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Cheryl Cortez
· March 7, 2018
I had been here a few times for pedicure never a problem. Today I came in to get my nails polished with no chip. Show the guy what I wanted ask if he could do it he assured me it would be no problem t...he only issue was that they didn't have the green that I wanted so I chose a lighter green. No biggie! I told him I just want them polished! He said its same price for just gel polish and it is for gel manicure. Ok fine, please don't cut my nails, I already shaped them before I went, all you really need to do is clean up the cuticles and buff them for the gel to stick better. The guy that did my nails filed them so short and thin from over buffing. Proceeded to give me bubble nails so I asked him why it was so thick at the tips he replied with you want a French manicure green right this is how they look. I politely said no I have had several French manicure all different colors and just because it is a color doesn't mean it has to be globed on. He called someone else over they talked, the other guy say I will fix it. I have already been here 2 hours! Yes 2 hours. I told him just take it off I will go somewhere else. Another 30 minutes now to get all of the gel scraped off of my nails. This guy look at the picture and say oh I can do that no problem. I asked are you sure? Yes no problem. So agents my better judgement let him do my nails. Still wrong not what I wanted. Got upset and he said I will give you discount. You want me to pay for something you screwed up? He says yes $25 I asked to talk to a manager or the owner and he said yes $25. Then starred at me like I had 2 damn heads when I asked again to speak to the owner. See More
Amy Nicole Clements
· February 16, 2018
Normally I love this place I love the way it’s decorated everybody is so friendly and kind and attentive. But I do have to say when I was there yesterday I was a little disappointed. Got a top package... pedicure, which included callus removal but for $50 I felt it was rushed and the guy that did mine only touched my feet to paint my toe nails (& that wasn’t done well at all) And the reason I got it is because my heroes were slightly dry and my heels we’re not even touched and looked the exact same as they did before I came. My boyfriend that with me and I was watching her do him because he was sitting right next to me and I thought she was a lot more thorough. Next I was up for a manicure. I had my heart set on an American manicure and The same guy that did my pedicure was the one doing my manicure. He looked confused when I asked for an American manicure. So I pulled up the difference between a French manicure and in American manicure on Pinterest and showed him. And I also described how I did not want white tips but the tips that look more natural. I couldn’t understand why he looks so confused Still but apparently he was because he gave me a French manicure. I even showed him a picture of the shape that I wanted and told him I wanted my fingernails grounded and I got very squared nails. When he asked me if it was OK I said I want them around in please and he barely touched them and barely round it off the edges and I asked if he could please make them more rounded and he looked confused again and I was tired of explaining and showing pictures so I just left it alone. There’s no reason somebody that is a professional should not know the difference between an American manicure and a French manicure. Especially when I had to sit and educate him with pics And have him still not get it. The nails came out fine but when I go somewhere and spend close to $200 between me and my boyfriend I would really like to get what I asked for, and pedicure is mostly feet isn’t it? Or am I confused because I didn’t go there to get my Calluses removed from my cabs of my legs considering there isn’t any there LOL… My first experience there was wonderful and the guy that did my nails was outstanding. Not only did he know his stuff but he made wonderful suggestions. But this visit I was much less than satisfied by far See More
Melissa Fleig
· February 16, 2018
I went to Michelle for years. I received a one hundred dollar gift certificate, but I knew 10 minutes after I got there that I wouldn’t come back. I had to think of ways to make a pedicure add up to ...$100. I made it into a $75 service by doing the $50 pedicure with no chip and design, and ended up giving the remaining $25 to a stranger that was getting a pedicure. The water was cold. They didn’t have hot water. The massage chair didn’t work. It took more thank an hour and a half. The hot stones burnt my legs, and were continuously rubbed across my shin bones. I ended up being more sore when i left than when i came in. Such a shame to see what different ownership will do to a business.Feel free to message me if you know where Michelle is working now. I went to Toe Heaven in the mall, and Bebe did a fantastic job. See More
Allison Kaufmann
· January 13, 2018
