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I am happy for my husband, he's starting to see more spirits! The other day, he saw what appeared to be a dog's or cat's tail go into the TV room. Our dog was in another room at the time.

Author of Maine ghost books to write Eastport area ghost book
Cathy Cook of Wayne, Maine is searching for true ghost stories of the Eastport area, for an upcoming book which will be entitled, Hauntings from Eastport… and Beyond. Cathy has visited Eastport on two occasions in the past few years and has already compiled several stories told by local residents who shared their intriguing spiritual encounters.
Cathy’s first two ghost books, Hauntings from Wayne… and Beyond, and... Hauntings from Wayne and Beyond…2 are a wonderful collection of stories told by credible people, and cover a wide range of subjects including personal experiences with classic hauntings, spiritual signs from loved ones, reincarnation, UFOs, and even fairy sightings. There are chapters describing interviews with gifted mediums, who discuss their perception of life, reincarnation, and the different realms. All stories were recorded and transcribed to capture the storyteller’s experiences.
Because of Eastport’s rich history, Cathy believes there are many spirits and ghosts residing in the historic homes in Eastport and surrounding towns, still waiting for their stories to be told.
Cathy was born in Eastport and her family roots go back generations. Her grandparents and great grandparents worked as fisherman and in the sardine factories. Though her immediate family moved away in the early 1960s, Cathy visited her grandparents and cousins every summer growing up and loves Eastport for its special and even mysterious qualities.
When Cathy began collecting ghost stories for her first local ghost book she met Annette Parlin, a gifted medium clairvoyant, at a very ‘active’ house called Greentrees in Mt Vernon, Maine. Cathy was fascinated with Annette and her spiritual gifts and invited her to come along when she visited other homes to collect ghost stories. Annette was able to give insight to the homeowners as she was able to see and communicate with souls who were stuck as ghosts, and with spirits who had crossed over.
Cathy is excited to collect and share incredible stories about the Eastport area, which will surely entertain, but also enlighten about the spiritual world.
For those who are interested in sharing stories about encounters with spirits and ghosts, Cathy and Annette are planning a visit Eastport in March. All are welcome.
Saturday March 24th 1-3pm at the Peavey Memorial Library.
Sunday March 25th 10am-Noon at the WaCo Diner.
Cathy can be reached by email at

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When your in the woods, connecting to nature and say hello to the energies in the woods and then hear a voice say back, " Hello Annette!".
That my friends, is connecting to the universe!

Rick💓, Stephani Dunham-Ellis, Kyle Ellis.......Road trip... this would be so neat!!

The castle has long since disappeared after decades of vandalism and neglect, but some of the original stone structures still remain.
Annette Parlin: Psychic/medium/clairvoyant was looking forward to the day.
February 19

I"m so excited! I finally put my first spirit animal art on Etsy! I have an Etsy store! I've been talking about this for a long time and now it's real! LOL

Letting everyone know that I am starting a new adventure! I will be selling art work on Etsy! My first line of works will be original, animal spirit guides that I believe we all have. We all have powerful animal guides who's attributes reflect our soul's journey.
I thought I would premier it here on Face Book. They are for sale for anyone who is interested in a one of a kind art work. I add jewels to each piece to add to the energy I feel from each animal guide. Anyone can PM me for prices if interested. This one is a 11 by 14 inch oil titled: "Elder Wisdom"

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Ok! No lie! I was walking out of the bathroom this morning when I heard Ronnie yell "Boo!!" at me from our adjoining bedroom. He really jumped me and so I walked back to the bedroom to yell at him! ( I hate being jumped and he knows it, he's such a brat! LOL) He wasn't there!!!! I found him in the kitchen (way on the other end of the house) and I hear him say something to the dog. I'm confused. I asked him if he just hid in the bedroom and yelled boo at me. He said no, he'd been in the kitchen for while. I asked, what did you just say? He said, I told the dog to be quiet because he just barked at something. That's when I realized that the dog heard Ronnie's voice too yelling boo at me and that is apparently why he barked. Ronnie did not hear anything. I told Ronnie, it was his voice and it was very loud!!!! Doo-dee-doo-do!! WOW!

