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The New York Times published an article stating that "an hour of running may add seven hours to your life". Naturally, we were intrigued. The study this ar
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Ethan Henderson
· September 29, 2017
It's a great place to be and the management is so nice. The atmosphere is great and everyone there is very nice as a whole. I love the gym.
Sarah Gallen
· February 17, 2016
I have posted a review for this facility before. I honestly think this is one of the best facilities I've ever worked out at. Mike is a great owner. I don't know him on a personal level, but he exempl...ifies what it means to be a good business man. He truly looks out for his clients and their concerns. The facilities have always been spotless, I've never waited for equipment, and the atmosphere is wholesome. I wish I could give it a higher rating. I will always recommend this facility to all my friends in Rexburg and anyone I know. See More
Collin Martin McCormick
· January 26, 2018
Extremely clean. Well maintained equipment. The management is extremely friendly and helpful. Private showers.
Jared Ullrich
· October 16, 2015
This is a great gym, and it is even better now with the new building! This place is awesome! I like the personal yet private feel of the place. This size is perfect.
Cory Ward
· March 15, 2017
I like how spread out it is, not bumping shoulders while lifting. My only suggestion is maybe checkin out the bars on the squat racks. I noticed one is bent on one end, Definatly give this gym 5 st...ars though, nice facility! See More
Rozalynn Rowbury
· October 2, 2014
This place is amazing. The owner was so great to work with and was so helpful with all my questions and concerns. I wouldn't go anywhere else but anytime fitness in Rexburg! You won't find a better pl...ace to work out at. Very clean, great people that work there and great equipment. five stars for sure See More
Brodie Davison
· March 15, 2017
Love the gym, and not having to wait long periods of time for equipment. My only suggestion is to check the bars, on the squat racks. Mainly the one by the window.
Ty Cunningham
· April 6, 2016
This is an epic gym! The equipment is top of the line. The owner is outstanding to work with and the monthly rates are outstanding for use 24/7. If you live in Rexburg or close by check out this gym. ...You will not be disappointed. Thanks Michael Berger for what you provide for all of us in this area. My hats off to you and your gym. See More
Angela R Eckman
· June 21, 2017
Good place to go and have great personal trainers I recommend it to any on.
Hector Jimenez
· January 13, 2016
Honestly one of the best gyms I've been to! Always clean, and everyone is friendly.Mike the owner is really a good guy who will work with you in order for you to achieve your goals!
Ben Stratton Johnson
· October 2, 2014
Great gym, great equipment, and the owner is a great guy. Not a huge place, but that's exactly what we were looking for, a personable gym that allows us to see results without any intimidation. We abs...olutely love Anytime! See More
Tyson McFarland
· October 8, 2015
Best place to workout in Rexburg. New building looks awesome. The owner is a stud and cares a lot about his business and the experience of the members.
Derek J Claridge
· September 3, 2014
I haven't actually been to the gym but I rated it poorly on accident and the manager contacted me. This guy is into his business and he was very respectful. I'd recommend at least checking it out. I w...ould if I still lived in the area. See More
Lars Sanderson
· July 28, 2017
Awesome place friendly people huge place all kinds of exercise equipment �
Rob Call
· September 3, 2015
So much cleaner than other options in Rexburg. The owner really cares about making it a great place to work out.
Ben Hillman
· September 29, 2014
Great gym with great equipment. Always clean and owner is really nice and personable and willing to help you out if you are having issues with stuff.
Tyler Schwab
· October 10, 2014
Small clean gym. Great ownership. No college kids looking to get girls at the gym. Just people working out to get results in a clean gym with other respectful gym members.
Nicholas Wilson
· February 13, 2014
Great clean gym. I love working out here and I love that wherever I travel to in the country I can find a Anytime Fitness and work out if I need to.
Amber Flex
· October 11, 2015
Great gym to go too !! The cleanest one in town and super nice !!!
Stephen Smith
· October 2, 2014
Awesome gym! Great renovations.
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