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Terry Turner
· July 11, 2017
I have been going here for YEARS,... always requested my friends and family use Andys when there, that all ended this July 8th float.. I had rented my tube and cooler tube, and there was 8 of us in th...e 1/2 of my group I managed to catch up with after helping a few others... I was a little late getting off the river, but only stopped once to regroup after some faster water and a few newbies to the river getting dumped in the faster water...we were off the river before dark... from the time the picked us up,until he got us all back to our car, he chewed me out in front of the group continuously... even after I told him, if you think I owe you money ,I'll square up with you when we get there... so he charged me for another full day, and others in my group, another 120.00 making my total 160.00, which I paid... but that's where the friendship ended... I have sent numbers of friends and family and advertised for Andys for years.... that has come to an end when I walked off the property on July 8,... there is more details on my fb page if you want to read... but In my opinion, the whole event was very unprofessional and I won't be sending anyone else there... my friends went on for days about how I got chewed out all the way back to their office.... smh See More
Tamara Hendrick
· September 4, 2017
I invited my family down from Dallas to float the river, some it was their first time ever. We got to Andy's tubes at 12:45 so we could go on the 4 hour float, which you can do... as long as it's before 1pm. When we got to the counter to buy our tubes, the manager at the desk refused to let us take the long float and intentionally put our start time as 1:15; 30 minutes AFTER the actual time. We confronted her about it, and she became extremely rude and said "You can either have your money back, or go on the short float because I want to go home".
We asked for our money back and went over to Shanty's tubes and had the BEST TIME!! Love Stanty's, they were so nice and were waiting for us at pick up. Not to mention, they were $2 cheaper. This is the only place I'll rent tubes from!
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Tim Hendrick
· August 27, 2017
Went there with my family and friends. Lady was a total B. We asked for our $ back and went to Shanty Toobs. Shanty was very appreciative of our business and less expensive.
Kaycee Michelle
· September 4, 2016
Came down to visit the grandparents and this place accused us stealing their tube. They were very aggressive and cursed at us. We have never rented from this place and had our own tubes for the river!... (That they took from us by the way.) See More
Sarah Reeves
· July 4, 2015
Great service! $15 per person to tube (your tube or theirs) and including parking, yet another $5 per tube to air up. Staff was helpful and very friendly! Oh, and they have a small restaurant grill ri...ght there to enjoy some eats after your tubing trip! See More
Andrea L. McCoy
· July 15, 2016
They have everything! Will take a coupon on your phone. Super nice and drive you to the horse sue with your toons and cooler so no walking and dragging. Woohoo!!
Scarlett Willis Shirley
· March 20, 2016
We had a great time. The people were so friendly. Can't wait to go back this summer.
Katie Robello Plaag
· July 24, 2016
Fun, Friendly people and the Snack Bar is the best!!!!
Samantha Hamilton
· August 14, 2016
Super friendly people! I would totally recommend getting your reasonably priced tubes here!!!!

Relax in one of our brand new toobs!!! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! We are open !

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