It's been awhile since I've written on my psychic page but I have been pretty busy with adjusting to being retired and finally having time to do my art work and more of my readings. My gallery readings do seem to be popular and I am having fun with them. I am starting a line of Spiritual Animal Paintings and I will be selling them on Etsy when I feel I have enough paintings to sell. I am so excited about that. I will post them when they are available so you all can see and a chance to purchase any of them if interested. I am also doing my serious art for hopefully a gallery to show my work in the near future.
In the meantime, I do have a story to tell you.......
Yesterday I did a book signing with Cathy Cook in Wayne, for the second ghost book, "Hauntings From Wayne and Beyond 2" it is now available to purchase. You can contact Cathy Cook by her FB page under her name or see my page where I have posted it. After the book signing, I did a gallery reading for a wonderful group of people. For those who do not know what a gallery reading is, everyone sits in the same room and I do readings on them. It's fun to hear other's readings and everyone seems to enjoy this.
Anyways, on with my story.......
A couple of nights before the book signing, I had this dream of a dog I used to own. Taffy was a beautiful standard collie and she sadly passed away a few years ago. We had a special bond. She came into my dream and brought to me, a young German Shepherd. I did not recognize the dog at all (in the dream nor in life) He was a gorgeous, young looking German Shepherd and the color was unusual. He was mostly a tan/yellow color with very little black. When I woke up, I knew that this dog would be connected to the people I plan on reading a couple of days later. So during the readings, I asked the group, did anyone have a German Shepherd that had passed, and I went on to describe the color and what it looked like. A man in the group was smiling away from ear to ear as he raised his hand. He explained to me and the group that when he was a little boy, he had a dog exactly what I had seen in my dream. He said it was his favorite dog and that his mother would always tell the dog, "go be with him and protect him", His dog was his protector in life and I told him that he still is in spirit. The man was very emotional to hear this. Thank you Taffy for bringing the dog to me so I could bring the dog to his master,

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I distinctly heard my phone ring. I was upstairs working in my studio and even though I had the volume on loud, I heard it softly ring. I come downstairs to check my phone to see who's call I just missed. No one called, the last log was last night. I guess someone wanted to say "hi" but really didn't want to disturb me LOL

I distinctly heard my phone ring. I was upstairs working in my studio, my phone was downstairs. Even though I had the volume up all the way, I heard it ring softly. I go downstairs to check who's call did I just miss?
Nobody!! Last log was last night.
I guess someone wanted to say "hi" but didn't want to disturb me. LOL

Cathy Cook’s long awaited 2nd ghost book,

Hauntings from Wayne and Beyond 2” is finally here! Books available just in time for Christmas!

Get into the Spirit


Come talk with the author Cathy Cook and medium clairvoyant Annette Parlin

about ghosts and spirits.

Book signing/meet and greet

Foshay-Carleton Cards and Gifts

Main Street, Winthrop

Saturday Dec. 9, from 11 to 2pm

Books may be purchased at:

· Cobbie’s Corner Store, Wayne

· Foshay-Carleton Cards and Gifts, Winthrop

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So excited! Second ghost book, "Hauntings From Wayne and Beyond 2" is finally here! See you all at the' meet and greet!' Info listed below in article!

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"The Castle" a ghost story:
You never know what a day will bring! I had a really cool and interesting day yesterday to say the least.
I had volunteered to bring a friend of mine to South Portland for a doctor’s appointment.
I don’t know South Portland at all and had to rely on (thank goodness) my GPS. She tells me we are going to what is called “The Castle”. She explains it used to be a jail for young boys. It is one of the many buildings on Brick Hill Ave that has been ren...

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Having fun.

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Healing and crossing over:

Annette Parlin: Psychic/medium/clairvoyant

The other day, a dear friend of mine and her son came to visit and stay with Ronnie and I for a couple of days. My friend wanted to take her son to visit his fa...ther’s grave out in Starks, Maine. I have never been to this cemetery before.
The cemetery is divided by the main road, the older part is on the right, the newer part of the cemetery is on the left. While walking around the newer part and letting the family have their time at the grave-site, I could see the father appear in spirit and was standing next to his son, as his son is looking down on his father’s marker in the ground. I knew the father in life. The father told me to tell his son that he loves him very much and will always be with him and to thank his son’s mother for letting his son see his stone.
When the mother told the son what the father had said to me, the son then smiled and said that he himself could feel his father with him. It was very healing for the family.
As we are walking away from the new part of the cemetery, the mother asks me if I had seen any other spirits or ghosts. I told her there was nothing more in the newer part, but over there, across the street, in the older section, I can see a few things going on over there. She wanted to know if I wanted to check it out. Of course I did! That’s what I do! LOL
I told my friend to drive around a bit, the cemetery was huge. I could sense that there was a woman in spirit/ghost somewhere over in a certain section. I also knew that the woman’s name began with the letter “M”. I finally told my friend to stop the car and I got out. I had to search a bit but then, as I was walking up from behind a beautiful headstone, I could see a woman (ghost/spirit) standing just on the other side, in front of it. She was about my height, very slim and had salt and pepper colored hair which she wore in a small bun. She had on a dark blue skirt that came down halfway to her calves. The skirt looked to be of cotton blend. White ankle socks with flat, dark colored shoes. Her blouse was a light, blue denim, long sleeve and an angled collar. She looked puzzled and had one arm stretched out towards the headstone, as if asking herself, “what is going on here?” I approached the front of the headstone, stood right next to her and looked down. It was a husband and wife grave-site. I see the woman’s name is “Mildred”. I then noticed that she had died August, 1988. Her husband had died four months earlier. She still seemed puzzled and so I started to explain to her that her husband had died as well, and that she needed to go find him in the spiritual realm, that he would be waiting for her along with all her loved ones that have passed. She then disappeared and then I heard her say to me, “thank you”.
I was happy for her that she can now continue her soul journey, wherever if may lead her. 😊

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