If your looking for practice info contact me tomorrow.

Friend of mine said they are looking for scrimmage this Saturday if anyone is interested message me.


Anyone who was going to play for the Admirals you need to contact me tonight by tomorrow morning at latest my number is 240 417 3733 or message me its very important

There will be practice this Saturday for deffinite

Practice Cancelled for tomorrow!!!!!!

Practice Saturday Bay Head Park full pads 12 pm sharp. Need everyone there we are behind have a lot work to do.

No practice tomorrow due to field conditions.

This is the last chance for everyone to show up if you're thinking you'll catch the next practice that will not be the case if we don't get the majority of the team showing up this saturday I will hold the Admirals out for the rest of this year wait till next year. I am serious for who all wants to play for the admirals. saturdays practice is mandatory no more excuses be there. And bring something off your dues see you saturday!!!!!

Correction Jan 4 Saturday 12 pm

Saturday Jan 1 at Bay Head Park is mandatory practice for everyone!!!!!!! 12 noon sharp and start bringing your dues. Dues are $150 per player you do not have to have it all at one time. No more Bullshit you want to be apart of Admirals be there.

We will not get together till first weekend in Jan. Have a good holiday. It will be a full practice with equipment.

Just got conformation our home filed will be turf this year felled.

Image may contain: grass and outdoor

Nothing this weekend!

Where on first field lower one. Look for white F350.

We are still on for tomorrow to put the big boy pants on and get out there no excuses time to go to work!!!!!!!!!!!

Bay Head Park Information
1651 Bay Head Park
Annapolis, MD 21409
ADC Map 5296-B6


Here is field info for Saturday

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There will be a lot of new faces there Saturday. This is not an established team we are starting over from scratch so all is welcome.