I was a regular here before Rosa moved and loved their family. I have never left a review, but felt I needed to after today’s experience. I am 7 months pregnant and was looking for a relaxing morning.... I asked the employee which pedicure package would smooth the bottoms of my feet, so he told me to pick the $40 package. He barely spent any time on the bottoms of my feet and rubbed the exfoliant on my legs so much that it hurt. The towels used to wrap my legs were dirty and stained. After doing a poor job at painting my nails, I checked my feet and they were still just as rough. I sat forever waiting for him to come back before I asked another employee to fix what he hadn’t. I also had a smudged nail, and instead of removing the polish and redoing the nail, she painted over it. Now, there was so much polish that it wouldn’t dry and I couldn’t put my shoes back on. I had to ask her again to come over and remove the polish and repaint the nail. He finally came back to give me my bill. I tried explaining to him what happened, and he didn’t seem at all concerned with my lack of satisfaction. After the hour and a half waste of time and money, will not be returning, unfortunately. I began going to Angelina’s years ago when they first opened, and they were always there to offer a nice experience and did an amazing job every time. I am very sad to see how things have changed. � Now the commenting has been turned off for this post. Not a good way to do business! See More
Kierra McCullough
· April 13, 2018
I was a faithful customer before the “NEW MANAGEMENT.” I loved coming here never had a problem. I went there Saturday for my BIRTHDAY to get a pedicure and a full set (gel). Ben did my full set and DI...SAPPOINTED is not the word! My two thumb nails were peeling not even a hour later but they were closed so I returned in the morning. A different man started to fix them but instead of taking off all of the polish he attempted to paint over it!! He ended up “fixing” them and I left. I made it home 10 minutes later and realized they were peeling AGAIN!!!!!!! The same two nails!!!!! I returned a lady fixed them and now my thumb nail is broken! It hasn’t even been a full week! Im very careful with my nails they normally last at least 2-3 weeks with regular acrylic! I will NEVER go here again!! See More
Rachel Hernandez Holte
· December 21, 2017
Horrible! I'd give it zero stars if I could. Have been going to Angelinas for years and only stopped when the work started going down hill after Rosa left. Thought I'd give it another try. HUGE mistak...e! I should've known better consider it was like a ghost town and one worker looked like she was wearing her pajamas. I asked for pink and white and the man doing my nails acted like I was interrupting him. He finally finished after 2 hours. I just wanted to get out of there. When I got to the car I got a good look at my really crooked nails. So I went back in to complain. This man got mad and told me I was a horrible person for complaining. He'd give me my money back but he would have to take my nails off first. Unbelievable! I'm so done with them. I'll NEVER go in there again. See More
Erica Kesler
· April 6, 2018
Ryan and Kelly are back!
New management!!!
I tend to find staff that do the job excellent. I have followed Ryan and Kelly a few places because I know the service is the Best!!!!
Haley Stalsberg
· April 10, 2018
Me and my mother went there for some girl time and had an amazing time! It was beautiful inside and everyone was so nice. I got a pedicure with the lucky lavender bundle, it was so relaxing!! My mothe...r got her nails done by Ryan and he did amazing!! See More
Nisha Gill
· April 6, 2018
Ryan fixed my nails and did a great job and his staff is wonderful will keep coming back....ryan is very sweet and nice
Mie Mozzi-Boyd
· November 16, 2017
Sara is the best! She always makes time for me! AND next week they will have food and wine for all of their customers! How awesome is that!?!
Lesa Rhodes
· October 2, 2017
Have been going to Angelina's since they opened with Timmy and Rosa. Never once did I have a problem with my nails.......always great quality and customer service. Ever since they sold and the new o...wners came in, the work has gotten shoddy. Just had nails done on Thursday night and 6 out of 10 nails are already peeled off with the cat's eye nail polish. Really miss Rosa and Timmy. Will never go there again. See More
Christina Lopez
· September 24, 2017
Got 2 pedis, lasted 14 min each, didn't even do the ones we wanted, felt rushed and the service was terrible. My feet are still callused, and have nail polish all over my skin. As a former customer f...rom the last owners, I'd have to say this place has gone down hill. And I'll never be back. You ripped me off by making me pay. Never again. See More
Iba Ello
· November 19, 2017
Sara does a wonderful job perfecting the nails shape and helps you pick a color that matches the season. Buy your holiday certificates here at Angelina's nails and spa
Britini Nicole
· April 8, 2018
The new owner Ryan is amazing. He's really nice and his cuts are amazing. He does a mean Almond �
Jessica Meiners
· July 24, 2017
new employees new ownership. this is my 3rd time now they want to rush threw n make me bleed. 1 time on toes 2 times hands. the lady was taking off my nail polish with the mechine and goes to fast an...d i can feel the heat from it. its uncomfortable and not a good experience. after 4 years i will not be returning. See More
Dana Leeann
· November 20, 2017
Saw our families favorite nail beautification girl,Sara.She is always so nice, welcoming and gentle. She always is trying to do exactly what we ask. Sara takes care of 4 generations of us ladies. Than...k you Sara See More
Erica Rath
· January 7, 2018
I lost my thumbnail thanks to unsanitary tools used during a manicure. My finger became so infected, I had to have the nail surgically removed. Wouldn’t recommend this filthy place to anyone. Yuck!! �
Kayla Alarid
· November 19, 2017
Na did an amazing job with my pedicure and manicure! Very thorough and such a nice person! Definitely recommend!
Linda Thomas-Scribner
· March 3, 2018
Waited forever! Ended up leaving without any services! So much for this gift certificate!!
Teresa M. Gray
· November 24, 2017
I love my nails!!!! I have never been disappointed from this place!!!

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