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sacred is sacred

It's no consolation to say we "told you so" to those who so willingly sacrificed the cultures of 13 Indigenous Nations, public health, and the ecological integr...ity of the holy San Francisco Peaks.

The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, a handful of businesses (including some of those quoted in this article), and politicians all cried about how the winter economy of Flagstaff was dependent on Snowbowl ski area & their plans for snowmaking with treated sewage.

The bottom line is that although the facts were clearly established (in the Final Environmental Impact Statement, by the City's own tax reports, and by an independent study commissioned by the Hopi Tribe) that Snowbowl is not a driver of the winter economy in the region, the interests of a single for-profit private ski business operating outside city limits were more important than the cultural survival of Indigenous Peoples.

Desecration of the sacred Peaks is imposed by white supremacy and capitalism, these are the underlying systems of oppression functioning as part of the colonial apparatus that executes cultural genocide.

Take action:, Protect The Peaks

Email Flagstaff City Council:
Urge them to end their wastewater contract with Snowbowl (note: some City council reps are responding saying they are fearful of a possible lawsuit by doing so, tell them to #haveaspineagainstculturalgenocide)
#boycottsnowbowl #stopsnowbowl #protectthepeaks #defendthesacred #snowbowl #azsnowbowl…/article_ce785f93-32fa-5f64-88c9-68c…

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A row of snow blowers sits in the sun outside Tractor Supply on East Route 66 Wednesday afternoon. Unseasonably warm temperatures mean that snow shovels, snowblowers and sleds are sitting unsold at stores that would usually be doing brisk business in snow-related items.