I'm working on an artificial intelligence neural network computer opponent who ought to be better than any human when I complete it.

Stay tuned 😀

Version 3.3.2 will hit the App stores very shortly.

This release primarily fixes the paid, ads-free version permissions.


Sorry for the long delay between updates! I did a lot of architectural improvements to Euchre and it took a while for it to come to fruition. Please enjoy the latest version!

Fixed a display issue in the Hand History view, where the original cards dealt always appear the same and do not update as you scroll from hand to hand.

When picking up, the first computer after the dealer will now analyze his cards against the opposite suit color to see which is stronger.

Numerous internal cleanups

Version 3.2.7 is now live on both the Play Store & Amazon! Fixes some AI issues

Sorry Amazon appstore users, you haven't received an update in a while but now you have the latest version.

There's a bug in the latest version that causes the same graphic to appear in the pick up window. Select Use Old Card Graphics in the meantime if you're affected by it

Would anybody be interested in achievements?

Version 3.2.3 is now live! Some AI improvements as well as some bug fixes. Plus I did some rearchitecting to make landscape mode easier

Fixes some crashing issues at startup, sorry everybody!

3.2.0 was just released!

Fixed AI bug issue (thanks Seth!) that resulted in incorrect cards being sometimes played.
Computer will no longer discard aces in an effort to go void suits.
Various architecture improvements.
Deprecated support for Gingerbread and earlier versions of Android.

Adds maximum bleed trump per round to help reign in a bleeding partner

Version 3.1.6 has been released!

A new version is forthcoming! Apparently upgrading to 4.4.3 will crash the app when it loads up. A workaround is to either uninstall/install or clear the app's data. Or you can wait for the update

So after changing jobs and moving, I finally have some free time for Euchre! Sorry guys for the lack of updates recently.

Anyhow, I've decided to add something that a lot of people have requested - the ability to skip the final hand in a 3-1 score situation. I'm going to add it as an option, but I'm having trouble deciding what to call it!

Internally I'm calling it 'Skip Useless Hands,' but I don't really like the sound of it. Please send your suggestions for what the text in the Settings page should display!

Why does everybody complain about lousy hands? Look what I was just dealt!

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Whoops, found an AI bug during my testing today. Looks a new version is forthcoming!

Release 3.1.2 should fix the problems related to cards loading! Hopefully

I've received numerous complaints about the app freezing up while loading cards, but I've been unable to reproduce the problem locally so I can't fix it. I'll continue to investigate...