018
I have noticed a turnover in management throughout my years as a customer of Alamo Drafthouse. One constant has been the staff in the bar. They have been attentive, polite, and motivated. I visit at l...east once, sometimes twice, a week for trivia. Even when the bar has been packed full of patrons, the staff has been great. Last night (May 17, 2018) the management sent home one staff member in spite of the absolutely packed bar. When another staff member expressed discontent with said decision, management fired this staff member.

The personal and professional feel I have enjoyed during my years of patronage has been peeled away and eroded by poor management subverting their hard-working staff.
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Aggie Taylor
· May 18, 2018
Last night was only my second time at the Lubbock location. 1) props to you guys for having the guts to show RBG in Lubbock. Especially after the comments I’ve seen posted about it on your Facebook 2) I see most of the bad reviews on here are in reference to the food and service. We only got chips, salsa, and drinks-so I can’t say much about the food. But our server was great. Not distracting or loud at all and quick. I didn’t catch her name but it was 7:15 screening of RBG. See More
Kimbery Leal
· April 9, 2018
I had two bad experiences back to back.
I took my husband to see “Deadpool”, and I had to miss some of the movie to explain to my server that I never received my food and I needed it removed from my ...ticket.
Today, I took my mom to see “Book Club” and we didn’t receive our popcorn. I put up a order card to remind our server, but she never came by again so I had to rewrite it to ask for the popcorn to be removed from our ticket. Our server somehow became confused about our ticket and I again had to miss about 10 mins of the movie trying to help her figure it out. Then, she never came back to cash us out. After our movie was over, we had to take it to the front to ask for someone to charge us for the pizza and drink we did order. When the manager (Austin) arrived, I told him what happened the previous time and this current visit and all he said was “ma’am, it’s been a rough day!” There was not an apology for the inconvenience or bad service just an excuse.

My husband and I were loyal customers visiting at least twice a month but I’m not so sure we will be back after such bad customer service all around.
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Michael Akens
· March 26, 2018
Do not eat the Fish and chips. I got sick from it. Extremely Bad. Also the food servers should be wearing a distinct uniform shirt and hat. I couldn't tell who was touching my food, there were 3 di...fferent people bringing food items to my table. And my pizza had woman's hair in it. Another bad thing. Several people fell asleep in their chairs.. And we're snoring off and on throughout the movie. Big heavy meals tend to to that to people. Finally.. My chair had spilled drink on the floor. Very sticky to walk on. Just nasty.. And for the total price. It's not worth it. My advice. Go out to eat before the movie. Stick to the traditional popcorn and fountain drink. See More
Carlene Kelly
· May 18, 2018
I generally love Alamo, but last night (May 17, 2018) has soured my opinion, especially in regards to management.

I have loved going to Glass Half Full for trivia over the previous 3+ years. However,... I am appalled at how the management treated their staff last night. With a very full bar area, one bartender was sent home, and another was pulled away from our table while she was clearing dishes, told she was fired, and was escorted out. These were both long-standing employees who both provided EXCELLENT service for several years.

It's a shame that Alamo can't seem to keep a manager long enough to know their staff and treat them with respect.
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Jason Hancock
· November 26, 2017
We attend movie at Alamo more than anywhere else. Lately however the service has been shoddy. I attended four movies this past week. During 3 of those showings it took almost 30-40 minutes to my drink, and actually required me reordering it before I actually received it. During one of the showings we didn’t see our server after the initial order and he didn’t bring our checks until the credits were already rolling, meaning that the audience was left sitting around after the movie while we waited for him to run cards.

I’ve also noticed that the restrooms are in constant need of attention, even during the first showing of the day. They smell dirty. Have multiple stalls doors that are broken, and often have soap dispensers and faucets that don’t appear to work.

