Morag <3 (one of the collie girls) improving every day thanks to the girls who spend time with them helping them gain the confidence they never got
some of our beautiful little kittens amongst them are Donald - Mungo - Baby Jane & mango <3 for further information please contact Wendy 02890 619187 or 07767821150
That's one proud Mama <3
17 Reviews
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Rose Craig's
· January 19, 2018
Fantastic people with true compassion for animals, keep up the great work you do and thank you for your kind words.
Rachael Carson
· June 21, 2017
An amazing bunch of animal lovers who gave us our beautiful, crazy Henry - the perfect dog for our family, we couldn't ask for a more gentle, patient, giant with our toddler. They were thorough in vet...ting us & finding a suitable match, but really supportive. I just can't praise them highly enough! See More
Chloé Mcclay
· August 13, 2017
Can't thank them enough for blessing us with our two boys Milo and Opie � such lovely people running this charity �
Donna Course
· April 13, 2013
I adopted Roo, a boomerang of a scruffy daxi. He had problems...many places would have given up on him... but every time he had to go back, a space was found for him. He had 6 homes before he was 2 an...d a half. He has been at home now for over 3 years, and ok, sometimes hes a hard dog to like, but i love him, and he loves me. And i wouldnt change any part of our life together. Hes kind and patient and safe, and hes always there with a snuggle when you need one.
As they say... i didnt save him.... but animal connexions did... many times.
See More
Emma O'Hare
April 2, 2013
Animal Connexions is a very special rescue - they NEVER turn away an animal in need even when resources are stretched beyond all possibilities... all animals are worthy of help in their eyes, breed, etc doesn't come into it - with AC the animals always come 1st and they go all out time and time again to help as many as possible. I consider it a privilege to know them and to be able to call them friends xxx See More
Louise Robinson
· January 21, 2014
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ animal connexions go the extra mile for every animal in their care. They are also a wealth of information and support. Rescue is not easy by Any means and everything they do, the...y do it with love and passion. See More
Faith Grace
· April 24, 2014
We adopted Rihanna yesterday, now Bella, she's settled into out home so well, she's well trained and couldn't be happier with Wendy and her husbands help, great info given to us as a family, highly re...commended..... See More
Terri Walker
April 13, 2013
I contacted Animal Connexions when I found a lost dog, they worked very quickly to establish an owner and gave me advice on what I could do from my end. I only had him for around two hours before he g...ot home and Animal Connexions went out of their way to update and thank me for my help See More
Sandra Clancy
May 25, 2013
Animal Connexions is an amazing rescue organisation with amazing people... they don't go the extra mile.. they go the full journey ! Always
Carolyn Adams
· December 5, 2013
Animal connections volunteers work so hard, They do great work helping so many animals that are at risk or have been mistreated and they help so many fur kids find their forever homes. Please help sup...port this charity in any way you can. See More
Colleen McCormack Murtagh
· April 28, 2014
An invaluable rescue ! Only the best care and support provided by this wonderful bunch of people . Always there for their animals . Such kindness showed .
Carole-Anne McCandless
· March 15, 2014
Animal connexions are brilliant!!! Cannot ask for more!!! They are an amazing group who go over and beyond for all in their care!!!! They truely deserve a medal and all the support they can get cause ...they do the BEST job!!!!!! Xxx See More
Helen Madden
· June 24, 2013
A small charity that is totally committed to saving the lives of all the animals in their care
Kim Dixon
· March 11, 2014
These voluntary charitys need help !! Let everyone do there bit!!
Vicky Findlay
· March 30, 2014
What you do is fantastic!
Nicola Mccann
· June 21, 2014
Keep up the good work
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