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“Glasgow @GaelicSchool most 'overperforming' school in Scotland - mealaibh ur naidheachd! #gaelic #gàidhlig”

Iain Dall MacKay holds an important place in the history of piping. Considered one of bagpiping's greatest composers, he is known to have authored at least 30 p...iobaireachds. Iain Dall had the distinction of being both piper and bard to the chief of the MacKenzies, an astonishing feat for the time.

Iain MacKay was born in about 1656 in Gairloch, in the Northwest of Scotland. He was the son of Ruairidh (Rorie) MacKay. Iain became blind when he was seven due to smallpox. He is commonly called Iain Dall, where Dall is the gaelic for blind.

He was first taught piping by his father who was the hereditary piper for the MacKenzie clan. When he was about 18, he was sent to study at the MacCrimmon piping school in Skye. He was there for about seven years and studied under Patrick Og who was is considered one of the greatest teachers from the MacCrimmon school.

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Iain Dall MacKay holds an important place in the history of piping. Considered one of bagpiping's greatest composers, he is known to have authored at least 30 piobai

Wondering where An Ungair and An Ugràin might be? Here's your map!

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It was great to hear back from some of you telling us what other languages you speak - what a diverse buch we Gaelic speakers are 😉

Here's a map to help you out with all the European countries:

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A chàirdean còire, bìdh "An t-Òran Sìth-bhuan," ur program Gàidhlig airson dualchas nan Gaidheal ri chluinntinn mar is àbhaist air stèisean-rèidio Oilthigh Fransaidh Xavier, 's e sin CFXU 93.3 FM - The Fox (, madainn Disathairne eadar 1100 is 1200 ann an Albainn Nuaidh, neo 1500 gu 1600 ann am Breatainn, neo 1600 gu 1700 'san Roinn Eòrpa. 'S i cuspair a' phrograim a-màireach: còmhstrì eadar a' phìob 's an clàrsach, neo gu fìreannach, gruaim "bàrd nan dàn dìreach" an aghaidh nam pìobairean. Ciod e fo thalamh a gheibhear air a chùlaibh? Nì sinn fiamh a rannsachadh air a' chùis...

Friends, your Gaelic language program for all things connected to the culture of the Gaels, "An t-Òran Sìth-bhuan," can be heard as usual on our campus radio station here at Saint Francis Xavier University, I mean of course CFXU 93.3 FM - The Fox (livestreaming online via, on Saturday from 11am to 12noon in Nova Scotia, or from 3pm to 4pm in Britain, or 4pm to 5pm in central Europe. This time I have chosen a very special theme: let's call it a very curious case of "drones-and-chanter envy." Gaelic poetry from around the 17th century has recorded the entry of the Highland pipes into the upper echelons of Gaelic society in some rather curious contexts; usually laudatory, but sometimes full of venom and bile. What on earth can the bardic poets and their cohorts, the harpists (sometimes incorporated in one and the same person) have had against the bagpipes? Listen in while we investigate this phenomenon through the medium of poetry, song and music...

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Deagh òran agus seinneadairean gasta! A good song and excellent singers.

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Highland Village Museum

Today's #TuneTuesday or in this case #SongTuesday is Ochoine, mar a dh’fhalbh sinn sung by Maxie Dan Angus MacNeil along with Jim Watson and Dr. John Shaw. Dan Angus MacNeil was born and raised on the Tailor Road in Highland Hill, Victoria County. He is descended from Barra people. After working away in Ontario for many years, Maxie returned home and took a vital role in the Iona Gaelic community. He became a member of the Iona Gaelic Singers and could often be found sharing a song or two at milling frolics around the island.

The show was produced by the Cape Gaelic Associate Cooperative and was recorded by Cape Breton University.

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Fàilte gu fearann air balaich an iasgaich! Welcome ashore the fishing lads.

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BBC Archive

#OTD 1952: This rather beautiful little film, The Fishermen of Stornoway, appeared on Children's Newreel

LearnGaelic is putting out a call to action!

They have plans to make some NEW videos about learning the language – the journeys that learners have been on, reasons to learn Gaelic and busting myths about the language. The majority of the content will be in English, with some Gaelic peppered in, to attract people to learning the language.

If you are willing to take part in these little videos – please let them know!


If you haven't had the opportunity to check out their site, please do! They have wonderful resources for learners such as videos, a dictionary and audio files!

#AnComunnGaidhealachAmeireaganach #ACGA #AmericanScottishGaelicSociety #LearnGaelic #Gaelic #ScottishGaelic #Gaidhlig

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LearnGaelic homepage, Cùrsaichean is goireasan do luchd-ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig || Courses and resources for Gaelic learners

Washington, DC's Gaelic Learning Community recently celebrated "Oidhche nam Bàrd: The Night of the Bards." Learn more about the event at #bàrdachd #poetry #Gàidhlig

Everyone, practically everywhere, has heard of Robert Burns and Burns’ Night, but what about Scotland’s Gaelic poets? They got their due and their own night Jan. 27, when 20 people gath…

Seallaidhean de Chultair Dùthchasach le Margaret Stewart!

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9th to 13th April, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig…/seallaidhean-de...-chultair-duthch…/

This exciting five-day course led by Margaret Stewart, with contributions from Professor Hugh Cheape, Murdo MacDonald, and Caroline Dear will begin by defining Material Culture, helping students to engage with tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The course will cover aspects of our culture and history, daily life in the home and work on land and sea, hardship and pleasure, beliefs and customs as well as song and story.

