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May 23, 2017
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we are currently doing some maintenance on our servers, so it?s possible that some functionality of the app won?t be available for the next few hours. There also won?t be any price updates, new sales / now free apps during that period.

We?ll remove this post once we?re finished and there will…
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I love creating puzzle games. This one is more of a game-like experience than a challenge. No menus, no achievements, just you and a puzzle. Calming sounds and music were made by Wojciech Wasiak. It has 50 levels and its about hour long.

Thanks for…
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Leave your laptop behind. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.

Jump Desktop is a powerful remote desktop application that lets you control your computer from your phone or tablet.…
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Get AVG AntiVirus PRO Android? Security now for premium, full featured protection from viruses, malware, spyware and online exploitation in…
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It's been a few years since the zombpocalypse turned the world's cities into graveyards and sent the few survivors into hiding. Now you must gather them up and restore civilization to a ruined city, one building at a time.

Rebuild 3 is a strategy sim…
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Quickly reply to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Email, SMS, hangouts and all other messaging apps notification messages without opening them.

nHead notifications
is a new and intuitive way to view your notifications. It can take a notification from…
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"I don't wave around non-words like 'unputdownable' often, but Rebuild deserves it." - Touch Arcade (4.5/5)

"Rebuild is a solid, fun, unique and just plain awesome game." - JayIsGames (4.6/5 Best strategy or simulation game of 2011)


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Day by Day is a planning application designed to fully implement

Google Calendar
Google Tasks
as all-in-one Android application. With its help you can plan your future schedule using any Android device and this schedule will be available for all your…
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Linia is a colorful puzzle game that mixes a relaxing atmosphere with brain melting challenges. In Linia, you create color sequences by tracing a line connecting coloured shapes. Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite. Imagine when colors are running…
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**Simply launch the free version and the effects will be unlocked**

Download Stormy Themes - Bring your background to life now

Whether it?s time to put your aviator sunglasses on, or it?s snowmageddon and hoodie weather, Stormy…
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*** Due to some limitations the game might not run on any device. We recommend using devices with at least: 5" Display, Quad-Core CPU, 1GB Ram ***

** Check out the new resolution setting. If you have problems please drop us a mail with information about…
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Use swiping motions to guide 'enzo' through obstacles, solve puzzles, battle bosses, and stay on the line as you move through eight stages and 80 unique levels of this epic adventure game. Stay Zen will challenge your gaming skills in a brand new way. Do…
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Ghost ?n Goblins, the legendary side-scrolling action platformer is now available for smartphones.

Enjoy Sir Arthur's original adventure anytime, anywhere!

About Ghost 'n Goblins

Return to the days of yesteryear in this famously difficult action…
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1942, the classic high flying shooter is now available on smartphones.

Enjoy awesome air battles anytime, anywhere!

About 1942

Set in the Pacific theater during World War II, this vertically scrolling shoot 'em up tasks players with battling through…
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Commando's classic 8-bit arcade action is now available on smartphones.

Enjoy intense run and gun anytime, anywhere!

About Wolf of the Battlefield: COMMANDO

You are a one man army. Armed with a sub-machine gun and a limited supply hand grenades,…
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Please, Don?t Touch Anything 3D is a cryptic, brain-racking button-pushing simulation.

Covering for a colleague who is taking a bathroom break, you find yourself in front of a mysterious console consisting of a green screen monitor with a live image of…