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Rachelle Tambash
· February 4, 2018
My girls love going here on days my husband and I both have to work. I’m a nurse with an odd schedule and they are so flexible with me. I don’t know what we’d do without the ladies that work here.
Karen Wright
· December 10, 2016
Great place for children very friendly staff ...I feel at ease when I leave my granddaughter here knowing she will be taken care of....
Shasta Barnhart-Bright
· November 10, 2013
EXCELLENT!!! They are awesome with my daughter. I never have to worry about her. I love all the ladies there!!
Beth Baker Gilmore
March 12, 2013
The staff here treat my daughter like family. My daughter loves it here. I would highly recommend this daycare! Love the staff!

We have 2 openings for Bethel school age- please spread the word if you know anyone who is looking! Thank you!!

The preschool talked about what animals crawl through tunnels and then pretended to be animals and crawled through our chair tunnel. We had a couple of tigers,a fox,snakes, and even an owl! The kids had a blast!


No school day fun!

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Reminder: Parent's Night Out is this Saturday the 17th!!! Perfect time to go with your significant other for belated Valentine's Dinner!!! Get your registration in!!

We have had a spot open up in the Bethel school bus. If you know anyone from the school district who is looking, please send them our way. These spots don't come open very often!

The schoolers talked about their hearts today. We found our resting heart rate and then did exercises to increase our heart rate. We talked about why exercises that increase our heart rate is important. #angelsatplay #getmoving #hearthealthy #moveitmoveit

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Love is in the air!!!

How cool is this? Send a free Valentine to a patient at cincinnati Children's and put a smile on a young child's face We have already sent ours!! 😍😍

Send a FREE Valentine to patients at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Just enter your name and email on the form and choose your valentine.

Sometimes parents/ caregivers just need a night out and finding a babysitter that you trust can be very stressful. So let us help you! We will be hosting a parent's night out 1 Saturday per month. All funds that we receive will be put back into the classrooms to help pay for supplies and equipment. Saturday, February 17th will be our first official Parent's Night Out event. Attached below is our flyer with our rates and times. Registration papers are located on the wall by the sign in table or just see Miss Patti L. or Miss Tara. Can't wait to see you there! (Children must be enrolled at the center to attend)

Sat 7:00 PM ESTAngels At Play, LLCAmelia, OH
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Angels At Play, LLC is celebrating Friday.

Good Morning!! Hope everybody is having an awesome Friday! The kiddos are enjoying their Friday here! Preschoolers are having story time, all the babies are sleeping, and the toddlers are having fun playing with Miss Heather! (Miss Heather is going to love me for this picture!)

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Just a reminder that the rate increase is in effect today, so remember to adjust your payments accordingly. Thank you!

Last week, we had 1 Amelia schooler diagnosed with Influenza A. Just this this morning, I have had 2 more confirmed reports of a Bethel schooler and a toddler. We will be taking all precautions that we can with handwashing and sanitizing; we ask that the parents help by keeping ill children at home. Thank you!

Hello there!! How is everybody this beautiful Friday? The kids are actually able to get outside today and play, we are all pretty excited! Next week we will be sending home an envelope with every child. We are asking that you please put family pictures in the envelope, pictures of mom/ dad/ grandparents/ sister or brother/ aunts or uncles/ cousins/ family pets. We will be talking about families with your child and hanging the pictures around the classroom. Thank you so much! We can't wait to see pictures of Angels at Play families!! (This is for all classrooms: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool & School Age)