Subjects covered throughout the course may include some of the following:-

Traditional Dwellings, arable and grazings, infield and outfield, seaweed and manuring, tools and methods.

The daily and the seasonal round, organising of work, making good and repairing the ravages of weather and winter.

Changes from clachan to crofting system, animal husbandry, tools, and implements.

Shielings and transhumance.

Effects of Emigration & Clearances.

Fishing (herring in particular), boat-building, tools, and terminology.

Inshore fishing and food from the Sea.
Fuel - peat cutting and timber, implements, methods and terminology.

Traditional food & drink of the Gael.

By the Hearth – clothing and furnishing, Waulking and working with wool, spinning and weaving, churning and milling, tools, and methods.

Songs relating to some of the course material and topics.

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Gaelic literature and publishing in 2018

"Against a backdrop of huge uncertainty about continued public funding for the arts and culture in Scotland, the in the number of books being sold by the Gaelic Books Council, clearly illustrates there is a growing demand for Gaelic books and the numbers of Gaelic readers in Scotland and throughout the world is increasing.

Over the course of the last three years, the Gaelic Books Council, the lead organisation for Scottish Gaelic Literature, has recorded a 14% increase in the sale of Gaelic books from their bookshop in Glasgow and through online sales. 27% of Gaelic books sold from the company website are delivered to a growing number of destinations across the world, including the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Iceland..."…/litreachas-agus-foillseacha…"

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Rosemary Ward discusses the growing demand for Gaelic books as the number of Gaelic readers in Scotland and throughout the world increases.

Nollaig Chridheil!

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Posted by Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker

Here is a video of my favourite Christmas Carol, O Holy Night, which was translated into Gaelic for me by Flòraidh NicPhàil of Tiree. As you know, I recorded it... this year for the Bun-Sgoil Ghàidhlig Loch Abar Christmas cd, 'Air Oidhche Nollaig', with Ingrid Henderson on piano. The Cd is still available to buy from (last day for orders is tomorrow.)

The video is an 'organic' production, filmed on a phone as my 13 year old daughter Flora's first video project, (with a bit of help from Andrew - I'm grateful to them both!

Tha mi'n dòchas gum bith Nollaig Chridheil agaibh uile, làn fois, sìth agus ceòl! A very merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for your support over the past six months. 🎄🎶❄️🌟 Feel free to share!

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Tha Nollaig a' tighinn gu dearbh!

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North Lanarkshire Council

A Gaelic rock band from Greenfaulds High School is aiming for chart success this Christmas.

'S e Nollaig a th' ann! (It's Christmas!) was recorded by Làn Chomai...s with backing from a thousand pupils from schools across North Lanarkshire, including Condorrat and Baird Memorial primaries.

The talented band members received tuition at the recent Fèis Lannraig a’ Tuath (North Lanarkshire Feis).

Please SHARE to help this fantastic song top the charts this Christmas.

'S e Nollaig a th' ann! is available now on Amazon -…/…/ref=sr_1_2… - iTunes, Google and Spotify.

The video can be viewed in HD quality on Youtube -

For more about the project -…

Council Gaelic Language plan -…

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Meal do naidheachd, Joy! Gaelic learners: This should be a great course!

Exciting news! I'm really chuffed to have been asked to curate my first ever Gaelic song course at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig next summer, which will be based on songs f...rom my home area of Argyll. I've always had a real love for our local songs, which is why it was so enjoyable to showcase a selection of them through my second solo album Faileasan / Reflections.

This course is a continuation of that exploration and I'll be both introducing participants to some of the songs from Faileasan and also, material from both mainland Argyll and its islands. We'll be learning a range of songs, including waulking songs, puirt à beul (mouth music), love songs, praise songs and humorous songs of satire.

The course is suitable for both fluent speakers and those who have little or no Gaelic, as the tuition will be in both English & Gaelic. Most importantly, no singing experience required - just an enthusiasm to learn.

There’s currently space for up to 18 people on the course so if you are interested, book now to guarantee your place.…/rain-earra-ghaidheal-le-joy-dunl…

See More Sabhal Mòr Ostaig are delighted to introduce this new course ‘Argyll Gaelic Song’ with Joy Dunlop to their 2018 Short Courses programme. Raised in the small village of Connel on the west coast of Scotland, Joy was steeped in the musical traditions of Argyll since childhood....
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Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Our award winning Gaelic for beginners distance learning course, An Cùrsa Inntrigidh, is now open for registrations!

Deadline: 8th January

N.B. places are on ...a first come first served basis so, don’t hesitate, send an enquiry form now:

(If you’ve previously sent an enquiry for the course, please check your e-mails)

Siuthadaibh - ionnsaich Gàidhlig!

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The Scottish Gaelic Texts Society has a new website presenting a wide array of the wealth of native literature

Comann Litreachas Gàidhlig na h-Alba

To any Gaelic speakers, learners and enthusiasts within 500 miles of NYC: Christine Primrose is coming to Manhattan Dec. 13. That's an early Christmas present! Sign up for her song workshop, presented by the New York Caledonian Club.

Scottish Gaelic learners and fans of Gaelic song in the New York area will have a unique opportunity to meet and study with one of the leading exponents of Gaelic song in Scotland this December, Ch…