We will continue to support Alamo, but lately it seems like the entire place has not lived up to its own standards.
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Karen Jennifer Tijerina
· March 4, 2018
We’ve been here many times, TBH today was Probabaly the last! Saw two movies and the first was good service but we only had water and popcorn. Second movie we ordered a strawberry margarita a pizza an...d a hot sandwich. The drink was AWEFUL! The first sandwich was DRY and tough. They did credit the drink and make a new sandwich but this isn’t the first time we’ve had less than satisfactory food/drink. Too much to pay for what you get. Just being honest. See More
Corban Wood
· March 16, 2018
Alamo is where my wife and I ALWAYS go to see movies. We love having reserved seats and the movies and sound are always good. The food is pretty good normally (not great though) but the main reason i...t is not a 5 is that the server staff ALWAYS seem to be slow. I would take 15 mins to get our waters. And 30 mins later to get our food. I understand that time is not always the servers fault but when they don't come back by to pick up your ticket for 15 mins after you put it up that IS their fault. Also trying to get a drink refill in the middle of the movie is like pulling teeth sometimes. Get these server issues resolved and it will be a 5 star all the way. See More
Sharon Kay Bradshaw Yeates
· December 18, 2017
I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars. The skip-the-line ticketing was great, the movie was great. However, I arrived 25 minutes early and was seated as the server was taking the order of the people next to... me. Instead of waiting to ask if I wanted anything, the server ran off. I filled out my card, put it up, and waited until almost 35 minutes into the actual movie before she took the card, then waited longer for my coca cola, and waited even LONGER for the popcorn. They were handing out bills before they picked up my card requesting a refill on the soft-drink. I know the movie was a packed house, but seriously folks?! The couple next to me cancelled their order because they decided it was too late to enjoy it by the time the server showed up. See More
Brittany Belmont
· December 7, 2017
I come here pretty frequently and it has continued to get worse. I went again tonight’s and our server is the reason for this review. Micaela served us and we did get everything we ordered. However, s...he was talking very loud to every table and wasn’t even trying to duck down when passing through the aisles. She was rude and really seemed like she hated her job. With such a big pitch to the customers to be quiet, we expect the same from the wait staff. Everyone else who came in and out of the theater was great! See More
Laura Beth Butcher
· February 5, 2018
The food was decent the drinks were ok. (The do not make an old fashioned properly even though it’s a featured drink) Service stopped about 30 minutes into the movie and tickets were dropped off an ho...ur into the movie. The music we had to endure before the show started made me want to gouge my eyes out!! See More
Cheryl Palmer
· December 4, 2017
Went to the Die Hard movie party on Friday December 1. Have always enjoyed the Alamo, and had pretty good service, however, on this visit, after taking a very long time to get drinks(order cards up be...fore previews started, and just water & soda, nothing fancy), we paid with cash, both my table, and some other family at the table next to us. The server came and took the cash, and never returned with change. Both of our bills were $5.68, I left $6, but my father-in-law left $10, expecting change from which he would have left a tip, but not a $4.32 tip for slow service! I can't say that we will be back anytime soon, I'd rather get my own soda at another theatre and not get ripped off by the waitstaff - please train staff that this is not appropriate! See More
Christy Kennon Chapman
· November 25, 2017
We have always enjoyed the Alamo, but the last few times it’s been apparent that things are going downhill. We went a couple of days ago and were in our seats 15 minutes prior to the movie starting. ... We immediately put up our paper for our drink and food orders. The waiter never even came to our row until well after the movie had started. We finally got our drinks (just cokes, not bar drinks) an hour after we sat in our seats. Two of us got our meals shortly after the drinks came, and the other two didn’t get food until about 20 minutes later. We never saw the waiter again until he brought our check. While we enjoy the atmosphere and being able to order food and drinks during the movie, the lag in service time makes it easier to just go to a regular theater where you can get your own food and drinks before the movie starts. See More
Nick Michael Doerrig
· November 22, 2017
Let me start by saying I really enjoy this theater. I have only gone to one other theater in Lubbock to see doctor strange one, but otherwise it’s been Alamo. It’s conveniently close by and has great ...prices on movie tickets after 10pm which is typically when I like to watch movies. Unfortunately I can’t give it 5 starts due to the pricing/quality of food and drinks. I like the prospect of being able to eat during the movie, but the past couple of times I had talked myself into ordering food, my $13 burger was subpar and lukewarm. Same thing with the $10 “ultimate” fries. Not only does my food not come out hot, but the quality/amount of food I get is not worth the price. This is why I typically avoid ordering food or drinks. There isn’t any special pricing later in the evening when you would think they get the most business. Unless I see a change in that I may start going to a different theater with larger screens and with food more worth the price. I don’t like saying bad things about Alamo, but I hope in the future I will be convinced to give this theater 5 stars. See More
Jon Benton
· October 24, 2017
One of our favorite places in Lubbock. I go to the theater to experience movies. They understand this and I will never go to another theater in town. The no talking, no texting policy is enough to mak...e it my favorite place to watch a movie. (If you've been kicked out because of this, good, write a 1 star review and stay away.) The awesome programming, the special movie parties, video vortex, quote alongs and the general celebration of Cinema is all icing on the cake. The food and drinks are the cherry on top.

We have never had a problem with food service, order mix-ups, getting food late, cold food, etc. etc. I know that these problems exist, many of our friends have told us they won't order food there again. Just wanted to share that we have never, in a TON of visits, had a single problem with food service.

Absolutely love the Drafthouse!
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Chris Lovato
· March 18, 2018
We never got our food all we ordered was popcorn and wings, I had to go to the bar to get my own drinks . This place would be great if the servers didn’t lose our order ticket.
Liza Cruz
· November 12, 2017
The 2 star rating is merely because the movie was hilarious & the servers were very sweet. Otherwise, the seats were uncomfortable, the service was horrible, and the food was not worth the money. We ...wrote our order on a sheet of paper with all the seat #s and the order for that seat. They still brought all the food for me to distribute. We didn’t get refills on our drinks. We didn’t see the servers for long periods of time. They were very nice, just not a great place for a meal. We’ve been to several places like this- this was by far the worst. See More
Erin Neilan
· March 16, 2018
I genuinely love Alamo Drafthouse and flat out refuse to go to any other theater. My ONLY complaint is that the whole "no talking" thing never seems to be enforced. Any time I've had to make a complai...nt nothing has happened and I've had people talk through the entire movie on more than one occasion and it ruins the experience. See More
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