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Kevin Marsh
· May 13, 2016
Answertel has been working Hard for us almost 20 years! I would not trust anyone else to answer our phones! Attention to detail, prompt, courteous, professional, ethical service. Marie and her staff d...o an amazing job! Thanks Answertel for ALL you do for us. Great job! See More
Carol Annette Harris Lockhart
· May 19, 2015
I love my job and we have a great management team and a great set of co-workers!!! Our motto is striving each day for perfection!!!!

The AT&T circuit appears to up and steady. They have indicated it was a network problem. We are so sorry for the inconvenience to our clients, but, please know we were doing everything possible to expedite this issue. The failovers could not kick in due to the point of the problem, but, this will be addressed. Again, my sincere apologies !

ATT says they are escalating trouble ticket to get resolved asap.


We are finding that some accounts are ringing in to us correctly, even though they received a busy signal when trying to forward. We recommend calling your main line from another phone to confirm that they are forwarded to us correctly. As the call forwarding is handled in the phone company switch, this is a logical possibility of why the process is still being completed.

If you are receiving a busy signal when trying to forward, ATT is aware of issue and is escalating the trouble ticket. You may forward to our toll free # 1-888-230-9404 as a temporary solution, but, your lines will be answered as ANSWERTEL. This will NOT affect all our clients. You may also forward to 256-355-8611 if you are in the Decatur area. Thank you for your understanding that this is beyond our control at this time. Updates will be given.

Congratulations for being a recipient of the NAEO Superior Agent Service Award - 2018 ! Our overall average was 90.8 but, we also had a 100 and a 99 ! Those agents will be recognized in a few days because something as simple as saying "okay" more than twice during a call is a deduction. Well done !

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Due to one of our fax lines being out of order, please know that you may email us at or or you may fax to 866-929-9702. The phone company states they are "extremely busy and will repair asap".

For those who haven't heard, Kathy Teeples Shughart, our assistant manager, passed away on January 31, 2018. Kathy had been with AnswerTel almost 27 years and was one of the most dedicated members of our team. She was primarily responsible for the agents' training and performance and even after medical issues caused her to work from home, she continued developing training guides, reviews and other agent performance material. To those she trained, she was a task master, but, they knew what was expected of them to become good agents. She was also an ear for those who needed someone to just listen -- about anything Kathy's influence will remain for many years and she will not be forgotten.

I am setting up interviews for 2nd shift and weekend staff positions. The majority of our staff has been here 5 -25 years and we've never had a lay-off. We do look for applicants who can SPELL and type at least 40 wpm. Being able to multi-task is a must as agents need to be able to talk, type and read all at the same time. Advancement is possible for anyone who shows initiative and the willingness / ability to learn. If you are interested, please contact me at 256-232-4985 for a phone interview. Our office is located in the downtown Athens area and training is done for at least 2 weeks on first shift.

Normal is so good

Just for those who think answering service staff do nothing , 7a-7p Tue 1/16 we had 3491 calls. While we could not handle calls as quickly as would normally do, we tried our very best to make each caller feel like they were being listened to. Please forgive us if you had to stay on hold longer than 30 seconds (our normal goal is less than 18 seconds).

But, what blessings we had in the midst ! Jon's wife and mother-in-law made a large crockpot of ghoulosh last night and then today some church friends brought by a homemade mexican feast - a taco casserole, rice and beans Both meals were so good and appreciated !

Chris and I made it back from B'ham just in time to hit pure chaos at full speed For those who might be thinking it will be better Wed 1/17, most offices will be closed - they've already let us know So, please, unless you have an immediate need, there is no need to call and tell anyone your history of appointments, or your payment history and the arrangements that you made three weeks ago to pay the bill. We so appreciate our clients and their customers or patients..., but, folks, there is a limit to how much assistance we can give Be thankful for power, food and family -- anything else can wait for another day

Did I say we have a great group of folks who give it their all when times like this happen? A few of us are camping out in offices, food is in the break room -- a few drove home and some drove in -- many times they are the "forgotten", but, I want them to know they are very important and I never forget them ! All are important, but, today Elden, Kathy, Megan, Jon, Chris, KJ, Leah -- you were tremendous. Then Carol, Beverly and Stephanie joined in and let some of the others go -- and we won't forget Wendy and Jeremy who will hold down 3rd shift until we start over tomorrow. It's really a team effort -- thank you Answertelians

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Chris and I headed to the AFDA Mid-Winter meeting. Always good to see so many of our clients and friends 😀

And the correct answer is.........2677 - and I'm proud to say that I (Marie), answered the 2nd highest number of calls and took the most messages Kathy H, Megan and I all had over 400 calls each, Elden and Jon in the 300's, and the others hit under 200 each with Chris pulling a big load with dispatching calls. Those working 7a-1p were hit the hardest, but, teamwork is the key -- thank you to all our clients for allowing us to serve you !


I worked for a few hours Saturday and it reminded me why I have enjoyed my job (for the most part!) for over 31 years. To be able to help people, be a kind voice, offer a bit of help to those in need -- what a true joy that is to me. It costs nothing to have a kind voice, to REALLY listen to someone with a problem, and even if we aren't able to solve a problem, we can let them know when or who to call for the help they need.