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Sarah Holsopple
· July 13, 2015
We just moved closeby, decided to ride bikes for ice cream. The place was busy with tourists. I waited in line behind a group. The man serving the ice cream seemed flustered, when he came up and asked... me what will it be? I ordered what I wanted, he then scooped it out in a cup. Seconds later and without warning he turned on a dime and snapped when he realized I wasn't with the previous group. He threw my ice cream down on the counter and yelled at me, saying "here we serve groups!" I looked at my girlfriend, like what the heck is happening here. I was speechless in response to his anger thinking, how was I supposed to know you weren't finished with the group? After all he approached me and asked what I wanted. He flipped out and told me to get out and that I was no longer welcome there. It was ludacris. Never in my life have I met such a rude, hostile, ice cream man. Good thing I found out early what a mean person runs the place, so I never had to waste one penny in a local business who treats local customers this way. Unbelievable! See More
Tina-Gregory Cochrane
· July 23, 2017
The Best ice cream ever!! The lady behind the counter explained all our options and told us how the ice cream was made. Great service.
Katie Hewitt Cothren
· November 25, 2015
This place has the best ice cream along Gulf Blvd. Every year when our grandchildren come to visit over tee summer they want to come here to get their ice cream fix. Friendly staff and very affordable... prices. A must do when in the area. See More
Rachel Sunshine Darling
· May 19, 2016
Love their ice cream and their treats! Their heavenly layered bars are amazing so I'm guessing the rest is too! They have products from where I grew up in Ohio too! People who haven't grown up with Am...ish made products don't know what they're missing out on until they try some! See More
Susan Lemaire Nabulsi
· June 8, 2015
Just got home to Atlanta and I miss this place already! Can you ship me some Kahula Crunch my way please! 363 days and counting!
Amber Gilmour
· May 28, 2016
We discovered this place last summer, it has the BEST ice cream I've ever had! Look forward to coming again whenever we are in the area!
Sandi Beem Karwacki
· January 13, 2016
Everything about the Amish is amazing. Everything they make is the best made money can buy. Ice cream...yum yum
Carey Blackwelder
· December 29, 2015
Chris is a good server, I would highly recommend my family and friends.
Clinton Herlein
· November 15, 2017
Lisa Ann Palermo
· March 27, 2015
The people that work there are very nice. I enjoy going there for their delicious ice cream.
Danielle Kelley
· January 24, 2015
Best ice creampistachio is my favorite
My son loves the superman
Janet Anderson Grasher
· January 12, 2014
Luvvvv the Almond Joy ice cream
Matthew Yoder
April 12, 2014
Got iced Cream?! Good day.
Matthew Yoder
April 12, 2014
Got iced Cream?! Good day.
Matthew Yoder
April 12, 2014
Got iced Cream?! Good day.
Matthew Yoder
April 12, 2014
Got iced Cream?! Good day.